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I can't figure out this question,please help me for it,thanks!
Explain the concept of obtaining a reflection about an arbitrary line starting from the plain reflection about an axis. How do you obtain the orthographic projections of 3D geometric data base?
Draw a cylindrical coordinate robot and describe the degrees of freedom for this configuration
Explain the use of DO loops in NC part programming with the help of a suitable Example.
(b) The vertices of a triangle are situated at points (15, 30), (25, 35) and (5, 45). Find the coordinates of the vertices if the triangle is first rotated 100 counter clockwise direction about the origin and then scaled to twice its size.
(a) Describe the light pen input device used in CAD

13(a) Describe the light pen input device used in CAD

10) FMM is stands for ______________
A) Flexible Machining Model B) Flexible Manufacturing Model
C) Flexible Manufacturing Module D) Flexible Machining Module

9) AS/RS stands for ______________
A) Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems B) Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
C) Automatic Store and Restore System D) Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

8) CAQC stands for _________________
A) Computer Assisted Quality Check B) Computer Aided Quantity Control
C) Computer Assisted Quality Control D) Computer Aided Quality Control
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