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Using diagrams to illustrate your answers, describe the following failure modes and the
scientific principles that relate to them:
1. ductile/brittle fracture
2. fatigue
3. creep.
For each, make reference, where appropriate, to loading conditions, grain size, surface
finish, stress concentrations, the appearance of the failed surface, stages of creep,
effects of temperature.
PCl5(g) PCl3(g) + Cl2(g)

Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of reactant and products when 0.267 moles of PCl5(g) are introduced into a 1.00 L vessel at 500 K
calculate the factor of safety in operation for a component subjected to combined direct and shear loading against given failure criteria
assume that the body can be
modeled as a simple resistive element. Assuming the
electrodes are identical, draw the electrical circuit model
of the impedance seen by the impedance measurement
system. Find an equation of the impedance as a function
of s (recall that a resistor of value R has an impedance ZR
= R; a capacitor of value C has an impedance ZC = 1/(sC)).
show mathematically the focal length of zone plate is given by =rn2/n lambda
In first angle projection, the view that you would project (draw) on a vertical plane when looking at the front of an object is called?
Steam with 80% quality is being used to heat a 40% total
solids tomato purée as it fl ows through a steam injection
heater at a rate of 400 kg/h. The steam is generated at
169.06 kPa and is fl owing to the heater at a rate of 50 kg/h. If
the specifi c heat of the product is 3.2 kJ/(kg K), determine the
temperature of the product leaving the heater when the initial
temperature is 50°C. Determine the total solids content of the
product after heating. Assume the specifi c heat of the heated
purée is 3.5 kJ/(kg°C).
In the optical communication systems that are in operation today, one uses laser diodes (LD) with λ0≈1550 nm having a spectral width of about 2 nm. [ Dm = 21.5 (ps/km-nm)] Thus, for a 1-km length of the fiber find the material dispersion τm
My homework ,which related to lean production course, is posted in below link


Calculate the monthly averaged daily solar radiation on a horizontal surface for Dubai, latitude=25.2048° N and longitude= 55.2708° E, for the months of January to December. Assume that the UAE standard time is referenced to Abu Dhabi: (capital city) 24° 28' N, 54° 22' E. Plot the result.