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Find the shortest length L for a steel column with pinned ends having a cross sectional area of 60 x 100 mm, for which the elastic euler formula applies. Let E= 200 GPa and assume proportional limit to be 250MPa.
use the graphical method to find out the following for a state of pure shear having magnitude equal to 30 k N / m square:
a) principal stresses and principle plane
b) planes of maximum shear
c) normal and shear stress on plane of maximum shear
d) stress on a plane inclined at an angle of 30 degree anticlockwise with the vertical plane
An electromechanical voltmeter ( range 0-100V) with zero error after calibration has a pointer bias of + 0.5V ( due to transportation). a) If the voltmeter reads 80V what is the absolute error (if such), of measurement with the voltmeter? b)What are the realtive and reduced errors ( if such)?
Suppose that a data warehouse consists of four dimensions customer, product, sales person and sales time, and the three measures Sales Amt (in rupees), VAT (in rupees) and Payment_type (in rupees). Draw the different classes of schemas that are popularly used for modeling data warehouses.
if C2 went short circuit explain how this would affect the output on the audio amplifier
(A) A 2.5m long steel towing bar of solid circular section diameter 50mm is expected to carry a maximum load of 300kN. The factore of safety is 4; and for the steel the UTS is 540Mnm*-2 (to the power of -2) and the modulas of elasticity is 200 GNm*-2.
(I) Calculate the actual towing capacity of the bar and state whether the proposed limit is acceptable.
(II) Determine the extension of the bar under the maximum proposed load.
Discuss 2 most important indicators/criterion in the design of wind turbine generator
Calculate the spring rate of a group of parallel springs with the same length. The first spring has a diameter of 50 mm, wire of 2.5 mm, shear module of elasticity of 8 x 10^6 Pa and 10 active coils. The second spring has diameter of 60 mm , wire diameter of 3.2 mm,shear module of elasticity of 8 x 10^6 Pa and 10 active coils
determine the amount of heat energy needed to change 250g of ice at -10c into superheated stream at 130c given that the latent heat of fusion of ice is 335kj/kg the specific heat capacity of ice is 2.14kj/kg the specific heat capacity of water is 4.2kj/kg the specific heat capacity of stream is 2.01kj/kgk the latent heat of vaporisation of water is 2.26mj/kg
A pump is installed to deliver water from a reservoir of surface elevation 0 to another reservor of elevation 105m. the 20cm diameter suction pipe (f= 0.022) is 30 m long and 25.4in diameter discharge pip(f= 0.028) is 1600 m long. minor losses are neglected. the pump characteristic at 1100 rpm is defined by: ha= 100 - 7200Q² .