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The management of ‘Stakeholder’ is an integral part of the role of a project manager. Explain what a stakeholder is and why they are important to the success of a project.
A conical Clutch transmits rotation from one rotating shaft to another though frictional forces on the conical face. Question: The following data is for a conical clutch Inside Diameter (25.0 +/- 0.1) mm Outside Diameter (100 +/- 1) mm Coefficient of Friction 0.33 – no significant numerical uncertainty Axial Force (1000 +/- 5) N Included angle 100 degree – no significant numerical uncertainty Rotational speed (1500 +/- 10) rev/minute Calculate the Torque and Power that can be transmitted without slipping using both theories : Uniform Pressure Theory Uniform Wear Theory Determine the numerical uncertainties of both Torque and Power using both theories. Determine whether the Torque or Power values for each theory overlap
Show that during the expansion of a quantity of gas according to the law PV^n = constant,the heat energy transfer Q and W are connected by the expression Q={r - n/r - 1}W .
Coffee brewing is an interesting extraction problem because the common extraction process is not very selective – the good flavours are extracted along with the bad flavours and brewing conditions like temperature and grind size are just attempts to skew extraction towards the good flavours. Approaching this problem as a chemical engineer, what are some other methods that can be used to deal with this problem?
A smooth hard rubber tire (modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio are: E=5MPa, ν =0.5) with diameter 500mm and width 250mm is running at 25 m/s on a flat wet concrete surface. For the concrete, E= 10 GPA and ν =0.1. Water on the surface has a viscosity of 1 mPa-s. The load on the tire is 5kN. Assume the pressure-viscosity coefficient for water is 0.005 MPa-1. Using the Dowson and Higginson's equation, what is the minimum film thickness?
Problem 3 You are building a replica of Stonehenge and need to move the Sarsen stones. The stones each weigh 350 kN. There are always at least 4 logs under the stone. The total width of the sleds supported on each stone is 750mm. The modulus of elasticity for the logs is 14.9 GPa and Poisson's ratio 0.033 If the maximum contact stress allowed on a log is 70 MPa, what is the minimum diameter for the logs?
A hydrostatic bearing is used to rotate a load. The load 500kN, fluid viscosity 500 mPa-s. The bearing has an outside diameter of 500mm and an inside diameter of 400mm. a) What flow Q is required if the film thickness is 1mm? b) What Pressure is required? c) what is the friction torque if it is rotated at 3 rad/s?
A rectangular squeeze film bearing will be used to absorb intermittent loads. The bearing is 500mm wide. The initial gap between the bearing plates is 2mm. The applied load is 50N. Oil viscosity 1000 mPa-s. a) If the bearing gap should change to 1mm in 0.5s, how long will you make the bearing? b) Using your calculated length, how long will it take to move if the viscosity is changed to 300 mPa-s?
a quantity of a gas occupies 0.14 m cube at 9.65 bar and 371 degrees Celsius is heated during a constant volume process and the pressure reaches 41.4 bar. The gas is then expanded adiabatically to a pressure of 2.76 bar. Given that R is equal to 0.288 kilo joules per kilogram Kelvin and Gamma is equal to 1.41, calculate: a) the temperature at the beginning of the expansion b) the temperature at the end of the expansion c) the heat energy supplied d) the work energy transferred
The circuit has the following parameters R=195 ohms, C=2.5uF, L1=5mH,L2=4mH 1.find the resonant frequency fr 2. Find the magnitude (in dB) of the transfer function at the resonant frequency fr.
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