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A beam of length L is embeded at its left and simply supported at its
right. And
A vertical spring mass system has a mass 1 kg and initial deflection 3 mm. Find the spring stiffness n natural frequency of the system. The system is subjected to coulmb damping . When displaced by 25 mm from equilibrium position n released the system undergoes complete 10 cycles n comes to rest in extreme position on the side in which it was displaced. Calculate coulumb damping n final rest position

A colleague asks you to help characterize the functional properties of a new biostimulator, which releases bioactive molecules in proportion to the amount of light incident on the device. Upon release the molecule transitions from state A to B at a rate r1 = 10%/sec and from B to C at a rate r2 = 5%/sec. In state C, the molecule can activate receptors in target cells. The molecule also reverts spontaneously back from state C to A at a rate r3 = 1%/sec. Letting A, B, and C denote the amount of molecule in its various transitional states within the extracellular millieu, specify the impulse response function of the biostimulator (assume an LTI system that is in steady state to start).

two points b and c lie on radial line of a rotating disk. the points are 2 inches apart. vb=700 ft/min and vc=880 ft/min. find the radius of rotation for each of these points. slader
Forces of magnitude 2p,3p,4p,5p act along vector AB,AC,AD and AE ,respectively. Find the magnitude and direction of their resultant force if ABCDE is made up of a square ABCE together with an equilateral triangle CDE (D is outside the square)
A particle moves in a straight line such that the velocity is 5 + 3cosX. Given that the displacement is zero when the time is zero , find an expression of time as a function of the displacement
Let ¡ be an angle between two vectors u and v, where u and v are sides of a parallelogram.Prove that

|u*v|=|u||v| sin¡
The resultant of two vectors U and V is perpendicular to U.If |v| = square root 2* |u|,show that the resultant of 2u + v is perpendicular to v
Consider the following transfer function
G(s) =
C(s) R(s)
s + (p + 1) (s + 5)(s + 2(−1)q)
(a) (10 pts) Substitute your variable p and q into equation (2) and write down the resulting transfer function G(s). Then, determine the pole(s) and zero(s) of the transfer function. (b) (20 pts) Find the time response c(t) due to the unit-step input R(s) = 1 s. (c) (5 pts) Is the system stable?
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