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A refrigerant plant of 100 TR capacity uses R-22 as refrigerant. The condensing and evaporating pressure are 11.82 bar and 1.64 bar, respectively. The refrigerant enters the compressor at dry saturated state, whereas it leaves the condenser, subcooled by 10°C. Actual COP is 70% of its theoretical value. Find the following:

a)               Theoretical and actual COP

b)              Mass flow in kg/s

c)               Compressor power.

A piezoresistive accelerometer has the following properties and inputs:

Axial acceleration = 75 g’s

Maximum temperature effect on sensitivity = 10%

Sensitivity = 0.4 mV/g

What is the maximum reading of the axial acceleration in mV that the accelerometer may measure?
Consider the same plate as in the previous question: a square plate of L=1L=1m side attached to a torsionnal spring of stiffness 10Nm/rad. The mass of the plate is M=1M=1Kg. Now the air flow is coming from the left at 10m/s. What is the eigenfrequency (Hz) of this oscillator
using the equipartition of energy concept estimate the ideal gas Cp(not Cv) in units KB for the low temperature regime where no vibrational modes are activated(if you calculate Cp=42KB, enter 42 as your answer )
Design an XNOR gate with two inputs A and B using only NAND gates. Mention the expressions in terms of A & B at the output of each NAND gate in your circuit diagram.
A helicopter is moving horizontally at 90 km.p.h. at a height of 200 m towards a target on the ground,
which is intended to be shelled, Estimate the distance from the target , where the shell must be released in
order to hit the target.
Also find the velocity with which the shell hits the target and the direction of shell at the time of hitting
the target.
A fluid at 0.7 bar occuping 0.09m^3 is compressed reversibly to a pressure of 3.5 bar according to the law pv^n=constant.The fluid is then heated reversibly at constant volume until the pressure is 4bar;the specific volume is then 0.5 m^3/kg.A reversible expansion according to a law pv^2=constant restore the fluid in its initial state.Sketch the cycle on ap-v diagram and calculte (i)the mass of fluid present (ii)the value of n in the first process (iii)the net work of the cycle
. Mary and Raj are the only two growers who provide organically grown corn to a local grocery store.
They know that if they cooperated and produced less corn, they could raise the price of the corn. If they
work independently, they will each earn $100. If they decide to work together and both lower their output,
they can each earn $150. If one person lowers output and the other does not, the person who lowers output
will earn $0 and the other person will capture the entire market and will earn $200.
Now you are required to answer the below questions: [8 Marks]
a. Find out the payoff matrix between Raj and Mary? (A = Work independently; B =
Cooperate and Lower Output.)
b. What is the best choice for Raj if he is sure that Mary will cooperate?
c. If Mary thinks Raj will cheat, what should Mary do and why?
d. What is the prisoner’s dilemma result?
e. What is the preferred choice if they could ensure cooperation?
f. Identify the Nash equilibrium of the game, if it exists.
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