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(a) Gene Amdahl, an architect of the IMB 360 computers, has defined a model to characterize how well an application makes use of a scalable parallel processor. (i) Explain the Amdal's Law.
[3 marks] (ii) Making use of your answer in Question Q2(a)(i), determine the maximum possible speed up ratio that can be achieved by an application running in a system with FOUR (4) processors (8 cores each) if only 80% of the application can be parallelized. Please sketch the tinting diagram of your solution.
(iii) Your engineer shows that the measured actual speed up ratio of the multi-threaded application is 50% below the calculated answer in Q2(a)(ii). Please advise the necessary steps to be carried out by the engineer to validate the result.

A start-up company selling magic scientific calculator borrows 40000 at an interest rate of 10% per year and wishes to repay the loan over a 6-year period with annual payments such that the third payment is 2000 greater than the first two. The fourth payment is 1000 greater than the third payment. The fifth payment is 1000 greater than the fourth payment and the sixth is 1000 greater than the fifth payment. Determine the size of the first payment. (Draw the cash flow diagram)
1.You are faced with making a decision on a large capital investment proposal. The capital investment amount is 140000. Estimated annual revenue at the end of each year in the eight year study period is 40000. The estimated annual year-end expenses are 12000 starting in year one. These expenses begin increasing by 500 per year at the end of year five and continue increasing through the end of year eight. Assuming a 40000 market value at the end of year eight and a MARR = 12% per year, answer the following questions. Using FW, determine whether this proposal is acceptable. (Draw the cash flow diagram)
1. Purchasing a new boiler machine will cost 90000 and acquiring this machine can lessen the current electricity consumption by as much as twenty percent. The estimated annual maintenance cost for a new boiler machine is 5% of its price. Current annual electricity bill is 180000. If there will be no salvage value at the end of 6 years and Company A sets MARR = 12% per year, would it be worthwhile to invest in this new machine? (Draw the cash flow diagram)

1. A certain plant is being sold and was submitted for bidding. Two bids were submitted by interested buyers. The first bid offered to pay 200000 each year for 5 years, each payment being made at the start of each year. The second bidder offered to pay 120000 the first year, 180000 the second year and 270000 each year for the next 3 years, all payments being made at the start of each year. If interest is 12% per year, which bid should the owner of the plant accept? (Draw the cash flow diagram)

2. A dentist wants to determine how much money she needs to put up in a bank now to have enough cash to pay for her yearly out-of-country trips. For the next year, the price of an airplane ticket is 13500 and is assumed to increase by 18% per year each year. She wants to have four out-of-country trips starting next year. How much money she needs to put in an account now if the bank is charging at a rate 9% compounded semi-annually? (Draw the cash flow diagram)
1. Your company has a 100,000 loan for a new security system it just bought. The annual payment is 8880 and the interest rate is 8% per year for 30 years. Your company decides that it can afford to pay 10000 per year. After how many payments (n-years) will the loan be paid off?

2. You have choice when subscribing to our magazine for four years: you can
a) pay 100 for a four year subscription,
b) pay 28 at the beginning of each year for four years, or
c) pay 54 today and 54 again two years from today.
Which is the best deal for you, the subscriber, if the interest is 10% yearly?
1. an IE consultant for the World Bank you are earning an average annual salary of 5 million for 10 years. A private company would like to acquire your services and offers you an initial salary of 3 million but is increasing at the rate of 400,000 annually. If money is worth 10%, are you going to accept the offer. (Draw the cash flow diagram)

2. A man makes a series of 10 annual deposits starting at 2000 at the end of the first year and increasing the amount deposited by 10% every year thereafter. Find the total amount at the end of ten years if the rate of interest on all sums on deposit is 8%. (Draw the cash flow diagram)
A four-Cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine develops 83.5 kW at 1800 rev/min ands a specific fuel consumption of 0.231 141W h, and air-fuel ratio of 23/1. The analysis of the fuel is 87% carbon and 13% hydrogen. and the is 43 500 kl/kg. The jacket cooling water flows at 0.246 kegs and its temperature rise is 50 K. The exhaust temperature is 316'C. Draw up an energy balance for the engine. Take R sa0.302 klike K and e, = 1.09 kl/kg K for the dry exhaust gas, and c, - 126 kJ/kg K for superheated steam. The temperature in the tat house is 17.8° C. and the exhaust gas pressure is 1.013 bar
Design and draw the circuit using op-amp to provide the output voltage obeying following relation of input voltages:

Vo = –10V' –0.3 (dV2/dt) –2V"
Which parameters of an op-amp become significant for a fast varying ultra low input voltage signal? What should be the values of these parameters for a triangular wave
signal of ±5 mV peak to peak with 50 MHz frequency given to a unity gain op-amp amplifier?
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