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When trying to implement PID control, it is said that we typically find three types of processes, namely:
a) Resistance Type Processes
b) Capacitance Type Processes, and
c) Inertia Type Processes.

In most instances, Inertia processes are quite uncommon. Carefully consider your experience over the years, and describe an application, which according to your understanding of the subject matter, comprises of both Resistance and Capacitance effects.
Find speed of generator when it has 7.5kw, 20 Amps, B = 0.8w/m2, length = 150mm, diameter 200mm, there are 600 conductors at 65 % below the pole.

I just don't understand the 65% below the pole. Does it relate to phase angle or power factor somehow?
Design a bushed pin flexible coupling to connect a moter shaft to a pump shaft transmitting 20 kw power at 1440 rpm. The allowed shear and crushing stress for steel shaft, key and pin are 40 mpa and 80 mpa respectively. The allowed shear iron flange is 10 mpa and the allowed bearing pressure for rubber bush is 0.5 mpa.
What is the yield strength of a metal sheet with thickness of max 300m and width max 4,000mm
I need to do an IA in the IB for Physics HL. I have in mind of doing it on bridge beams, and how a specific factor would affect the oscillation frequency of the beam, I was thinking I could make my variable the material of the beam, but I feel it’s rather simple. What else could my independent variable be?
Consider a product table with 5000 rows in a retail store.Size of each row is 35 KB,product category gets changed after every 2 years for any 100 products.what will be size of product table if we need to keep the data for 10 years if we need to do type II and type III changes.Size of Product category is 7 bytes.
1)A steel wire ABC 16m long having cross sectional area of 4mm2 weighs 20N . If the modulus of elasticity for the wire material is 200Gpa find the deflections at C and B

2)A max stress in a 6.36mm steel wide flange beam 100mm long moment of inertia 362mm4,modulus of elasticity 29,000Gpa with a load of 15kN.Calculate the max stress and deflection
research on the common shapes of mobile phones . is there any reason for the mobiles phones to have a particular shape . identify the reason.
A vertical load P is applied at the center A of the upper section of a homogeneous
frustum of a circular cone of height h, minimum radius a, and maximum radius b.
Denoting by E the modulus of elasticity of the material and neglecting the effect
of its weight, determine the deflection of point A.
1) neglecting the effect of its weight only due to p
2) consider the effect of its weight (p+w)
What is the ratio between camshaft and crankshaft of 6 cylinder inline engine?
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