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You will need to make four dilutions of the 0.40 M Cu(NO3)2 stock solution. determine the volume of Cu(NO3)2 stock solution and volume of H2O needed to make 10.00 mL of four solutions with concentrations between .200 M and 0.0250 M.

What threw me off here is that that the solution of H2O and CU(NO3)2 must be 10.00 mL.
What is the energy of the electron in the n=1 level on an atom with an atomic number of 39?
What is the molecular mass of cholesterol if 0.5664 mol weighs 90.00g?
Write the formula for an ionic compound formed from the K ion and each of the following ions.



1. In the presence of some metals, ethylene (C2H4) and hydrogen gas react to form ethane (C2H6) according to the following thermochemical equation:
C2H4(g) + H2(g)---> C2H6(g) triangle H°= -136.98 kJ
If the molar mass of ethylene is 28.05 g/mol, how much heat is liberated when 100.0 g of ethylene reacts?

2. How much it was prior to convert 20.0 g of ice at -50.0°C to liquid water at 0.0°C?
The specific heat of ice is 2.06 J/(g•°C) and the heat of fusion of water is 334 J/g.

3. Under certain conditions, nitrogen gas and oxygen gas react to form the toxic brown gas nitrogen dioxide: N2(g) + 2 O2(g) ---> 2 NO2(g). For this reaction, triangle H°= 66.2 kJ and triangle S°= -121.81 J/K; calculate triangle G° at standard conditions (298 K and 1 atm) and determined if a reaction is spontaneous, nonspontaneous, or an equilibrium at these conditions.
Ethanol has a density of 0.789g/mL. What is the mass in mg of 15 gallons of ethanol?
Over the years, the thermjte reaction has been used for welding railroads, in incendiary bombs, and to ignite solid fuel rocket monitors. The reaction is Fe2O3(s) + Al(s) ---> 2Fe(l) + AI2O3(s). What mass of iron (iii) oxide(rust) must be used to produce 15.0g of molten iron.
What is the velocity of the electron that is ejected from a metal surface (Φ = 1.714×10–19 J) when a 77 nm photon of light strikes the metal surface?
What mass of melamine, C3N3(NH2)3, will be obtained from 146.0 kg of urea, CO(NH2)2, if the yield of the overall reaction is 73.0 % ?
If 28.4 g of mercury oxide decomposed, producing 2.0g of oxygen, what is the percent by mass of mercury in mercury oxide?