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General Chemistry Answers

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Three liquids,dilute acid solution,alkaline solution and distilled water were kept in an unlabelled identical ragent bottle. Describe briefly a test that could be performed to identify each of the liquid.
How many grams of copper are present in 15.2g of 925 silver bracelet
How many moles of Ba(OH)2 are required to make 1.0 L of solution in which the OH concentration is 0.050 M?

(1) 0.025 (2) 0.050 (3) 0.10 (4) 2.0 (5) 0.15
Answer the following for the reaction:

How many grams of Ni(OH)2 are produced from the reaction of 35.0 mL of 1.75 M NaOH?
How many milliliters of 0.200M NaOHsolution are needed to react with 34.0 mL of a 0.430 M NiCl2 solution?
What is the molarity of 30.0 mL of a NiCl2 solution that reacts completely with 17.0 mL of a 0.250 M NaOH solution?
find the emitted energy of the lowest energy spectrum in the visible field of its atomic spectrum by transitioning electrons to 1 gram hydrogen atom
When a chemist mixed 3.54 g of LiOH and 260. mL of 0.65 M HCl in a constant-pressure calorimeter, the final temperature of the mixture was 24.7°C. Both the HCl and LiOH had the same initial temperature, 21.6°C. The equation for this neutralization reaction is:
LiOH(s) + HCl(aq) → LiCl(aq) + H2O(l).
Given that the density of each solution is 1.00 g/mL and the specific heat of the final solution is 4.1801 J/g·K, calculate the enthalpy change for this reaction in kJ/mol LiOH. Assume no heat is lost to the surroundings.
2. A 20.00 mL sample of MnO4 is required to titrate .2378 g Na2C2O4 in an acidic solution. How many mL of this same MnO4 -1 are required to titrate a 25.00mL sample of 0.1010 M Fe+2 in acidic solution [ 5 pts]
Eq 1: 2 MnO4 -1 (aq) + 16 H+1 (aq) + 5 C2O4 -2 (aq) à 2 Mn +2 (aq) + 8 H2O (l) + 10 CO2 (g)
1. Balance the following reaction in basic solution. Identify the reducing and oxidizing agent. [4 pts]

MnO4 -1 (aq) + Fe+2 (aq) àMn +1 (aq) + Fe +3 (aq) (basic)
An ideal gas is allowed to expand from 6.00 L to 15.0 L at constant temperature. By what factor does the volume increase? If the intial pressure was 133 atm, what is the final pressure?
A sheet of gold weighing 9.6 g and at a temperature of 19.2C is placed on a flat sheet of iron weighing 18.1 g and at a temperature of 57.1C. What is the final temperature of the combined metals? Assume no heat was lost to the suroundings