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Beaker A contains a strip of nickel in aluminum sulfate and beaker B contains a strip of aluminum in a solution of nickel sulfate. What happens to each beaker?
The molar heat of a solution, ʌH soln , of NaOH is -44.51 kJ/mol . In a certain experiment, 36.5 grams of NaOH is completely dissolved in 100 mL of water at 22.0° C in a foam cup calorimeter. Calculate the final temperature of the water.
Please explain this to me.
Describe the relationship between the color change of the filament with temperature, and the colors in the observed spectrum of white light.

Based on the demonstration of the light bulb, what other property of radiation changes with temperature, in addition to intensity?

1. Based on the spectrum of the fluorescent lamp, what is the main difference between the radiation emitted by a heated solid (filament) and the radiation emitted by an atomic gas (mercury gas in the fluorescent tube)?

A rigid container of o2 has a pressure of 340uP a at a temperature of 713K what is the pressure at 273k
what is the total in atm in a sealed flask that contains hydrogen at a partial pressure of 32 atm and oxygen at a partial pressure of 720mm hg
"Сomment on the accuracy of your boiling point determination for the unknown liquid based on your observation in comparison with the literature value" what does this mean ??
Into how much water should you dissolve 80.0 g ethylene glycol in order to obtain a solution with a concentration of 4.9 m?
1. Given the following equation:

_____ K2PtCl4 + _____ NH3 --------> _____ Pt(NH3)2Cl2 + _____ KCl

a) Balance the chemical equation.

b) Determine the theoretical yield of KCl if you start with 34.5 grams of NH3.