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i look for an material that mix with h2o and give me o2
x + h2o = o2
If 20ml of 0.2M of H2SO4 is mixed with 16ml of NaOH, what is the concentration of NaOH?
2 solutions P & Q are mixed and a solution with a pH value of 7 is formed.

What would be the pH values of solution P and solution Q?
What is the pH solution containing 2.3 x 10-3 mol/l of H+ ions?
when baking soda (NaHCO3) is heated it releases carbon dioxide gas which is responsible for rising of cookies cakes and other. In addition to carbon dioxide is produced when 78.3g baking soda is heated?
. What was the percentage of lead in the original ore sample?
what quantity of heat (Q) is assosiated with the complete combustion of 1.0kg of sucrose C12H22O11
Three atoms of Darstadtium Ds (z=110), were produced. What mass of Ds were produced? (AW of Ds = 269 amu)
A sample of packing gel (4.75 g) is heated from 15 to 82 degrees C. Calculate the amount of energy absorbed by the packing gel during this process.

PHYSICAL DATA FOR PACKING GEL: (Hint: not all of this information is needed)

Specific Heat (gaseous packing gel) = 27.8 J/gC

Specific Heat (liquid packing gel) = 17.9 J/gC

Specific Heat (solid packing gel) = 41.1 J/gC

Melting Point Temp = 13 degrees C

Boiling Point Temp = 56 degrees C

Heat of fusion of packing gel = 132 J/g

Heat of vaporization of packing gel = 43 J/g

1. What is the energy crisis that South Africa is undergoing? 2. What is the source of South Africa’s energy? 3. Why would alternative energy sources be valuable? 4. Name the types of alternate energy sources. 5. Where do these energy sources come from?
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