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Suppose there is a gaseous mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. If the total pressure of the mixture is 480 mmHg , and the partial pressure of nitrogen is 220 mmHg , calculate the partial pressure of oxygen in the mixture using Dalton's law.
how many isotopes does germanium have
What fraction of the α particles in Rutherford's gold foil experiment are scattered at large angles? Assume the gold foil is two layers thick, as shown in the figure, and that the approximate diameters of a gold atom and its nucleus are 2.6 Å and 1.3×10−4Å, respectively. Hint: Calculate the cross-sectional area occupied by the nucleus as a fraction of that occupied by the atom. Assume that the gold nuclei in each layer are offset from each other. Express your answer to two significant figures.
The reaction be te when C6H12O6 and O2 is represented by the balanced equation below. In an experiment, 0.30 miles of CO2 was produced from the reaction of 0.05 mole of C6H12O6 with excess O2. The reaction was repeated at the same temperature and in the same container, but this time 0.60 mole of CO2 was produced. Which of the following must be true and the other choices not true? C6H12O6+6O2 yields 6CO2 + 6H20 A. The initial amount of C6H12O6 + 6O2 in the container must have been 0.10 mole. B. Exactly 0.3 mole of C6H12O6 must have reacted because C atoms were conserved. C. Exactly 0.4 mole of O2 must have reacted because the temperature and container volume are the same. D. More than 0.6 mole of O2 must have reacted because it was present in excess.
If hydrogen gas is collected over water at 26 °C and the total pressure of the gas mixture (hydrogen + water vapor) is found to be 0.986 atm, what is the partial pressure of the hydrogen (in atm) in the mixture?
A 0.065 M solution of the weak acid HA has a pH of 3.6 at 25°C . (a) what is the ionization constant of the acid at 25°C, the percentage ionization of HA, and the ratio of A/AH in the solution. (b) what is the pH of a 0.05 M HCL solution? (c) How much stronger in acidity is the HCL solution than the HA solution? (d) what is the Kb and pKb of the conjugate base, A?
14cm^3, each of solutions A and B with pH of 5 and 3 respectively are mixed. Determine the pH of the solution
A scuba diver dives with a tank containing 5L of air. Twenty-two percent of the air is oxygen. If the diver produces 1.62 mol carbon dioxide for every 2.05 mol of oxygen he/she inhales, what is the volume (at STP) of carbon dioxide produced if 4.2L of air are consumed at 202.6 KPa and 14.7oC
A 11.1 g sample of an aqueous solution of perchloric acid contains an unknown amount of the acid. If 29.9 mL of 0.534 M sodium hydroxide are required to neutralize the perchloric acid, what is the percent by mass of perchloric acid in the mixture?
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