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what type of elements form positive ions

Write the balanced redox equation for: I- + OCl- ---> I2 + Cl2

Write the balanced redox equation for: NO + Cu2+ ---> NO3- + Cu 

Cobalt-60 is used extensively in medicine as source of Y-rays .

What is the half life of Co-60 it's takes 13.0 years to decrease the original activity to 18.0%?

How many mL of 0.25M solution of H2SO4 will react with 10mL of 0.25M solution of NaOH?

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Postlets in State Molecular Theory of Gus and Alsace.

calculate the mass of titanium (0.125 cal.g * C) that requires 75.5 cal to heat the metal from 20.5 to 32.0

Part 2. Processing and Evaluating


1. Draw a table below and record the results of the experiment.

What can you conclude from the result? Support your answer using scientific reasoning.

If you were to repeat the experiment, what would you do to improve it? Why would you do such improvement/modification?

If 3.4 mol of HI was placed in a 2.0 L container and allowed to reach equilibrium, what would the equilibrium concentrations be for H2(g), I2(g) and HI(g) if the Ke = 49?	(5 marks)

H2(g) + I2(g) ⇆ 2HI(g)

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