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Carbon tetrachloride, CCl4, was once used as a dry cleaning solvent, but is no longer used because it is carcinogenic. At 56.3°C, the vapor pressure of CCl4 is 53.5 kPa, and its enthalpy of vaporization is 29.82 kJ/mol. Use this information to estimate the normal boiling point (in °C) for CCl4.
Consider a solution that is made by dissolving 5.2g of hydrogen iodide in 2.0L of pure water at 24 degrees celsius.
A. what is the hydronium ion concentration of this solution?
B. what is the pH of this solution?
C. what is the hydroxide ion concentration of this solution?
D. what is the pOH of this solution?
A particular brand of gasoline has a density of 0.737
g/mL at 25 ∘C. How many grams of this gasoline would fill a 14.5 galtank (1US gal=3.78L)?
What volume (in milliliters) of a 0.315 M NaOH solution contains 6.22 g of NaOH?
How many moles of NH3 can be produced from 28.0 mol of H2 and excess N2?
Use Boyle's, Charles's, Gay-Lussac's Law to calculate the missing value of the following:

v1= 250 ml, t1=?, v2=400 ml, t2=298 Kelvin
The specific heat of iron is 0.449 Jg⋅C∘ .Suppose you have a 2.000-lb block of iron at 51.0 ∘C.How much heat in joules would it take to warm this block to 74.0 ∘C?
A 30.00 ton block of aluminum at room temperature (22.0 ∘C) is struck by lightning. The lightning transfers 3.200×106 kJ of energy to the block.How hot does the block get? [1 ton = 2000 lb, 1 lb = 453.6 g]
If the fuel efficiency of a car is 13.0 km/L , what is its fuel efficiency in miles per gallon? [1 mile = 1.61 km, 1 gallon = 3.79 L]
If the temperature of a sample of methane gas rises by 13 ∘C when 8.8 kJ of heat energy is added to the sample, what is the mass of the sample?