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A strong wind is causing a power line to oscillate.If the power line makes one complete up and down vibration every 5 seconds what is the power line's frequency?
A telephone company representative estimates that 40% of its customers have
call-waiting service. To test this hypothesis, she selected a sample of 100
customers and found that 37% had call waiting. At
  0.01
, is there enough
evidence to reject the claim?
what does west wind cause
1. The geometric series has a first term of 8 and the limiting sum of 12, find the common ratio.

2. If the limiting sum of a geometric series, 3/4 is 16 find the first term.

3. If 1+ x +x^2 +..... has a limiting sum of 5, find x.
Mass of 1 atom of hydrogen is
Solve the inequality. Graph the solution on a number line.

Part 1 out of 2
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English is not my mother tongue please excuse any errors on my part. I live in Europe and in my country we have conservative and social political parties. When I looked through economic precedences, there was mentioned that right wing prefer reducing inflation and left reducing unemployment. Which one is better? In my opinion it is impossible to reduce inflation without reduce unemployment. If there is high unemployment country have to give planty of social benefits while employees are able to pay tax and stabilize society. So it is possible to reduce inflation without excessive focus on reduce unemplyment?
Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I appreciate the information you have provided with.
A 930 kg motorboat accelerates away from a dock at 2.3m?s^2. Its propeller provides a 3.9kN thrust force. What drag force does the water exert on the boat?
two objects exert a force of 4.2 N on each other. The distance between the objects is 0.36 m. The charge on one object is 2.8x10^-9 C. What is the charge on the second object?
.WHY is a football designed differently to a golf ball?
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