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A balloon is rising with a constant velocity of 10m/s. An object is released freely from that balloon and hits to the ground after 20 seconds. Ignoring the air resistance, find the position of the balloon:
a) at the time of object released
b) at the time of object hits to the ground
if a diameter of man hair about 0.05 mm. find that diameter in meters
A balloon is rising with a constant velocity of 10m/s. An object is released freely from that balloon and hits to the ground after 20 seconds. Ignoring the air resistance, find the position of the balloon:
what is common between ameoba and elephant
Consider a tray that is 25cm by 40 cm. The mass of the gold plated on the top surface of the tray is 3.86grams. Given that the density of gold is 19.3g/cm^3 determine the thickness of the gold on the top of the tray. I need the answers for the following: length, width, mass, density, volume, area, and thickness, put in the calculations so I can see how you got the answers. Thanks
38 g per liter solubility at 50 degree Celsius has been reported in chemicals catalog but I haven't been able to dissolve 100mg of cerium sulfate tetra-hydrate in 1 liter of water. Is there a special method to dissolve cerium sulphate tetrahydrate in water?
Table 1

Male Female Male Female Male

A survey was administered to a random sample of 37 students and recorded in Table 1:

A – Ironic dance B – Pro dance C – Sway dance
D – Dad-dance E – Twerk dance

Prepare a summary table for dance preferences. Calculate percentage and sectarian angle of each type of dance preferred. Represent these figures on a pie chart. Draw a bar chart to represent the dance preferences.
4. Is it ethical and socially responsible for large corporations to lobby against an SEC rule requiring that they report the ratio of their CEOs’ pay compared to that of their average employee, as described in the chapter? Discuss.
. Imagine yourself in a situation of being encouraged by colleagues to inflate your expense account. What factors do you think would influence your decision? Explain.
. In September 2013, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) reported highly contaminated water leaking from a storage tank at the Fukushima nuclear power plant crippled in a March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. From what you know of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, discuss the various stakeholder groups that Tepco should respond to in order to handle this latest crisis.