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A student suspected the average cost of a Saturday night date was no longer $30.00.TO test her hypothesis she randomly selected 16 men from dormitory and asked how much they spent on a date last Saturday. She found that the average cost was $31.17. The standard deviation of sample was $5.51. At α=0.05, is there enough evidence to support her claim?
Give a reasons for government intervention
What is newton first law
A rope at a 45° angle from the roof and a rope at a 55° angle from the roof is holding a pizza that weighs 380 N you need to find the tension of both ropes. It is at equilibrium
What is maximum height fotmula in projectile motion.
You work as a system engineer team for Universal Studios, which is currently in the process of designing a Jurassic Park ride at the theme park. You are in charge of designing the waiting area, God-forsaken land of ropes, where people going around in circles. Here are specifications:
• The ride consists of putting MAXPERCAR or less people on a Ford Explorer and sending through a small-scale version of Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs run loosely and attack
What is electric field on the centre of the circular ring of radius R.
If x-bar = 23 ounces, σ = 1.0 ounces, and n = 16, what will be the ± 3σ control limits for the x-bar chart?
A retailer is deciding how many units of a certain product to stock. The historical probability distribution of sales for this product is 0 units, 0.2; 1 unit, 0.3; 2 units, 0.4, and 3 units, 0.1. The product costs $11 per unit and sells for $25 per unit. What is the conditional value for the decision alternative "Stock 3" and state of nature "Sell 1"?
What is first equation of motion.
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