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Solution of 0.1g KIO3 has been used to cure any of the symptoms of HCL, but it is possible to treat the thiosalphate varies from 45.0 ml to the same level, so that the thososalphate is available
1. In the macromolecules II activities, you will

A. use a different set of colorimetric assays to determine the composition of a complex food-grade material.

B. clarify a purified protein to determine activities in different fractions.

C. determine lipid preference in yeast by observing the evolution of oxygen as evidence of metabolism.

D. determine presence/absence of a type of GMO in corn by a test strip that measures nucleic acid content.

E. None of the above is correct.
1. Which of the following is an accurate negative result for a simple analytical reaction for bio-molecules?

A. starch reaction: dark blue-black solution

B. peptide bond reaction: purple solution

C. reducing sugar reaction: orange precipitate

D. lipid: a single, red fraction (layer)

E. None of the above is correct.
1. The mechanism of the benedict reaction is

A. coordination of copper with electrons of amine nitrogens.

B. creation of two phases (hydrophilic and hydrophobic phases).

C. alignment of triiodine complex in structural cleft.

D. reduction of copper by electrons provided from free aldehyde sugars.

E. None of the above is correct.
Question 2
1. Which structure reacts with biuret reagent?

A. long aliphatic hydrocarbons

B. nitrogens of adjacent amino acids

C. pentose sugars of RNA monomers

D. terminal aldehyde groups of reducing sugars

E. None of the above is correct.

A shopper does 110.0 J of work in pushing cart by a force of 33.0 N to a distance of 8.25 m. At what angle is the force applied with respect to the ground
what will be the ph of the solution is zero point zero one mole of hcl is dissolved in a buffer solution containing zero point zero to propanoic acid k e equal to one point three four into ten to the power minus five and zero point zero one five two moles of salt at twenty five degree celsius
Check whether each of the following subsets of R3 is linearly independent.
i) f(1;2;3); (
P(e)(x) = fp(x) 2 R[x]jp(x) = p(
i) The operation 5 defined by x5y = jln(xy)j where ln x is the natural
ii) The operation 4 defined by x4y = x2+y3.
Also, for those operations which are binary operations, check whether they are
associative and commutative
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