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A puppy grows rapidly. If a fully grown labrador retriever weighs 34 kg when it reaches its full height, and your 24 week old lab puppy is 3% shorter than the average lab, how much does the puppy weigh?
The diameter of a circle is 1.25 inches
What is the cross sectional area of this opening in square inches and square centimeters
Why it is advisable to always reduce the minerals in order to extract metals from them? Give the specific properties of magnalium.
How can one decide whether the high spin or the low spin configuration of a metal complex will be more stable? Elaborate.
Explain the experimental facts that cannot be explained by the simple model of Werner’s theory.
Even though actinides show similar variations in magnetic properties as that of lanthanides, their magnetic properties are more complicated. Explain
When electrons are added in the 6s orbital, what happens to the energy level of the 5d orbitals? As a result after the electron enters 5d orbitals in the lanthanum, in which orbital does the next electron enter in cerium?
What is the importance of beneficiation of ores? List various methods used for the same.
Name the oxoacids of halogens. How does the strength of oxoacids vary with the change in the oxidation state of halogens and down the group? Explain.
Why are the fluorides and oxides of Kr, Xe and Rn the only binary compounds of the noble gases? Why similar compounds are not formed by He and Ne?
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