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A trough 12.0cm deep is filled with water of refractive index 4/3 how much would a coin at the bottom of trough appear to be displaced when viewed vertically from above the water surface
estimate the eigenvalues of the matrix [1 - 2 3] [6 - 13 18] [4 - 10 14] using the Gershgorin bounds.draw a rough sketch of the region where the eigenvalues lie
A one metre long steel wire of diameter 8mm has an elastic limit of 5.0*10^9Pa. Calculate the maximum axial tensile load that can be applied to such a wire. Also calculate the elongation
How to build a program that converts pounds to kilograms
water has a dielectric constant.why it is not used as dielectric material in capacitor?
Write the equation for the hyperbola with foci (6,-5),(-4,-5) and conjugate axis of length 8?
Write y=t+6/t and x=6/(t)(1/2) in rectangular form?
Write each pair of parametric equations in rectangular form? x=2(1/2)+5 y=2t-6?
Write the equation for the ellipse with foci at (5,-5) and (1,-5) and major axis of length 14?
A block is pulled with a constant force F on a frictionless table. Which of the following describes the motion of the block while it is on the table?