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A rhombus ABCD has side of length 10 .a circle with center A passes through C and similar for center B And passes through D.
If two circles are tangent to each other find area of rhombus
What is the mass of an object that accelerates at sm/s² under the influence of ion?
Good morning is it possible to calculate when a dog stops accelerating with the
Dogs weight in kg
The distance traveled
And the time taken to travel
A ball of mass 0.25 kg moving horizontally with a velocity 20 ms-1 is struck by a bat. The duration of contact is 10-2s. After leaving the bat, the ball moves at a speed of 40 ms-1 in a direction opposite to the original direction of motion. Calculate the average force exerted by the bat.
Write the rules for transformation of sentences.... needed urgently
Provide three key characteristics of the disability cohort.
Find the roots of the equation
g(x) = x4+ 7x3+ 11x2+ 7x + 10 = 0.
Given that (x2+ 1) divides g(x).
A stone is thrown vertically upward at a speed of 29.10 m/s at time t=0. A second stone is thrown upward with the same speed 2.190 seconds later. At what time are the two stones at the same height?
Is lead (II) iodide more or less soluble in a solution of 0.1M NaI than it is in pure water?
A jet plane is flying at mach 1.8 at an altitude of 10 km. If the sonic boom took 4.2 seconds to reach you and the average air temperature is 20c, how far has the plane traveled since it flew directly over your head?
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