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Which of the following statements about the sampling distribution of the sample mean X is not correct?

(a) For an infinite population, the standard error of the mean is always equal to the population standard deviation divided by the square root of the sample size.


(b) For a finite population of size N, the standard error of the mean is always equal to 1 N n n N â â Ï


What is the total number of ions present in the formula Na2SO4?
There are only two travel agencies, A and B, offering Brazil World Cup 2014 Vacation Packages (flight, hotel accomodation, game tickets and group excursion). The demand fuction for Brazil World Cup 2014 Vacation Packages is given by P=10.000 - Q. The marginal cost is constant and it can be expressed by MC (=ATC)=2.000
a) The travel agencies try to coordinate their actions and set the price and quantity like a single monopolist. Once they set this profit maximizing price and quantity, they plan to split the resulting profil equally. What is the profit for each travel agency if they both adhere to the plan)
b)One of the travel agency, travel agency A, deviates from the plan and sets its price equal to BAM 4.000. What is the profit of travel agency B? (HINT: No one wants to buy overpriced goods!)
c)Both travel agencies set price equal to BAM 4.000, and then split profit equally. What is the profit for each travel agency?.
each copper ii sulfate unit is associated with five water molecules in crystalline copper sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4 5H2O) when this compound is heated in the air above 100C it loses the water molecules and also its blue color CuSO4 * 5H20 CuSO4 + 5H2O
How much urea should be dissolved in50 g of water so that it's vapour pressure at room temperature is reduced by 25%?
Assume that on an average one telephone number out of 15 is busy. Which probability distribution can be used to find the probability that if 6 randomly selected telephone numbers are called, not more than three will be busy? Find the probability.
A sample of 25 items is selected from a very large shipment. It is found to have a mean weight of 310 gm and standard deviation equal to 9 gm. State and compute the 95% confidence limits for the population mean weight. (4) b) In a University, 20% of all students are graduates and 80% are undergraduates. The probability that a graduate student is married is 0.5 and the probability that an undergraduate student is married is 0.1. One student is selected at random. What is the probability that (i) he/she is married (ii) the student is a graduate if he/she is found to be married?
Find a unit vector parallel to the resultant vector A1=2i+4j−5k, A2=1+2j+3k
a) 3/7i+6/7j−2/7k

The following forces act on a particle P :F1=2i+3j−5k, F2=−5i+j+3k, F3=i−2j+4k ,F4=4i−3j−2k, Find the magnitude of the resultant