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Q 4. Write a function, reverseDigit that takes an integer as a parameter and returns the number with its digits reversed. For example, the value of reverseDigit(12345) is 54321; the value of reverseDigit(5600) is 65; the value of reverseDigit(7008) is 8007; and the value of reverseDigit(-532) is -235.
A ball is thrown directly downward with an initial speed of 8 m/sec, from a height of 30 m. After what time interval does it strike the ground?
The position of a particle moving in a straight line is given by x = 3 + 4t + 3t2, where x is in
metre and time is in second. Find the values of the following physical quantities for the particle
at t = 2s.
5. Calculate the wavelength in centimeters of
a. An airport tower transmitting at 118.6 MHz
b. A VOR (radio navigation aid) transmitting at 114.10 kHz
c. An NMR signal at 105MHz
d. An infrared absorption peak with a wavenumber of 1210 cm
Prove the following statement using the first principle of Mathematical Induction:
Which oleamide and erucamide crystallize faster?
I think that erucamide has a faster crystallization rate than oleamide because erucamide has higher purity than oleamide and has long chain compared to erucamide. please send me the report or impormation related to the my question, if you have them.
Write a program which repeatedly reads numbers until the user enters 0. Once 0 is entered, print out the Max and Min. Use an array to store all the numbers.
How many significant figures are in 5.070 x 103 g?
how far apart must the point changes of 75nC be to have force of 1.00 N between them
how many moles of NaCl are there in a bag containing 10.0kg