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Obtain the Fourier series for the following periodic function which has a period of 2π:

f(x) = x^2 for -π ≤x ≤π
Glass of relative permitivity 4 is kept in an external electric field of magnitude 102 Vm−1. Calculate the polarisation vector, molecular/atomic polarisability and the refractive index of the glass.
1. The success of your forthcoming budget will be a crucial factor in the next election.

2. Do you expect next year’s demand to be so large that there will be a labour shortage or do you expect output to be so small that there will be unemployment?

3. I see that the National Institute has forecast unemployment on the basis of unchanged government policies. If this is the case, it is imperative that we adopt a policy to produce full employment next year.

4. It seems to me that we have to choose between increasing government expenditure or reducing taxations. We should choose the option which causes the smaller increase in the budget deficit.

5. You will of course ensure that the attainment of full employment does not run us into a balance of payments deficit.
Do you think the population density in your area is more or less than three people per square kilometer? What might account for Canada's low overall population density?
0 x 4x 8
4 3
+ + = .Descartes’ method

State how any cast routing is different from multicast routing.
What is a care-of-address in the case of routing for mobile hosts? Explain how packets are routed from a sender to a mobile host who has moved out from his home network.
discuss why entrepreneur might want to change the price elasticity of demand for their products and consider the extent which is achievable.

explain using elasticity of demand why a train company might introduce a policy of raising fairs at busy travel time and lowering fairs at less busy travel times
Draw a sketch of the graph that best describes the relationship between the vertical distance an object falls from rest in frictionless conditions and the speed that it attains
calculate ionisation energy of hydrogen atom in kJ mol1