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Differential Equations Answers

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one hundred grams of cane sugar in water are being converted into dextrose at a
rate which is proportional to the amount unconverted find the differential equation expressing the rate of conversion after t minutes
a particle of mass m falls freely under gravity in a liquid that offers a resistive force proportional to its velocity : fres= -gama dx/dt solve it.
10. The degree of differention Equation
(d^3y/dx^3)^2 +2 d^2y/dx^2 − dy/dx + x^2(dy/dx)^3 = 0 is _________
a. 2, b 1, c. 3, d. 4
NOU134362937: The order of differential equation
d^2y/dx^2+2 dy/dx d^3y/dx^3 + x=0 is __________
a. 1
b. 3
c. 4
d. 2
Find the value of
so that the function
is a solution of the differential equation

Show that the function z = Iog (x2 + y2) satisfies the equation d2z/dx2+ d2z/d y2 = 0
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