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Find the complete integral using Charpit Method : 2x(q²z²+1) = pz
Find T(x,t) in a laterally insulated 2 m-long rod if k=10-4 m2/s and T(x,0)=100(2x-x2), T(0,t)=0=T(2,t).
Compute the n-th differential coefficient of \\(y=x\\log_{e}x\\)\n
all question of power series Q.1 For the following differential equation, discuss about Ordinary point, Singular point, Regular Singular point, Irregular Singular point. 1) (
consider the system: dx/dt = x^2+y dy/dt = x^2*y^2 Show that, for the solution (x(t),y(t)) with initial ocndition (x(0),y(0)) = (0,1), there is a time t* such that x(t)--> infinity as t--> t*. In other words the solutions blows up in finite time.
If (y=2x+ce^x) is a solution of the differential equation frac {dy}{dx}-y=2(1-x) then find the particular solution satisfied by x=0, y=3
Obtain the solution for the initial value problem y'+(cotx)y=xcscx, y left frac{pi}{2} right=1
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