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Why in shodinger wave equ we use de broglie wave equ to get our final sol/ equ?
Draw the structure of the following esters
a. 3-hexyl methanoate
b. 2-pentyl-2,2-dimethyl pentanoate
What is the full formula for the chemical with the name: Carbylamine Choline Chloride, and what is its molecular structure? please include an image or a drawing/sketch of what its molecule looks like if possible.
Cyclohexene is reacted with elemental bromine in cyclohexane.The resulting product is then treated with NaOH and heat .Provide curly arrow mechanisms and the structures of the reaction product for each reaction step.
Alkyl halides are converted into alkenes by _______________, by treating with a strong base.
Describe the effects on skeletal structure of the polymer produced, if some ethylene glycol dimethacrylate were induced in a polymerization of methyl methacrylate
1. One of the way of synthesising cycloalkane is by the distillation of dicarboxylic acids of either calcium or barium. Using dicarboxylic acid of barium called barium adipate, show with all mechanism how you may synthesise cyclo-pentanone..

2. Show detailed mechanistic path involved in the conversion of 1-chlorocyclohexane to cyclo-pentanone

3. Cyclopropane sticks out from higher alkanes in chemical behaviour because of its great potential energy. Account for this situation...

Compound Z has the empirical formula C3^N4^NO

Give the structure of compound Z
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