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Write the chemical equation and mechanism of pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement
In normal reaction conditions, chlorobenzene does not react with NaOH, but 1- chloro-4-nitrobenzene reacts with NaOH in these conditions. Explain.
Which one of the following would undergo faster SN2 reaction? Explain CH3 – CH = CH – Cl or CH3CH2CH2 – Cl
Explain why Nitro group is meta-directing deactivator?
Which type of amplifier is used to obtaning both current and voltage gain
Draw a three repeat unit portion of a polymer chain of PVC.
What are singlet and triplet nitrenes? Give at least four reactions in which nitrenes are formed as intermediate.
Predict the stereochemistry of the product when 2E-4Z-6E octatrience undergoes thermal and photo induced cyclisations.
Write down the value of two characteristic frequencies for each of the following compounds. I) C6H5-Ctriple bond CH II) CH3-CH=CH-CHOH-CH3 III) CH3-CH2-CHO
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