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Using chemical equations to show How to produce o-methyl aniline from aniline
1. how many of nitrogen(N) are present in a 2.0l aliquot of a 3M ca(no3)2 solution?
2. 13mg of vitamin c was detected in a test . 200mg of ground tablets were used in the preparation. if the weight of one tablet is 780mg, and serving is 2 tablets what is the amount of vitamin c present in the sample in units mg/serving?
3. how many microliters of a 50mg/ml solution would you need to use to make 10ml of a 0.5mg/ml solution?
What is role of crown ethers and phase
transfer catalysts?
Based off of the structure of bitumen, what can you infer about its properties?
(Hint: Structures, ions..)
the solubility of Ca(OH)2 is 0.18 g per 100 g of water at 10 degrees celcius. Describe the solution formed when 0.15 g Ca(OH)2is added to 100.0 g of water?
community in Alaska was so impressed with the mine reclamation at the Peanut Mine in Crested Butte (see lecture 6 notes), that they wanted to follow a similar approach. There are a few differences that must be considered:
The community is at an elevation of 250 feet above sea level - you can assume atmospheric pressure = 1 atm
The metal of concern is cadmium (not lead)
The pH is to be raised to 9.0.

Using the correct graph (handouts or Lecture 6) describing the carbonate system, graphically determine the carbonate concentration at a pH of 9 (at sea level, [H2CO3] = 10-4.87M)
Will cadmium (II) carbonate or cadmium (II) hydroxide precipitate first? Compute the cadmium concentrations at equilibrium for both compounds at the given pH, graphically determined [CO3-2] to support your answer.
Wurtz reaction on a mixture of ethyl halide and isobutyl halide gives ____
b) With the help of examples explain the following terms:
i) Regioselectivity
ii) Stereoselectivity
a) What is the difference between chain growth and step growth polymerisation? Explain with
the help of examples.
b) Discuss the effect of substituents on the colour associated with organic dyes.
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