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Plan a multi-step synthesis of carbonyl and non-carbonyl organic molecules in order to produce many organic substances, taking more than one reaction step
Salt A of 40 g is mixed with 500 g solvent. Solubility is 10 g A/100 g solvent.
3a) What is the concentration? In g/100 g solvent

3b) What is the resulting solution in terms of saturation level?

3c) If 30 g more of salt was added, how many more will be dissolved? What kind of solution/mixture will
be produced?
E2 mechanism of 2-bromo-2,3-dimethylpentane
Structure of (2R,Z)-5-chloro-3-ethylhex-4-en-2-ol
Draw the structures of the following compound (2R,Z)-5-chloro-3-ethylhex-4-en-2-ol

Dram the structure of the compound.
most stable conformation of butane in Newman projection
I am doing a paper on deltamethrin, a pesticide chemical that has a crystalline structure, and I cannot find anything showing the crystal structure of this molecule in its repeating form. I know the structure of one molecule, but I do not know how it connects with itself in a pattern to create a crystal. I also need to know how this chemical's crystal structure rearranges after it's melted and cooled. I know it rearranges into a starburst looking structure after it's cooled and that the bond strength isn't as high (the molecules aren't as happily settled) but I need to know what this new structure looks like as well.

Draw the structure of the following compound


An aqueous solution has 18% of solute. By chemical analysis, it was known that it has 10 mol% solute.
What is the molecular weight of the solute?
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