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How many moles of which reactant will remain if 1.39 moles of N2 and 3.44 moles of
H2 will react to form ammonia? find out how many grams of ammonia can be formed
and how many moles of limiting reactant is required to completely exhaust the other
reactant that is in excess?
Reaction between hydrogen bromide and cis 2 butene
Reaction between potassium cyanide and 1 chloropropane
Define 'Nutrient Budgets'. Differentiate between internal and external budgets.
At which value of PH, a 0.010 M mn2+ solution starts to precipitate in the form of Mn(OH)2 and at which value of PH, this Mn2+ solution would precipitate completely([Mn2+]<1.0X10^-5 M)
Ksp[Mn(OH)2]= 2.6X10^-13
if the transformation from AgC03 to Ag2Cro4 is complete in a solution, how much should be the value of [cr04^2-]/[CO3^2-] at least?
A solution is 0.10 M in Ag+ and 0.10 M in Au 3+, which one will precipitate first as sodium chloride is added
Ksp(AgCl)= 1.8X10^-10
Ksp(AuCl3)= 3.2X10^-25
if the salt Baf2 in a 0.10M solution of NaF, how much should the solubility of Baf2 be then? compare the solubility to that in pure water?
In-room temperature, the solubility of AgBr is aqua is 7.1X10^-7M and that of Baf2 is 6.3X10^-3M, ask the solubility product constants of these two salts.
Draw the structure and hybridisation of the following compounds:
XeF4 , H2o ,lcl3