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I have 5g of a power which has an Mr of 164.16 and a solubility of 8.2mg/mL in DMSO. i would like to dilute the powder into the DMSO and obtain concentrations of 5mM, 20mM and 50nM. What formula do i need to use and how would i work this out.
2. The reaction of ethanoic acid and phosphorous gives a compound Q.compound Qreacts with ammonia to give compound R.when compound R is reacted with bromine in sodium hydroxide solution compound Sis produced.compound R reacts with thionyl chloride to give compound T. The infrared (IR) spectra of the compounds showed the following peaks among others Q:one peak at 1785-1815 cm-1 R: two peaks at 3125-3500 cm-1 and at 1630-1700 cm-1 S: two peaks at 3250-3500 cm-1 T: one peak at 2250 cm-1 Using the above information, identify the compounds Q,R,S, and T and account for the observed IR peaks (8mks)
4)An inflated balloon has a colume of 6.0l sea level (1.0atm) and is allowed to ascend in altitude until the pressure is 0.45 ATM. during ascent the temp of the gas falls from 22 c to -21 c. calculate the volume of the balloon at its final volume? 5)A can of hair spray should never be incinerated. in addition to the contents being flammable, the pressurized is danger itself. if the gas pressure in an aerosol can is 1.5 atm at 25c. what would be the prssure if the can was heated to 450c ( you may assume the gas inside the can obeys the ideal-gas equation.) 6) a gaseous mixture made of 6.00g of 02 and 9.00g of CH4 is placed
)If 300.0 ml of 4.5 m HBR solution is diluted to a total volume of 55.0 ml, what is the new concentration?
will 1-bromobutane react with potassium permanganate?
the products of hydrolysis of esters of composition C7H14O2
Explain ionic mechanism (ethene + bromide water --->)
Which of the following statements is incorrect- (1) Enantiomers react with a given chiral reagent at different rates (2) Diastereomers react with a given achiral reagent at different rates (3) Enantiomers react with a given achiral reagent at the same rates (4) Enatiomers react with a given chiral reagent at the same rates
if weak acids ionize only a few percent in aqueous solution, why is it possible to fully neutralize a weak acid by reacting with the stoichiometric equivalent of NaOH
C5H11Br+NaCN →A −→−H3O+ B+NaOH −→CaO B+NaCN →A →H3O+ B+NaOH →CaO C 'C' has the formula C5H12 which can give four structural isomeric monochloro derivative. What is the structure of C5H11Br?
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