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i AM NEEDING TO DEVELOP A SOP FOR METHOD 3546 Microwave (PCB). But first I must develop the steps to take to even validate the procedure. Help
1. How many kmols are in 890 cg of sodium phosphate?
2. How many pg are in 365 amol of potassium perchlorate?
3. How many damol are in 1000 dg of arsenic ( III ) sulfide?
4. How many hg are in 740.00 fg of barium hydroxide?
A bar has a sign saying all mixed drinks contain 1.25 oz of alcohol. Using the equivalences 16 oz = 1 lb ; 1 lb = 454 g ; 0.789 g alcohol = 1 mL, what is the volume of the drink in mL if the drink is 11.2 % alcohol by volume (X mL alcohol = 100 mL drink)?
On Earth there are 4 DNA Bases: A-T and G-C.

With Chemical Synthetic Biology they are made additionaly
8 DNA Bases: X-K, J-V, iG-iC and P-Z.

Could there be additionaly 4 DNA Bases where the 3 Hydrogen Bonds are on the same side of the one Base from the two Bases?

(On the one Base are 3 N-H and on the other Base are 3 Oxygens!!!...)
[Can the middle Oxygen make a Hydrogen Bond or not?.]
What is the mass of the solute present in 2 liters of a 3.5 M Fe2O3 solution?
Explain the electrocyclic and sigmatropic reaction in detail. .
Write down the mechanism of electrophilic substitution reaction in nitrobenzene.
Explain in detail the electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction of aryl amine.
Explain the mechanism Of electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction of phenol and also explain why OH group in panel act as Ortho & para director
Which of the following doesn't undergo dimerisation