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Having minor homework questions or simply want to make sure your homework answers are correct? Then use our free service to get quick answers to your homework questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry and biology. We already have a database of multiple homework questions and answers you can look through . If you can’t find the solutions to your homework problems, then post your homework questions and find a well-formulated answer from a professional within a very short timeframe.

Please save your time and DO NOT send us your full assignments or not precise, well stated questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry or biology as they will be ignored. In this section we can answer only your short questions of qualitative, primary theoretical nature (for FREE!). Use filters to display the questions to a particular subject or section. By entering your e-mail in the box "Search" you can browse the questions posted exclusively by you. Do not worry if you cannot find your question in the list after it has been submitted; every question is being checked by a moderator and appears in the list only after its approval.

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a class that represent a point in a Cartesian plain has two data members ,one to store the x axis and another the y axis value
1. write the class
2. add to the class a parametrized constructor that initializes two data members using the two data values passed as argument
3 write a function that receives as two points as arguments and returns the distance between the two points ( you need to know the mathematical formula of the Pythagorean theorem)
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write a class with method(member function)that calculates and return simple interest .the class stores the principal,time and the rate in data members with the rate as a constant of 12% , simple interest=principal X rate X time
hi there, i wana know is there any algorithm that i enter number as input and that algorithm write my answer in letters
for example
x=input('Enter your number=') for example i enter 6
>> then answer become six
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determinant of 2
( )
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a running man has the half the kinetic energy of a body of half his mass. the man speeds up by 1m/s and has the same kinetic energy as the boy. what were the original speed of the man and the boy?
write an algorithm discription and a flow chart that finds 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! +...n!
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In triangle ABC BC is the base and Angle A=30..If o Is the centre of circumcircle of ABC.....Show THat
BC is equal To radius of the circumcircle...
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how can you make calcum carbonte hard when mix with water?
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1. a student proposes to measure the gravitational constant G by suspending two spherical objects from the ceiling of a tall cathedral and measuring the deflection of the cables from the vertical. draw a free-body diagram of one of the objects. if two 100.0kg objects are suspended at the lower ends of cables 45.00m long and the cables are attached to the ceiling 1.00m apart, what is the separation of objects?
symbols A, B and C occur with equal probability 2/3 of As are received as A , 1/6 as B and 1/6 as C .
C behaves in corresponding manner and no errors occur in B . Find the information transfer .
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