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Create a class to represent PMU student. This class should contain the following public members:

1) ID: int
2) FirstName: string
3) College: string
4) Major: string
5) GPA: double
6) Friends: Student *
7) next: Student *

Implement the following for this class:

1) Default and Overloaded constructors.
2) Write a function "void CreateList(Node * & h)" which will create a linked list of couple of students (say 5 students) and for each student this function will add a number of friends as another linked list.
3) Write a Print function to print the entire linked list as mentioned in the project file.
4) Write a function "bool FindFriendship(3, 6)" which will return true if student with id=6 is a friend of student with id=3. Otherwise it will return false.
5) Write main() where you will call CreateList(), Print() and FindFriendship() functions to check their working.

Please help me solve this question
why are Himalayas called young fold mountains ?
south african captain lost th etoss of a coin 13 times out of 14 . the chance of this happening is?
a barometer is faulty. when the true barometer reading are 73 and 75 cm of hg the faulty barmeter reads 69 cm and 70 cm respectively .
waht is the total length of barometer tube?
Find the value of ''g'' by free fall method when the distance between initial and final positions is 0.7m and average time for 15 vibrations is 24 secon
Establish the equivalence: (P→Q)→(P Λ Q) ≡ (~P+Q)Λ (Q→P)
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how can I extract calcium metal from electrolysis cell?
In a chemical reaction when a brightly colored shirt decomposes with repeated exposure to sunlight the color of the shirt fades. Is that an example of precipitation, acid base, gas evolution, or oxidation reduction and why?
100 bulbs are connected in parallel connection, and there is one switch connected to pass the electric current. on passing the electric current, will all the bulbs glow together on at certain time interval??
A block of mass m1 = 3.7 kg on a smooth inclined plane of angle 41˚ is connected by a cord over a small frictionless pulley to a second block of mass m2 = 2.1 kg hanging vertically. Take the positive direction up the incline and use 9.81 m/s2 for g.
What is the acceleration of each block?
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