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Having minor homework questions or simply want to make sure your homework answers are correct? Then use our free service to get quick answers to your homework questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry and biology. We already have a database of multiple homework questions and answers you can look through . If you can’t find the solutions to your homework problems, then post your homework questions and find a well-formulated answer from a professional within a very short timeframe.

Please save your time and DO NOT send us your full assignments or not precise, well stated questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry or biology as they will be ignored. In this section we can answer only your short questions of qualitative, primary theoretical nature (for FREE!). Use filters to display the questions to a particular subject or section. By entering your e-mail in the box "Search" you can browse the questions posted exclusively by you. Do not worry if you cannot find your question in the list after it has been submitted; every question is being checked by a moderator and appears in the list only after its approval.

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how do convert mole percent into grams. I have to prepare 7mol percent acrylamide in 15 ml distilled water(molecular weight of acrylamide is 71.08). how much gram i have to take. please reply m soon.
what does zero ampere mean ?
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what does zero current through the ammeter means ?
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Thermodynamics project
The design a device that converts heat produced by a candle into the work
of raising a 250g object to a height of 20cm vertically.Students are only allowed to use one or two tea light candles as their heat source. Not allowed to modify the candle in any way other than to reduce the overall weight by removing some wax. not allowed to design other sources of energy, (i.e. kinetic,
potential, electrical or chemical) into their project. This meant no other fuel sources may be
ignited, no springs, catapults, sling shots, fly-wheels, etc. that are pre-loaded and simply need to
be triggered, or other similar shenanigans. The candle could not be used to combust any other
material. The goal for the students was to come up with a design which converted the candle heat
into work.
which PHP-HTML codes can I use to submit(FirstName,LastName and Ages) ,and displaying the entered data. if the age entered or displayed is < 18 display that " you' re kid"
> 18 and <35 display that "You're matur"
> 35 dispay that "you're old!!!"
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Integer V lies strictly between integers U and W if U < V < W or if U > V > W.

A non-empty zero-indexed array A consisting of N integers is given. A pair of indices (P, Q) where 0 ≤ P < Q < N is said to have adjacent values if no value in the array lies strictly between values A[P] and A[Q].

For example, in array A such that

A[0] = 0 A[1] = 3 A[2] = 3
A[3] = 7 A[4] = 5 A[5] = 3
A[6] = 11 A[7] = 1

the following pairs of indices have adjacent values:

(0, 7), (1, 2), (1, 4),
(1, 5), (1, 7), (2, 4),
(2, 5), (2, 7), (3, 4),
(3, 6), (4, 5), (5, 7).

which PHP_HTML codes can I use to submit (FirstName, LastName and Ages), and displaying entered data. But , if entered age is < 18 displaying that"You're kid"
>18 and<35 displaying that"You're mature"
> 35 displaying that"You' re old!!!"
what is Quality factor?
Star S2 has been observed orbiting around Sgr A* at the center of the Milky Way. At closest approach it is 17 light hours from Sgr A*, with a velocity of 5000 km/s. Assuming a circular orbit for S2, calculate the mass of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way
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Use the while loop to aggregate students marksstored in an array. Use an enum to indicate in the array which student got which student got which mark and apply object oriented principles.
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