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1. Describe the characteristics of different binary operations that are performed on the same set. 2. Justify whether the given operations on relevant sets are binary operations or not. i. Multiplication and Division on se of Natural numbers ii. Subtraction and Addition on Set of Natural numbers iii. Exponential operation: on Set of Natural numbers and set of Integers
Translate the following statements into symbolic form using capital letters to represent affirmative Identify the main operator in the following propositions: ~[~(P & ~Q)] & ~(R –>~S) ~[~L v ~(J –> ~M)] ~[(H & ~L) & ~B] –> ~(~Y & ~K) ~[~(~F v J) v (~M v ~E)] & ~(~C & ~L)
A computer company receives 360 applications from computer graduates for a job planning a line of new Web servers. Suppose that 210 of these applicants majored in computer science, 147 majored in business and 51 majored in both subjects. How many of these applicants majored neither in computer science nor in business?
Reasoning missing number question.... Q- 4,3 and 7 have a triangular relation which get 42 as outcome and similarly 6,3 and 8 have same format relation with each other which get 91 as outcome so find the outcome if 5,3 and 9 have the same order relation with each other? find missing number.
in a village, 180 houses have TV, 120 houses have radio. 80 houses have both. 125 houses have nothing. Find total number of houses
Let P and Q be statements, then P↔Q is logically equivalent to
Without changing their meanings , convert each of the following sentences into a sentence of the form “If P, then Q.” An integer is even provided it is not odd A geometric series with ratio r diverges whenever |r|>=1 Every polynomial is continuous Whenever I go to English class, I wish I were in math class instead .
Give two examples of an implication which is true, but whose converse is not true. One example should be a real-world example, while the other should be an example from math involving the integers.
Explain sexagesimal system used for operations on time. Give one example each of the problems involving subtraction and addition of time showing the error children make because of the sexagesimal system. How would you help children correct their error.
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