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What is the total mass of 31 washers if each washer has a mass 28.1 grams (g)?
Explain how to prepare 800 ml of 0.78 mmol/litre NAD+ (MW 655.43) solution.

how do traditional societies deal with the production problem ?
a loaded cart has a total mass of 227 kg. If a 312-N force acting at an angle of 30degrees to the ground is applied, how much work is done in moving the cart 15 m?
in pea plants flower color is controlled by two alleles:one is purple which is dominant over the other which is for white.two pea plants were crossed with one plant heterozygous dominant while the other is recessive for the trait
A)What is the probability of having a white-flowered offspring?
B)What are the chances of having a heterozygous dominant offspring?
Nitrosyl Chloride, NOCl(g) decomposes to form nitrogen monoxide gas and chloride gas according to the following equation.
2NOCl(g) double arrow 2NO(g) + Cl2(g)
At a certain temperature, the equilibrium constant is 1.60 x 10-6 (that's supposed to be an exponent). Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of all gases if 0.800 moles of NOCL(g) are placed in a 2.00 L container.
Mothballs are composed primarily of the hydrocarbon naphthalene (C10H8). When 1.025g of naphthalene burns in a bomb calorimeter, the temperature rises from 24.25∘C to 32.33∘C.
Find ΔrU for the combustion of naphthalene. The heat capacity of the calorimeter, determined in separate experiment, is 5.11kJ∘C−1.
Find the general equation of the line parallel to 4x - 3y = 15 and passing:
a. at a distance 2 from the origin
b. twice as far from the origin
c. 2 units far from the origin
d. at a distance 5 from the given line

Find the general equation of the line parallel to x + y = 3 and passing:
a. at a distance 2 from the origin
b. 2 square root of 2 units farther from the origin
c. 2/3 as far from the origin
d. at a distance 3 square root of 2 from the given line

Find the general equation of the line:
a. parallel to the line 2x + 3y = 6 and passing at a distance 5 square root of 13 over 13 from the point (-1, 1)
b. parallel to the line x - y + 9 = 0 and passing at a distance 5 square root of 2 from the point (1, 4)
c. perpendicular to the line 3x + 4y = 7 and passing at a distance 4 from the point (1, -2)
d. perpendicular to the line 3x - 4y = 20 and passing at a distance 2 from the point (-1, 1)
A vector velocity v has components vx = 20 m/s and vy = -31 m/s. Find the magnitude and the direction of the vector. Give the angle with respect to the horizontal positive x- axis.
Theoretically, lower fuel/gasoline costs help the economy by lowering prices on transported goods allowing consumers to purchase more goods, etc. Also, theoretically, fuel prices dropping TOO low hurt the economy as lower prices are caused by too high of a supply and layoffs occur as drilling/extraction is cut back.

However, is there a point where the layoffs hit a maximum and the economy continues to benefit if fuel continues to drop in price? If oil/natural gas companies stop drilling at say $35.00/barrel or $2.20 Natural Gas spot price (hypothetical benchmarks) and the price continues to fall, wont all the benefits of lower fuel costs continue to help the economy while layoffs remain fixed at a peak? You can't layoff an oilfield worker if he's alrrady laid off, right?