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What anatomical features help the testicles maintain this temperature?

If T is the enzyme required to convert citrate to isocitrate, and "II" is the enzyme required to convert malate to B. then I and II are respectively,

How many molecules of carbon dioxide are produced when kreb cycle operate once?

show the reaction that catalyzes and the mechanism of action of the enzyme glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

What metabolic pathway does this reaction belong to?

What factors influence the metabolic rate of citrate in the mitochondria?

What evolutionary advantages did endosymbiosis bring to the development of biological diversity, in your opinion?

answer the question with more than 200 words

What type of bonds does Amylase decompose?

Which amino acids produces cresole and phenol as a result of putrefaction?

What are the finished products of oxidative desamination of biogenic amines by monoamine oxidases?

The citric acid cycle occurs:

What are the mobile components of ETC?

The active forms of oxygen are:

Which statement is correct about Cori cycle?

What are the cytoplasmic enzymes of urea cycle?

What are the finished products of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex?

The enzyme pyruvate kinase is responsible for catalyzing the conversion of _________ into pyruvate?

What is the source of nitrogen atoms [[1]], carbon atoms [[2]] and oxygen atoms [[3]] in the urea molecule while it is syntesed in urea cycle?

Calculate ATP yield formed from oxidation 1 mole lactic acid untill CO2 and H2O:

What is the fate of cytosolic pyruvate when it is reduced by cytosolic NADH?

Nonenzymatic glycosylation or glycation creates glycoproteins by

Does the mitochondrial matrix ever run out of protons for pumping in oxidative phosphorylation?

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