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Which of this group of animals made the first transition from aquatic to the terrestrial mode of life?
Although intracellular bacterial infection can be treated by giving an antibiotic that blocks protein synthesis, doesn’t affect human cells. Why?
A. Antibiotic molecules can’t enter human cells.
B. Antibiotic gets degraded by human cell.
C. Human ribosomes are different from bacterial ribosomes.
D. Human genetic code is different from bacterial genetic code.\r\n
Which of the following is the main nitrogenous waste in humans?
Ammonium Nitrate
Uric Acid
How do the gases created during the decomposition of organic material affect the environment? How do different types of organic materials vary in the amount of gases produced?
Biomolecules like carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins are used for
a. signaling
b. structure
c. energy
d. All of the above
Draw a complete structure of the tripeptide Asp-Ile-Cys in the form that predominates at pH 7
Explain how binding GABA inhibits the production of nerve impulse
A person is reading a book. Outline the events that take place in the nervous system from the time an image of a word is formed on the retina to the time that word is recognized by the brain.
Outline how the hypothalamus regulates the concentration of hormones in the blood.
The rate of oxygen consumption of a neuron increases when it conducts a high frequency of impulses. Explain why.
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