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how could a zygote end up with a extra chromosome
What is the name of the amino acid whose sidechain consists of CH2-CH2-C with the last C bonded to an oxygen and double bonded to HO?

(This is the correct email, I entered the wrong one earlier, sorry)
How is the rate of diffusion affected by (a) An increase in temperature? (b) A decrease in the concentration gradient?
Zach wants to run an experiment on reaction rates. He designs an experiment testing the reaction rate changes when magnesium and hydrochloric acid react. He decides to run one trial with magnesium ribbon and 1.0 M HCl. For his second trial he rolls the magnesium ribbon into a tight coil and reacts it with 2.0 M HCl. In the third trial, Zach cuts the same amount of Magnesium into slivers and reacts them with 3.0 M HCl. What is the problem with Zach's experimental design?
A double stranded RNA genome of 500 kbp isolated from a virus in the stool of a child with gastroenteritis was found to contain 35% uracil. Determine the quantity of guanine,adenine and thymine present in this genome.
Could a person's offspring have mutated skin as a result of a mutation in a person's skin cell?
What are the secondary messengers in the EGF signal transaction pathway?
Hay,Why should we reach a temperature of 28 ° C in a 60% water dough?
What happens in the dough chemically in the dough?
What are the digestive constituents of gastric juice?