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100 g of meat with the given composition is consumed: 1 % glycogen; 2 % fat (76 % C - 12 % O - 12 % H); 19% protein (16 % N - 52 % C - 28 % O - 4 % H); 2% ash. Assume a complete digestion and 50 % more osmoles to be secreted than needed for ureum. Formulate the water balance for a complete metabolic combustion of the meat
180 µL of medium containing (200 µg/mL) Ampicillin were treated with 20 µL of ꞵ-lactamase enzyme to give finial concentrations ranging from 1:1 to 1:10 ratio of ampicillin to B-lactamase enzyme. The ꞵ-lactamase activity is 400 Unit/mg (Unit = 1 µmol / min hydrolysis of benzylpenicillin at pH 7 at 25C). The Ampicillin mass = 349.406 g/mol. Explain how to prepare the ꞵ-lactamase stock solution concentrations that can be used to give a final concentration ratio from 1:1 to 1:10 (ampicillin to enzyme) in the medium?
Which of the following buffers act on long term basis to regulate ph of blood: a) haemoglobin buffer b) bicarbonate buffer c)phosphate buffer d) ammonia buffer e) plasma proteins
Pentothenic acid is a constituent of the co enzyme involved in: a)decarboxylation b)acetylation c)dehydrogenation d)reduction e)oxidation
Use any specific example from the research literature to explain the mechanism whereby G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and G proteins work together to transmit signals from hormones to regulate metabolism in cells and, therefore, various physiological functions.
List the advantages and disadvantages of DNS Assay
What do you think the accuracy level of DNS Assay for glucose measurement?
All of the following are true about hetrotrimeric g protein except a) they bind either gdp or gtp b) they have gtpase activity c) they act as binary(on/off) switches d) they help amplify hormones signal e) they phosphorylate proteins please answer this query..thank you..
A - the sodium salt of a weak acid with pKa = 7.12, Mr = 120.0 B - the disodium salt of the conjugate base of A, Mr = 142.0 C - a synthetic amine (NH2 form), Mr = 121.4. The pKa of the protonated amine (NH3+) is 8.3. Using any one or combination of the unknowns above, as well as other required solutions available in the laboratory, prepare 100mL of 0.1M buffer pH 7.6.
Discuss the functions of pepsin, trypsin and chymotrypsin.
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