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Find the four roots of z⁴=-1

4b Covert into rectangular coordinates (4,-2π÷3)

4a plot the following points in the same polar coordinates system


(2<45°)/((3<120°)(4<180°)) leave your answer in rectangular form

Express 2i/1+i in the form a+bi, where


Which of the following is a solution of 2z3+16i=0 ?

If z=8(cos5π/3+isin5π/3), then z6 is equal to

Convert 1−i/2 into trigonometric form

Write z1=(√3+i) and z2=(1−i) in trigonometric form. Then the argument of the quotient (z1)/(z2)is given by

If z="8(\\cos \\frac{5\\pi}{3}+i\\sin \\frac{5\\pi}{3})", then z6 is equal to

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