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Our service has set its main goal – to help students to cope with the complex analysis problems that appear in the studying process. We know that a great number of students feel like they cannot handle all the home assignment information and they strongly need a real expert with good knowledge that would be enough to answer all the complex analysis questions. The essence of the matter is that we are glad to provide all students with the complex analysis answers which are so crucial in the studying course.

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Given f(z) = x²+y²-2x+4+i(2xy-2y)
Express both f(z) and f'(z) in terms of the complex variable z=x+iy
Find the sum of fifth roots of unity?
Apply De Moivre’s theorem to write (√3+i)^5 in the form a + ib , with
a, b∈ R
Obtain the polar and exponential representations of z1, z2, and z1z2 where z1=1/2 - 2i, and z2=3+i
z=1/(-5-i) in standard (algebraic) form. Further, give an Argand diagram
in which z, z bar and −z are plotted.
Apply De Moivre's theorem to write (√3+i) ^5 in the form a+ib , with a, b belongs to R ?
Obtain the polar and exponential representations of z_1 , z_2 and z_1 z_2 , where z_1. = 1/2 - ( 2i) and z_2 = 3+i ?
Q. simplify ∫_1^2▒√(1+1/t^2 +〖(lnt)〗^2+2lnt+1)dt
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