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Many and more students who study any branch in mathematics face a lot of troubles. And calculus is one of these problems. Trying hard to learn all the formulas the students finish up with a huge number of calculus questions that cause many problems in the studying process. We have worked out our service system so that you could get the calculus answers any time you need them with a minimum waste of time. If you have nobody to help you with the calculus problems – we are at your disposal!

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Find the point on the terminal side of θ = negative three pi divided by four that has an x coordinate of -1.
The point P(21, 28) is on the terminal side of θ. Evaluate sin θ.
Find the limit of

Lim (x+3)^2-9
Find the rate of change of h(x)=2 cos⁡〖(3x+tan⁡x)〗 with respect to x.
Choose the correct answer.
Q.The eigen values of the matrix ■(0&a@-2&-3) are a-3 and -1. Find a.
a. a=-1
b. a=1
c. a=0
d. a=2
Q.Which of following function is analytic in comolex plane.
(i) f(z)=z ̅ (ii) f(z)=2x+ixy^2 (iii) f(z)= z^2
Q. If f(x)= ∑_(n=0)^∞▒n^(n⁄2)/n! x^(n ), then f^6(0)=?
Q.Choose the correct answer.
The radius of convergence for power series ∑_(n=1)^∞▒(2^k 〖(x+1)〗^(k+1))/k is
Q. Which of the following function is periodic
a. sin x+sin √2x
b. sin 2x+cos 3x
c. e^xsin x
d. xsin x+cos x
Q. Solve ∫_(-∞)^∞▒x^2 e^(-x^2 )cos xdx.
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