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Question 5
A “T” section consists of a vertical rectangle (Element 1) of width 8 mm and height 110 mm, and a horizontal rectangle (Element 2) of width 60 mm and height 10 mm.
Find the distance y from the horizontal bottom edge of the vertical
rectangle to the centroid of the “T” section, and the second moment of area, Ixx, of the “T” section about the centroidal horizontal axis.
True /false
1.A spehere has radius 3a units.Right circula cylinder has a height 4times its radius which is a units.The ratio of the volume of the cylinder to the sphere is 1:9
2.Consider a circle with diameter d units and a square with diagonal d units.If a fly crawls round the circle once and an ant crawls round the square once , the fly travels further.
3.Volume of a right circular cone with height 15cm is the same as the volume of a right circulat cylinder with height 5cm, if the both have the same radius
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. The vertex of parabola y=(-1)/2x2-x+4 is
a. (1,9/4)
b.( -1,9/4)
c. (9/2, -1)
d. (9/2, 9/2)
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q.Which of the following are asymptotes of the curve represented by y2=(x-4)/x2(x+4) ?
a. x=-4
b. x=0
c. x=4
d. y=0
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. Which of the following statement is true about the curve defined by 6y2=x(x-2)
i). The curve passes through (0,0) AND X=0 IS TANGENT LINE AT (0,0)
ii) The curve is symmetric about x-axis
iii) The curve is symmetric about y-axis
iv) The curve lies to the left of y-axis
a. i) and iii)
b. i) and ii)
c. . ii) and iii)
d. iii) and iv)
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. Which of the following is equation of one of the diameter of the circle , x2+y2+4x-2y=0
a. x+y=0
b. x-y=0
c. 2x-y=0
d. x-2y=0
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. If R1, R2 and R3 are radii of circles x2+y2-2x+2y-2=0, x2+y2+2x-2y-7=0 and x2+y2+4x-2y-11=0 respectively, then
a. R1>R2>R3
b. R2>R1>R3
c. R3>R2>R1
d. R3>R1>R2
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. The equation 3x2+3y2-6x-8y-12=0 represents
a. pair of straight line
b. Ellipse
c. parabpla
d. Circle
Given AC and AE are common external tangents of G and D. BC= 123 GB= 20 and AG= 101
A rhombus ABCD has side of length 10 .a circle with center A passes through C and similar for center B And passes through D.
If two circles are tangent to each other find area of rhombus
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