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Let o be the origine of co ordinate plane , A,B lie on the upper half plane satisfying OA=OB. If line OA has slope 1, line OB has slope -7, what is the slope of line AB ?
The daycare has two sandboxes that are both prisms with regular hexagons as bases. The smaller sandbox has a base area of 1,146 inches square and is filled 10 inches deep with sand. If it took 14 bags to fill up the sandbox 10 inches, what volume of sand comes in one bag?
A square piece of cardboard is formed into a box by cutting out 3-inch squares from each of the corners and folding up the sides, as shown in the following figure. If the volume of the box needs to be 168.75 cubic inches, what size square piece of cardboard is needed? (Round your answers to one decimal place.)

_____ inches by _____ inches
In a Triangle AB=AC, <BAC=120°. D is the middle point of BC. O circle is drawn inside the triangle which touches AD,CD,& AC. If OA=4(meter) What's the radius of the circle???
ABCD is a quadrilateral with AB equal and parallel to DC.prove that AD is equal and parallel to BC
Find the coordinates of point P along directed line segment AB with A(-4,8) and B(16,-2), so that the ratio of AP to PB is 3 to 2
The diagonals of the plane quadrilateral ABDC intersect at O and X,Y are the midpoints of the diagonals AB and BD respectively.show that BA+BC=2BX
A swimming pool is 30 feet wide, 50 feet long and 8 feet deep. After an earthquake, the pool is tilted along the edge CD and the water completely covers the side ABCD. At this point, 3/4 of the base is covered by water.
If ABCD is a parallelogram,prove that the opposite sides are equal and the diagonals bisect each other using the position vectors of ABCD.
The volume of rectangular solid is 810 cm^3. Find it's dimension of they are in the ratio of 2:3:5.
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