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Find the equation of the plane through the line x-2÷2=y-3÷3=z-4÷5 and parallel to x-axis?
Find the equation of the plane through (2,3,-4) and (1,-1,3) and parallel to x-axis?
Find the angle between the line joining the points (3,-4,-2) and (12,2,0) and the plane 3x-y+z=1
The premier of a square is 53.3 cm work out the length of equals side
Approximate the distance btw the point (-3,19) (-7,-5) to the nearest tenth
If the legs of a right triangle measure 5 and 12cm respectively, the measure of the third side is what?
In △OAB,∠AOB=90∘. Let C be the point on the segment AB such that OC⊥−AB.


|CA|/|CB| = |OA|^2/|OB|^2
Let o be the origine of co ordinate plane , A,B lie on the upper half plane satisfying OA=OB. If line OA has slope 1, line OB has slope -7, what is the slope of line AB ?
The daycare has two sandboxes that are both prisms with regular hexagons as bases. The smaller sandbox has a base area of 1,146 inches square and is filled 10 inches deep with sand. If it took 14 bags to fill up the sandbox 10 inches, what volume of sand comes in one bag?
A square piece of cardboard is formed into a box by cutting out 3-inch squares from each of the corners and folding up the sides, as shown in the following figure. If the volume of the box needs to be 168.75 cubic inches, what size square piece of cardboard is needed? (Round your answers to one decimal place.)

_____ inches by _____ inches
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