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Got geometry problems? Have no idea how to cope with your home assignment? We are here to save you from geometry problems. All you have to do – is to ask all the geometry questions you have and then just let us work out your geometry problem. The professional team of our service experts will work on your task and at the end you will be provided with the geometry answers and will be certainly satisfied with the result. Get all the geometry problems out of your head and let us deal with it!

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Determine the point P that partitions AB with A(1,2) B(11,22) into a 1:4 ratio.
its to find area of a composite fiqure with 6 sides and I on/ly have 4 mesuarmen/ts to the sides
Find the measure of Angle 2.

measure of angle 1 = x
measure of angle 2 = x-6
You begin the game Roll and Win by picking a number. Then you roll two regular dice, each numbered 1 through 6, and add the numbers that come up together. If the sum is the number you chose, you win a point. For example, if you choose “11,” and a 6 and a 5 are rolled, you win!

What is P(even)? P(10)? P(15)?

Which sum is the most likely result? What is the probability of rolling that sum?

In a standard casino dice game the roller wins on the first roll if he rolls a sum of 7 or 11. What is the probability of winning on the first roll?

The player loses on the 1st roll if he rolls a sum of 2, 3, or 12. What is the probability of losing on the 1st roll?If the player rolls any other sum, he continues to roll the dice until the first sum he rolled comes up again or until he rolls a sum of 7 or 11, whichever happens sooner. What is the probability that the game continues after the first roll?
Given an and bc are tangents of f and the m<abc=15 what is the measure of <abc
A triangle is placed in a semicircle with a radius of
as shown below. Find the area of the shaded region.

Use the value 3.14 for
π , and do not round your answer.
Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer.
ABCD is a square.E,F are points on BC,CD such that <EAF=45°,<EAB=15°. BD intersects AE at P. What is the value of <PFC in degree.
the centroid of a triangle formed by the points (0,0), (cos a, sin a), and (sin a, -cos a) lies on the line y 2x, then a-? [imagine a is teta
The premier of a square is 53.3 cm work out the length of equals side
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