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The radius of a circle is 5 centimeters. What is the angle measure of an arc bounding a sector with area 5​𝜋 square centimeters?

Vincent's family is moving across town. They are busy packing their furniture into a moving van. The storage space in the moving van is shaped like a rectangular prism. It has a floor area of 14 square meters and a height of 2 meters. What is the volume of the moving van's storage space?

The triangle ABC is right-angled with a right angle at C. The height CD has a length of 5 units of length (D lies on the side AB), and the distance AD ​​has a length of 7 units of length. Determine and state the length of the hypotenuse.

A bakery is 10 meters wide and 16 meters long. The baker wants to put a wooden shelf around the inside of the bakery. The wooden shelving costs $24.00 per meter. How much will the baker's shelf cost?

a large cone has a height 6 cm and base diameter 18 cm. The large cone is made by placing a small cone of height 2 cm and base diameter 6 cm on top of a frustum B.

Calculate the volume of the frustum B. Give your answer in terms of π.​​​​​​​​


Calculate the total surface area of frustum B. Give your answer in terms of π.

The uniform cross section of a cabin storage compartment on a jet plane is a sector of a circle with radius 55cm, and angle Ө c .  The container is 96 cm wide. The volume of the container is 0.2178 m3. What is the angle Өc

A teacher's 2 inch by 5 inch cell phone screen is projected on a wall

with a scale factor of 1:25 to demonstrate a new teaching app. What is the area

of the projected image in square inches?

The perpendicular distance d from the point (2,3) to the line 3x+4y+2=0 is

Find the complement of the angle 2/3 of 90°

Find the complement of angle 2/3 of 90°

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