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Got geometry problems? Have no idea how to cope with your home assignment? We are here to save you from geometry problems. All you have to do – is to ask all the geometry questions you have and then just let us work out your geometry problem. The professional team of our service experts will work on your task and at the end you will be provided with the geometry answers and will be certainly satisfied with the result. Get all the geometry problems out of your head and let us deal with it!

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Find the measure of Angle 3.

measure of angle 1 = x
measure of angle 2 = x-6
Hi my geometry question is- A new part needs to be designed for a machine. The cube center of the part has a side length of 2 in. Each cylinder off the sides of the cube has a diameter and height that matches the sides of the cube with a 1 inch hole drilled out 1 inch deep. There are 4 cylinders. How much metal is needed to make one part?
By graphing the boundaries of a 2d figure on a graph using these inequalities{3x-2y>-12,y<3,y>-3, and x<0, what is the volume and surface area of the 3d shape produced by revolving this 2d shape around the y axis?
In the diagram, GB = 2x + 3..

What is GB?

5 units
10 units
15 units
30 units
If point B is translated 3 units right and 4 units up, what are the coordinates of the new point?
While watching ocean waves at the dock of the bay, Otis noticed that 10 waves pass beneath him in 30 seconds what are the period and frequency of the waves?
Q. Calculate the first fundamental forms of the following surfaces:
1) σ(u,v) =(sinhusinhv, sinhv, sinhucoshv, sinhu)
2) σ(u,v)=(u-v,u+v,u^2+v^2)
for the circle of radius 9 feet, find the arc length s cut off by a central angle of 6 degrees.
A semi circular sheet of metal of diameter 28cm is bent into an open conical cup.What is the approximate depth of the curve?

Consider the equation 3x+2y=6 and let point A be the x-intercept and point B be the y-intercept. Find the coordinates of the point P so that (AP) ⃑ is perpendicular to the line and |(AP) ⃑ |=2
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