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What are some questions and reflections about angles on the plane and the sphere?
To get a familiar sense of 'angle', look beyond the plane and the sphere, i.e., what would be an 'angle' in 3D? On the cylinder and the cone?...Does VAT apply to these broader contexts?
Pick one of the proofs for VAT for both the plane and the sphere.
Give two definitions for both the plane and the sphere.
Consider an equal-sided triangle connected to a square with side a. A straight line from Q intersects the square at x and y. You have given x, find an equation for the intersection at y(x).
Find the reflection of the point A(3, 1) in the line L with equation r · (2i − j) = 0. Use your answer to find the reflection in L of the line r · (i − j) − 2 = 0.
Three non-perpendicular vectors have magnitudes of 242, 57, 159 Newtons and respectively have angles of 24, 67 and 69 degrees with respect to the x-axis. Find the magnitude of their resultant. Round to two decimal places.
find the value of x and YZ if Y is between X and Z. XY= 5x, YZ=x, and XY=25
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