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What are the coordinates of the point 2/5 of the way from h to e on the grid

Michael has found a circular plate partially buried in the sand. Because Michael doesn't know the size

of the plate, he wants to first find the center of it, and then he will decide whether it is worth it to continue digging. How can Michael find the center of the circle? Show your construction and use mathematics to justify your response with words, symbols, or both.

A silo has the form of a right circular cylinder 20m in diameter and 45m
high. The lateral surface of the silo is to be painted with two coats of
elastomeric paint.
1. What is the lateral surface area of the silo?
2. If the contract calls for two coats of paint and if it is estimated that
one gallon of paint can cover 30 square meters of surface in one
coating, how many gallons of paint needed to cover the lateral
surface area of the silo?
3. How much will be the contract amount for painting if painting cost is Php 800 per sqm?
12 concrete cylindrical pillars of a building are to be covered by aluminum
cladding. Each pillar has a diameter of 70 cm and height of 7m.
1. How much concrete is needed to construct the concrete pillars?
2. What is the total lateral surface area of the 12 pillars?
3. If one sheet of aluminum cladding is 1.2m by 2.4m, how many
sheets of aluminum is needed to cover the 12 pillars?
A cylindrical container of height equal to twice the diameter of its base can
hold 12 liters (1L= 1,000 cm3) of water. Another cylindrical container with
the same capacity has its height equal to three times the diameter of its
1. What is the diameter of the first container?
2. What is the diameter of the second container?
3. Determine the amount of aluminum required for making the first
4. Determine the amount of aluminum required for making the
second container?

Distinguish between the phrases number concept and number sense

Plan five PowerPoint slides and indicate for each PowerPoint slide the content that you want to present to the learners
What is the weight of a steel plate 15 ft. long, 4 ft. wide, and 5/8 in,
thick, if the steel weighs 475 lbs/f
The base of the right prism is an equilateral triangle. The area of the base is 1,560cm2. If the altitude of the prism is 5 meters,
4.What is the base edge of the prism in cm?
5.What is the lateral area of the prism in m2?
6.What is the volume of the prism in m3?
The lateral edge of a square prism is 30 cm long and it is inclined at an angle of 70 degrees with the base. If the volume of the prism is1,500cm3,
1.what is the base edge?
2.What is the lateral area of the prism?
3.What is the total areas of the square prism?
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