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Suppose a car is traveling east on 4th street and turns onto king avenue heading northeast. What is the measure of the angle created by the cars turning ? Explain your answer.

'n' similar cubes are combined to form a bigger cube, if the resistance of the smaller cube is 'R', that of the bigger cube is? 

If α+β are the roots of the equation 3x^2-5x+6=0. Find the value of α/β+β/α

Q. 2) Calculate the species richness, evenness and the diversity (use Shannon index) in each area (Community ecology). Compare and contrast both areas

If 5 teachers can mark 450 scripts in 5 days, how many scripts will 20 teachers mark in 8 days?

4.The profit function and the average cost function for a product of a company are

p(x) = - 4000 + 194x - 0.149x2 in ringgit and ________ 4000

C(x) = 6 - 0.001x + ________


ringgit respectively, when x is the quantity sold in units. Find

(a) the total cost function

(b) the revenue function

(c) the quantity which will maximize the profit

(d) the maximum profit

(e) the price at maximum profit

Integrate the following

A) 3x + 21x2

B) x3-1

 ∫32 -------- dx


2.Find the maximum and minimum points for the function f (x) =x3 - 3x2 - 9x - 8 (Differentiation)

1. Use the first principal to differentiate the following with respect to x

f(x) = 3x2- 4x + 7

1. If 8 teachers can mark 450 scripts in 5 days, how many scripts will it take 20 teachers to mark in 8 days?

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