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A new design of nitrogen charged accumulator, for use in a hydraulic circuit, is being factory tested
for certification purposes.(http://www.accumulators.co.uk/). The following data has been collected
by a technician:

o Gas volume: V = 0.8 m 3
o Gas pressure: p = 160 kPa
o Compression index: n = 1.4
o Pressure/volume relationship: pV ⁿ = C
o Work done = 2

i. Evaluate C.
ii. Calculate the work done in compressing the nitrogen from 0.8 m 3 to 0.6 m 3 using:

o integral calculus
o Simpson’s rule
o the mid-ordinate rule.

iii. Comment on the accuracy of the two numerical methods.
A blow-moulded polymer container can be considered as a cylinder with flat ends. Its capacity is 2
litre and it has thin walls of uniform thickness.
(a) Produce expressions for its volume and surface area.
(b)Using differential calculus, find the dimensions of the cylinder which will result in the
(c)minimum amount of polymer being used for its manufacture.
To be provided
In a certain year, January had exactly four Tuesdays and four Saturdays. On what
day did January fall that year?
The vertices of a triangle ΔABC are A(p,q) , B(r, s) ,C (u,v) . Assume that these
coordinates satisfy
⎧ 2p+3r+4u=0
⎩ 2q+3s+4v=0
and the origin O(0,0) lies in the interior
of ΔABC . If (area of ΔOBC )=r(area of ΔABC ), then r =
a) 2/9 b)4/9 c)2/7 d)3/7 e) 4/7
If f(x)=x^2 find lim h -> 0 {f(x+h)-f(x)}/h
in a sample of 600 smokers, 380 are female. what is the percentage is male?
How many significant figures are there in the result of this question.
(4.321/2.8) x (6.9234x10 5) <-- 10 to the power of 5
USING THE BINOMIAL THEROM,DEVELOP (x+h)^-1/2 to four terms TIA :)?
on my video I got 1 right out of 9 how can I fix it?

The annual demand for an item is 3200 units. The unit costis Rs. 6/- and inventory carrying cost is 25% per annum. If thecost of one procurement is Rs. 150/- find out

(i) Economic Order Quantity
(ii) No of orders per year
(iii) Time between two consecutive orders
(iv) The optimal cost