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1. A trucking company has a contract to move 115 truckloads of sand per week between three sand-washing plants W, X, and Y, and three destinations A, B and C. cost and volume information is given below. Compute the optimal transportation cost.

Project A
Project B
Project C
Plant W 5 10 10 35
Plant X 20 30 20 40
Plant Y 5 8 12 40
Demand 45 50 20

a. Formulate the transportation problem.
b. Set up the initial transportation tableau from the minimum-entry method.
c. Using the Northwest Corner rule, find the initial allocation.
d. Find the optimal solution using Stepping-stone method.
e. Compare the optimal solution obtained in e. using Modified Distribution Method.
Integrate x(lnx)^2dx
Find the work done in moving an object along a vector r=3i+2j-5k if the applied force is f= 2i-j-k
On a bike trip across the u.s Rodney notes that he covers about 190 miles every 4 days. If he continues at this rate determine about how many miles he could bike in 6 days
Suppose that a child's grade point average is directly proportional to that child's hours of outdoor play. Last semester, nine-year-old Jamie played outdoors an average of 20 hours per week, and a great point average was 3.25. So far this semester, she has only managed to play outdoors 12 hours/week. What grade point average for this produce?
Use the digits 1-7 to create a seven digit number the can be rounded to 6,300,000
Describe new or latest trends in mathematical research concerning functions
So if your centre was aiming to create a 8 x 3 x 2 league, what is the minimum amount of people that would need to be approached in order to floor your desired amount of bowlers?
given an instance where the values of n – 1 of the variables are known, how would you go about
determining the most likely value of the nth variable?
Determine a unique polynomial f(x) of degree ≤ 3 such that f(x0)=1, f'(x0)=2, f(x1)=2, f'(x1)=3 where x1-x0=h