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Numerous students have one and the same problem. It is called – algebra. A lot of algebra problems appear during the studying process and the students are trying to find the solutions. That’s what we are here for. We accept all your algebra questions and the experts of our service centre are ready to provide you with algebra answers. We will try to make your home assignment easier by providing you with algebra answers for your benefit. Dreaming about better results in algebra? Let us handle your algebra problems!

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Find all integer x, y and z that satisfies both inequalities x>y>z >1 and (1/x) +(1/y) +(1/z) >1

Jabu had a few marbles. Today he played and doubled his number of marbles. Then Thabo gave him three marbles for free. Jabu has 21 marbles now. How many did he have before he started playing?
Solve this problem using a suitable model.
Nkateko takes A loan of R1640 from his friend. If he pays off the loan in 10 months. how much will he pay his friend each month?
Ntsako wants to divide a loaf of bread amongst 6 friends. How much will each friend get?

'I can tell there are 5 sheeps and 4 ducks

' 11 1111 1111 111111 1111 11 11 1111' analyse the speakers assumption and reason with her that she may be wrong '

A learner adds two fractions as follows 2/3 + 5/6 =7/9 define the problem which you have to work on with this learner

Find the domains of f:x= (4-x2)1/2 and h:x= (3-x)1/2

Given that f(x) = (4 − x2)^1/2 and h(x) = (3 − x)^1/2, Find the domains of f and h.
Given that f(x) = (4 − x2)^1/2 and h(x) = (3 − x)^1/2, Find foh(x).
Two functions f and h are defined on the set of real numbers, R, by f(x) = (4−x^2)^1/2 and h(x) = (3−x)^1/ 2 (a) Find the domains of f and h. (b) Find foh(x).
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