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make p the subject of the relation A=1/2(p+b)h
A garden snail travels at a speed of 2.8 × 10^−3 meters per second.

How far, in meters, would a garden snail travel in 90 seconds?
Which of the following expresses the possible number of positive real solutions for the polynomial equation shown below?
If you add 3/5 of a number to the number itself, you get -32. What is the number?
In 2013, there were 19,767 Starbucks stores world- wide. This is approximately 4551% more stores than in 1994. How many Starbucks stores were there in 1994 ? (Round to the nearest whole number.)
Charlie has 218 fewer Facebook friends than leana. The number of Deepa's Facebook friends is 28 more than half of Ileana's. Together Charlie, Deepa, and Ileana have 2175 friends on Facebook. How many Facebook friends does each of them have?
In their 2013 Stanley Cup-clinching game, the Blackhawks had six more shots on goal than the Bruins. Together, they had 56 shots. How many shots did each team have?
The property taxes on a house were $840$⁢840. What was the tax rate if the house was valued at $140,000$⁢140,000? Follow the problem-solving process and round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a percent, if necessary.