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Directions: Find the equation of the line that passes through each of the following pairs of points. 1) (1,7) and (4,22) 2) (-2,13) and (2,3) 3) (0,-10) and (16,2) PS: These next problems are fractions and I am going to use a "/" to seperate them. The first one is 3 and negative one and a half. The last set is one comma one and three secondths. 4) (3, -1/2) and (1, 1 3/2) Thank you! I have math soon!
Harmony is going to divide a 4 digit number by 10 and then divide the same 4 digit number by 100. Which sentence is true? A. The first quotient will be 10 times less than the second quotient. B. The 1st quotient will be 100 times as many as the 2nd quotient. C. The 1st quotient will be 10 times less than the 2nd quotient. D. The 1st quotient will be 10 times as many as the 2nd quotient.
4. Which of the following statements are true and which are false ? Justify your answers with a short proof or counter-example. 5x2=10 (a) If A and B are two subsets of a universal set U, then Ac \B = A\ Bc. (b) The roots of a quadratic equation are always real numbers. (c) lx+yl = lx1 + ly1 for all x,yE R. (d) The contrapositive of 'If two triangles have the same area, then they are congruent' is 'If two triangles are congruent, then they have the same area'. (e) If A is a square matrix with I A l = 0, then two of its rows or two of its columns must be the same. 5. (a) If x, y and z are positive real numbers, show that (x2y + y2z + z2x) (xy2+ yz2+ zx2) > 9x2y2z2. (b) Use Cardano's method to obtain the roots of x3— 3x + 2 = 0.
Solve the following linear systems by the process of elimination : 3 x + 2y + 5z = 9 x — y + $z = 2 3x — 6y z = 26
Hi,i can’t upload attachment but the question says the graph of f(x)=square root -x+2 and h(x)= 2 to the power of x then -1.The graph of f(x) has a restricted domain.Then they drew a graph of these functions,now they ask: 1)For what values of x is h(x)=f(x)+3? 2)For what values of x is h(x) . f prime x smaller than and equal to 0? How do I do these questions,do I have to calculate or where do I start?Please help me,I’m very confused.Thanks
What is the product of 6 and q
solve the following question: ||x^2-2x-8|+x^4-x^3+4x+8| =6
The ratio of lights to bulbs is 3:5 The number of lights is 24 times the number of bulbs find the number of lights?
Jen wants to buy maps for hitch up the maps cost $2 each and she has $25 make a table on write an equation to represent the amount she will have left if she buys m maps
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