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Numerous students have one and the same problem. It is called – algebra. A lot of algebra problems appear during the studying process and the students are trying to find the solutions. That’s what we are here for. We accept all your algebra questions and the experts of our service centre are ready to provide you with algebra answers. We will try to make your home assignment easier by providing you with algebra answers for your benefit. Dreaming about better results in algebra? Let us handle your algebra problems!

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Please solve the following. Create a picture using Desmos.
Find the Min and Max of Z = 5x + 3y
subject to:
4x + 5y ≤ 200
3x + 6y ≤ 180
x ≥ 0; y ≥ 0
Match the descriptions to the steps used in solving the linear equation 3(3x−8)=4x+6.
Find the inverse of the function
f(x)=4+ \sqrt{x-2} .
State the domains and ranges of both the function and the inverse function in terms of intervals of real numbers.
obtain the graph of f , its inverse, and g(x)=x in the same system of axes. About what pair (a, a) are (11, 7) and (7, 11) reflected about?
What can be said about the domain of the function:
f \circ g
f(y)= \frac{4}{y-2}
g(x)= \frac{5}{3x-1}
Express it in terms of a union of intervals of real numbers?
obtain the graph of f , g , and f \circ g .
a) Rewrite the following in nested form and hence evaluate at the given value of x:
(i) f(x) = 4x4 + 3x2+2x - 4 [x=2]
(ii) f(x) = 2x4 + x3+3x2 + 5x - 6 [x=3]
A certain math club makes 30 bars of chocolate a week and sells these at P30 each. Before the chocolate can all be sold, the pupil found out that 6 bars eaten by mice. How much will be the total sale at the end of the four week month? solution

Santiago relieves an allowance of $7 every week. How much total does he receive after 4 weeks

let z1=x+iy and z2=a+ib.suppose z1=z2. Which one of the following is/are true? Explain
a)x=a and y=b
b)the arguments of z1 and z2 differ by a multiple of 2pi

whats the relationship between (2,1,2) and the line L represented by parametric equations x=1+2t,y=2+t,z=3-2t where t is an element of R

13x + 20x = ?
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