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Numerous students have one and the same problem. It is called – algebra. A lot of algebra problems appear during the studying process and the students are trying to find the solutions. That’s what we are here for. We accept all your algebra questions and the experts of our service centre are ready to provide you with algebra answers. We will try to make your home assignment easier by providing you with algebra answers for your benefit. Dreaming about better results in algebra? Let us handle your algebra problems!

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Three points P, Q and R have the position vectors p, q and r respectively where p=7i +10j, q=3i + 12j r= -i + 4j
Show that |QS| = |RS| by finding the PSQ where S is the mid-point of PR
1)The points A, B and x have coordinates (2,3) (6,3) and (5,6) respectively
A)The figure ABCD is a square find coordinates of the point D
Given that points the points x, y and z Have coordinates (5,6,1) (2,1,3) and (3,5,-2) find angle yxz
how do i write a slope intercerpt form of a equaton?
Amir is older than Nadeem by 4 years and Danish is younger than Saleem by 4 year. But Saleem's age is 1/4th of Amir. If Danish's Age is 8 years .
(a): How many time is Nadeem in age to saleems age?
(b): What is the age of Amir Nadeem Saleem And Danish?
Write (1/2)^2 as base (1/3) power
1. Use Pascal’s Triangle to expand each expressions: (x-2y)^4
1. Alex started training for a 21-km run a month prior to a marathon. In order to build stamina, he decided to gradually increase the distance he runs each training day. On the first day, Alex ran a total of 3 km. On the second and third days, she ran 5 and 7 km respectively. For the succeeding five training days, he ran 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 km. If he trained for a total of 15 days, determine the total distance he ran.
1. Four students were given an algebra exam and it took the first two 23 minutes while the next two 25 minutes to finish the exam. If a 5th student took the same exam and the computed mean speed of all five students is 22 minutes, how fast did the last student finish the exam?
Suppose that a company's sales were $5,000,000 three years ago. Since that time sales have grown at annual rates of 10 percent, – 10 percent, and 25 percent.