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started to deposit 2000 quarterly in a fund that pays 5.5% compounded quarterly how much will be in the fund after 6 years
Suppose a company wishes to take out a $5,000,000 mortgage to purchase a building. The bank has offered the company a 20-year table mortgage, repayable in 240 equal monthly instalments (at the end of each month) at a nominal interest rate of 9% per annum, compounded monthly.

(a) What is the monthly instalment the company will pay?

(b) After 120 months of paying off the loan, interest rates rise to 12% per annum, compounded monthly. What should the remaining 120 monthly payments be?
(a)Assume that the rate of interest is 6% per annum, compounded quarterly. Find the present value of a regular payment of $3,600 per annum payable for 4 years if the payment is made quarterly in arrears.

(b) Findthepresentvalueofthesameregularpaymentof $3,600perannumpayablefor4yearsifpayment is made continuously through the year.
Suppose an investment professional is putting together a portfolio of two risky assets A, B and a risk-free asset. Assume that the tangency portfolio combining the two risky assets consists of 80% A and 20% B, and has expected return 8% and volatility of 5.5%. Suppose also that the risk-free rate of return for lending or borrowing is 2%.

(a) Find the equation of the efficient portfolio frontier.
(b) Findtheoptimalportfoliothatwouldgiveanexpectedreturnof10%andexplainhowyouwouldinvest a capital of $2,100,000 with lending or borrowing in this case.

Mladdin is on a salary of $67440 pa paid m monthly how much does he receive each month
How much interest would $2,000 earn in one year at the rate of 4.2%
An investment adviser invested $14,000 in two accounts. One investment earned 8% annual simple interest, and the other investment earned 6.5% annual simple interest. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $1,021. How much was invested in each account?

amount at 8% = $ ?
amount at 6.5% = $ ?
The Worthingtons love to travel, so when they retired they sold their house and purchased a motor home valued at $165,000. They tow their car, valued at $32,000 behind their motor home when they travel. The Worthingtons have medical bills totaling $1,300 and a balance of $3,000 on credit cards. Since they invested for retirement, the Worthingtons have $200,000 in investments and an additional $20,000 in their savings account. What is the Worthingtons’ net worth?
Petro invests R24000.00 in an investment fund that offers an interest rate of 10% per annum compounded yearly. After 4 years, he withdraws R18000.00 to pay for security system. After a further 2 years he decides to withdraw the remaining amount. How much will this be?
(Hint: Use a time-line).
Tom buys a DVD player on 12 monthly payments. The cash price is $600. He pays 10% deposit and the store charges 9% interest
1.) what is the monthly payments?
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