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Ken just bought a house. He made a $15000 down payment and financed the balance with a 30 year home mortgage loan will an annual interest rate of 6.3% compounded monthly. His monthly mortgage payment is $938. What was the selling price of the house?
Luis Mahla purchases a Porsche Boxster for $46,800 and finances the entire amount at an annual interest rate of 5.4% for 8 years. Find the monthly payment. Assume the sales tax is 6% of the purchase price and the license fee is 1% of the purchase price. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
Explain and justify which plan would best suit her needs.
Samantha should not switch to the interval use plan, which would cost $126.00 more per month.
Samantha should switch to the interval use plan, which would save her $126.00 per month.
Samantha should switch to the interval use plan, which would save her $35.50 per month.
Samantha should not switch to the interval use plan, which would cost $35.50 more per month.
danielle and jim baraka have obtained a $70,000 mortgage loan at an annual interest rate of 8.00 percent for 30 years. what is the monthly payment, total amount paid, and the total interest?
You have 152 employees they are paid $10.40 per hour how much do you need to make in order to pay their wages for a year
A person estimates that he can afford a mortgage payment of $1,200 per month. He can obtain a 30-year mortgage at an interest rate of 11.25 percent. What is the largest mortgage loan he can afford?
A person wants to buy a life insurance policy that would yield a large enough sum of money to provide semiannual payments for 20 years of $25,000 to surviving members of the family. The payments would begin 6 months from the time of death. It is assumed that interest could be earned on the sum received from the policy at a rate of 8 percent per year compounded semiannually. What amount of insurance should be taken out as to ensure the desired annuity? How much interest will be earned on the policy benefits over the 20 year period?
Given $250,000 today, determine the equivalent series of 24 semiannual payments that could be generated beginning six months from today. Assume interest of 9 percent per year compounded semiannually.
Suppose that 10 years ago you bought a home for $110,000, paying 10% as a down payment, and financing the rest at 9% interest for 30 years.
How much did you pay as a down payment?
How much was your existing loan for?
What is your current monthly payment on your existing mortgage?
How much total interest will you pay over the life of the existing loan?
Jason works at Petco Refinery for $12.50 per hour. He also gets overtime pay (time and a half) for all hours over 40 that he works in a week. If he works holidays, he gets double time for the hours in that day, but they are not counted toward overtime. What would be his gross pay for two weeks?