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25200.00 needs to be divided in 43.2 shares with 12.5 getting 40% of the money and 31.2 people getting 60%. What is the split?
1. Repaying Credit Card Debt.
Your credit card has a balance of $12,300. You decide to quit using your credit
card. Your interest rate (NAR, also called APR) is
19.7% compounded monthly. Show all work needed to answer
the following questions. (In all subsequent questions, "APR" means the same as "NAR".)

a. To pay off the credit card in 3 years, what
must your monthly payments be? How much will you pay in interest?
b. Suppose you decide that you can only afford to pay $300 per month on your debt. How long will it take to pay off your credit card debt?
A perpentuity due makes annual payments which begins at 100for first year then increses at 6% through the 10th year and then remain level thereafter. Calculate the present value of this perpentuity if the annual effective rate of interest is equal to 8%.
Shaniqua brings home 225$ per week working 25 hours. She is able to save 25$ of her earnings each week. Shaniqua wants to have 600$ at the end of 15 weeks. She is allowed to work up to 30 hours per week if she wants. She can save all the money earned working extra hours. Hoe many weeks will it take for Shaniqua to meet her goal
The following table shows the closing prices and change of 12 stocks.
Tech Stocks Close Change
AAPL (Apple) $113.40 −1.81
ADBE (Adobe Systems) $84.66 1.34
EBAY (eBay) $25.61 −0.31
MSFT (Microsoft) $3.90 −0.21
S (Sprint) $4.40 0.02
WIFI (Boingo Wireless) $8.51 0.56
Non-Tech Stocks
ANF (Abercrombie & Fitch) $21.81 −0.02
B (Boeing) $133.99 −2.03
F (Ford Motor Co.) $13.91 −0.40
GE (General Electric) $25.10 0.01
GIS (General Mills) $57.12 0.33
JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) $93.26 0.13
Swift advised you to purchase a collection of two tech stocks and two non-tech stocks, all chosen at random from those listed in the table. You were to sell all the stocks at the end of the trading day.
(b) How many of the collections in part (a) consist entirely of stocks that declined in value by the end of the day?
(c) Using the answers to parts (a) and (b), what would you say your chances were of choosing a collection consisting entirely of stocks that declined in value by the end of the day?
The "Dogs of the Dow" are the stocks listed on the Dow with the highest dividend yield. The following table shows the top 10 stocks of the "Dogs of the Dow" list for 2015, based on their performance the preceding year.
Symbol Company Price ($) Yield
T AT&T 33.59 5.48%
VZ Verizon 46.78 4.70%
CVX Chevron 112.18 3.82%
MCD McDonald's 93.70 3.63%
PFE Pfizer 31.15 3.60%
GE General
Electric 25.27 3.48%
MRK Merck 56.79 3.17%
CAT Caterpillar 91.53 3.06%
XOM ExxonMobil 92.45 2.99%
KO Coca-Cola 42.22 2.89%
You decide to make a small portfolio consisting of a collection of 5 of the top 10 Dogs of the Dow.

How many of these portfolios contain at least four stocks with yields above 3.5%?
A man borrows $5,000 from the bank. Interest is charged at the end of each month 3% per month. He promises to repay at the end of two years the full amount plus interest in one big payment.

i. Calculate the total interest at the end of two years.
ii. How much would be repaid at the end of two years?
iii. If he decides to repay $150 per month, how much will he still owe the bank after the first 2 repayments?
iv. Will he able to repay his debt if he continues to repay at $150 per month?
started to deposit 2000 quarterly in a fund that pays 5.5% compounded quarterly how much will be in the fund after 6 years
Suppose a company wishes to take out a $5,000,000 mortgage to purchase a building. The bank has offered the company a 20-year table mortgage, repayable in 240 equal monthly instalments (at the end of each month) at a nominal interest rate of 9% per annum, compounded monthly.

(a) What is the monthly instalment the company will pay?

(b) After 120 months of paying off the loan, interest rates rise to 12% per annum, compounded monthly. What should the remaining 120 monthly payments be?
(a)Assume that the rate of interest is 6% per annum, compounded quarterly. Find the present value of a regular payment of $3,600 per annum payable for 4 years if the payment is made quarterly in arrears.

(b) Findthepresentvalueofthesameregularpaymentof $3,600perannumpayablefor4yearsifpayment is made continuously through the year.
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