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When listing on the JSE ( Johannesburg Stock Exchange), JPe Ltd. wishes to have a full subscription and a successful share issue. The company values its shares at R50 a piece,Expert investors and insiders value the share at R44 a piece, at what price should JPe Ltd. offer their shares in order for them to have the best chance of a full subscription

You deposit $3000 into a bank account that compounds interest quarterly. If the APR is 2.5%, how much will you have in 5 years? Round to the nearest dollar, no commas. *

A company took to linear regression analysis to estimate their sales for the coming year,based on past sales, the company obtained the following equation in the format Y=a+bx: Y=0,5x+20 units in millions. If the equation was for the 10th period in the series, what would the estimate be for the coming year period 11?
Johan wants to buy a car for R550 000. He must pay a 10% deposit and take out a loan for the remaining amount. The interest rate on the loan is 8% pa compounded monthly over a period of 7 years.
2.1.1 Calculate the value of the deposit. (1)
2.1.2 Calculate his monthly payment. (5)
2.1.3 Johan thinks the loan will have an annual effective interest rate of 8,3%. Is Johan correct? Motivate your answer.

Consider the following series: 5 + 8 + 11 + 14 +...+164

1.1.1 Calculate the number of terms in the series. (3)

1.1.2 Calculate the sum of the series. (3)

1.1.3 Express the series in sigma notation.

Carl​ Hightop, a popular basketball​ player, has been offered a two​-year salary deal. He can either accept ​$2,300,000 now or accept monthly amounts of ​$100,000 payable at the end of each month. If money can be invested at 5.6​% compounded semi-annually​, which option is the better option for Carl and by how​ much?

The option is better by $?
SIMS lecturer has 3 options on repayment for a KES 25Mn - 20yr mortgage. He can make payments
monthly, quarterly or half yearly. For an effective annual rate of interest 9% calculate the total interest
that will be paid in each of the 3 options over the 20-year period.
Mr. Mike has a savings account with first deposit of $1200 and afterwards deposits $56 a week. Compute the value of the account at time t > 0 assuming the bank pays 8% interest compounded without a pause.

The force interest is given by (t)={0.04,0<t</=1 0.05t-0.01,1<t</5 0.24,t>5 

What is the accumulated value at anytime (t>0)of investment of 1 at times 0,4 and 6? 

What is present value at time, t =0 of a payment stream paid at a rate of p(t)=5t-1 received between t=1 and t=5

Liabilities of RM100 each are due at the ends of periods 1 and 2. There are three securities available to produce asset income to cover these liabilities, as follows:

i) A bond due at the end of a period 1 with coupons at rate 0.01 per period, valued at a periodic yield of 7%.
ii) A bond due at the end of the period 2 with coupon rate 0.02 per period, valued at a periodic yield of 7.5%.
iii) A bond due at the end of period 2 with coupon rate 0.2 per period, valued at a periodic yield of 7.75%.
Determine the cost of the portfolio that exactly-matches asset income to liabilities due using:

a) bonds i) and ii) only.

b) bonds i) and iii) only.
(c) Which combination minimizes the cost of exact-matching portfolios made up of a combination of the three securities?
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