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Maddox wants to go back to college full-time. His current employer has agreed to reduce his hours from 40 hours to 25 hours while retaining his current rate of pay. Maddox has lived in his own apartment for 1 year and really likes his independence. Which of the following budgets below would fit his new situation?
At the beginning of the year, a company's net worth was $-17 million. During the year, it lost $5 million. What was the company's net worth at the end of the year
How much should you invest at 4.5% simple interest in order to earn $75 interest in 11 months?
A company produces three products, P₁, P₂ and P₃ from three raw materials A, B and C. One unit of product P₁ requires one unit of A, 3 units of B and 2 units of C. A unit of product P₂ requires two units each of A and B and 3 units of C, while one unit of P₃ needs 2 units of A, 6 units of B and 4 units of C. The company has a daily availability of 8 units of A, 12 units of B and 12 units of C. It is further known that the profit per unit is Rs.3, 2 and 5 for P₁, P₂ and P₃, respectively. How many units of product P₁, product P₂ and product P₃ should the company manufacture to maximize the profit? Formulate this problem as a Linear programming problem.
Should anperson buy or lease their dream car? Why?
Coal is transported from 3 coal mines to 4 steel plants. For a month, the problem being considered yields the following intermediate array of the algorithm:
Steel plants
Mines 1 2 3 4 Availability
1 1 2 3 3 70
40 30
2 2 4 1 1 38
28 10
3 1 2 3 2 32
30 2
Require- 40 28 30 42 140
In the array above, transportation costs (in suitable units) are shown in the north-east corner of each cell and the amounts to be transported (in suitable units) are shown immediately below it. Using the u-v method, decide whether the solution is optimal. If not, find an optimal solution.
A grocery shop sells milk packets (containing 1/2 a litre of milk) as well. It makes bulk purchase of the same from the nearby city. Every time a purchase is made, it incurs a cost of Rs.50 towards transportation. The daily demand of packets is about 250. Holding cost is Rs.0.10 for a packet a day to preserve it in a refrigerator. Determine the optimum quantity of a bulk purchase and the cycle time.
Given below is a table obtained after a few iterations, using the simplex method to solve a linear programming problem to maximise the total contribution from product A and product B.
cj's : 8.5 10.5 0 0 0
Basic variables : X1 X2 S1 S2 S3
X2 : 0 1 3/5 -2/5 0 300
X1 : 1 0 -2/5 3/5 0 300
S3 : 0 0 -1/5 -1/5 1 400
i) Is the solution above optimal? ii) Does the problem have an alternative solution? If so, find the other solution.
A bakery keeps a stock of a popular brand of bread. Previous experience indicates the daily demand as given below:
Daily demand Probability
0 0.01
10 0.20
20 0.15
30 0.50
40 0.12
50 0.02 Consider the following sequence of random numbes: 48, 78, 19, 51, 56, 77, 15, 14, 68, 09 Using this sequence, simulate the demand for the next 10 days.
Consider a 4/2/F/Fmax problem with the job processing time as given below:
Job Processing time on
Machine1 Machine2
A 6 10
B 8 5
C 14 8
D 7 2
i) Find the optimal sequence of jobs. ii) Find the total elapsed time.
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