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mae has more than 3 bracelets she has an even number of bracelets. Is the nimber of braceletstha mae has a prime number or compsite number ?
The sum of divisor function σ(n) returns the sum of all divisors d of the number n: σ(n) = X d|n d We denote Nk any number that fulfils the following condition: σ(Nk) ≥ k · Nk Find examples for N3, N4, N5 and prove that they fulfil this condition.
1.If m={prime number from 5—30}. Write out all the subjects of m 2. Given that k={even number from 1–10}. Find n(k)
1) in your own words explain collatz conjecture. Have this conjecture been proven? 2) What is the C(n) cycle and the T(n) cycle of the number n= 48? 3) Find the binary encoding of n= 32,53, 80 and explain why they all start with ''111''. 4) What is more common according to the data: r-curves with finite girth or acyclic r-curves? REFERENCE ARTICLE link:
Find all positive integers n such that n^4 - 1 is divisible by 5
Find all positive integers n such that n^4-1 is divisible by 5.
Find all positive integers n such that n^4 -1 is divisible by 5.
Calculate GCD(8,35) using EA (Euclid's Algorithm) and calculate the multiplicative inverse of 8 E Z3,, if it exists Also try the same for 21 E Z35.
Prove that there are infinitely many prime numbers of the form 6n + 5. Hint: any prime number p > 3 has the form p = 6n + 1 or p = 6n + 5 for some integer n. Use this fact and the fact that the product of two numbers of the form 6n + 1 has the same form.
Tom, Michael and Jane visit the same sport club. Tom visits the club every 5th day, Michael every 6th day and Jane every 8th day. If all three of them were in the sport club on August 5th, Sunday, what will be the next day when all of them will be there?
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