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A small television has a picture with a diagonal measure of 10 inches and a viewing area of 48 square inches. Find the width and length of the screen.
Prove that If the tangent vector of the parameterized curve is constant, the image of the curve is (part of) a straight line.
Q. What are the projections of helix (acost, asint, t) in all three coordinate planes xy-plane, yz-plane, xz-plane.
The direction of a vector V(Xv,Yv,Zv) intersects a sphere on point “B”. Assuming O(0,0,0) as the centre and ‘r’ as the radius of the sphere. The mirror of the vector based on OB direction passes the point C(0,0,h). The “B” coordination, B(Xb,Yb,Zb), is required based on the above parameters.
Find the area of an equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle x2+y2 - 6x + 2y – 15 = 0.
conjecture:Multiplying the parent graph by negative causes the parent graph to
Find a unit vector parallel to the resultant vector A1=2i+4j−5k, A2=1+2j+3k
a) 3/7i+6/7j−2/7k
The following forces act on a particle P :F1=2i+3j−5k, F2=−5i+j+3k, F3=i−2j+4k ,F4=4i−3j−2k, Find the magnitude of the resultant
what surface is represented by x^2 + y^2 = 9z ? Give a rough sketch of it. Obtain the section
of this surface by the plane y = 0.