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Two concentric circles have radii of 1.2m and 2.8m. the central angle is 60grad. find the area of the portion of the sector of the larger circle, which is outside the circle. The final answer must be 3.35m2

If A={x∈Q,x<3} then find Sup(A)

If (an)infinityn=1 is a sequence of real numbers satisfying an+12 =2an-1, then,

limn->infinity an = ?

Discuss order-completeness of the set of rational numbers
Consider the following sequence of successive numbers of the 2^k-th power: 1, 2^2^k, 3^2^k, 4^2^k, 5^2^k, … Show that the difference between the numbers in this sequence is odd for all k ∈ N?
f:[0,1]→R be Riemann integrable. Find lim┬(n→∞)⁡∫_0^1▒〖x^(n+1) f(x)dx〗.
Q.1 examine the convergence of series: 3×4/5^2 +'5×6/7^2 + 7×8/9^2 + ......
Distinguish between the phrase number concept and number sense

If u be a borel measure on a metric space X and suppose there exists a sequence Gn of open sets, X=UnGn and for all n , u(Gn) < Infinity then u is regular.

Prove that the set of complex numbers is field.

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