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If you got too many debts, if you have bad marks and do not know how to manage your trigonometry problems – we know how to help you! Every year, a lot of college students meet face-to-face their worst enemy – trigonometry. Every lesson causes a bunch of trigonometry questions and leaves no answers. In this case, let us provide you with the trigonometry answers you are looking for and solve your trigonometry problems. Leave all the mind-cracking trigonometry problems behind and be sure that doing your assignment can really turn into an easy and quick process!

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Use the unit circle to find the value of sin 3(pi)/2 and cos 3(pi)/2
Q. Find the domain of the function y=√(2-√x) .
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. The vertex of parabola y=(-1)/2x2-x+4 is
a. (1,9/4)
b.( -1,9/4)
c. (9/2, -1)
d. (9/2, 9/2)
The circle below represent the amount of fruit produced by a farmer.if 0 is the center of the circle and the 3 angles at 0 are equal, what fraction of the fruit produced were orange
a^3sin(B-C) +b^3sin(C-A) +c^3sin(A-B) =0
Solve triangle ABC given AB=16cm ,AC=23cm and BC=21cm
Solve triangle ABC given that:A=60° ,AB=12,2cm and BC=14,5.
If a triangle is equilateral, then the 3 medians are of equal length. Conversely if 3 medians of a triangle are of equal length, then the triangle is equilateral, prove.
If a triangle is isosceles then the two median towards that equal sides are of equal length. Conversely if 2 medians of a triangle are equal in length, the triangle is isosceles. Prove.
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