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If you got too many debts, if you have bad marks and do not know how to manage your trigonometry problems – we know how to help you! Every year, a lot of college students meet face-to-face their worst enemy – trigonometry. Every lesson causes a bunch of trigonometry questions and leaves no answers. In this case, let us provide you with the trigonometry answers you are looking for and solve your trigonometry problems. Leave all the mind-cracking trigonometry problems behind and be sure that doing your assignment can really turn into an easy and quick process!

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In the diagram shown to the right, you are given that the line containing A-E is parallel to the line containing B-D. Given that the length of A-C is 10cm, (this is denoted A-C= 10cm) and that. A-B = 5.5 cm and that C-D = 4.75 cm, determine the length of CE.
If Sin A = 6/10 and Tan B = 5/12 where A and B are acute angles, find Sin (A+B), and cos 2B without using a calculator. All calculations must be carried out as fractions.
A person 55​-ft tall casts a shadow 1111​-ftft long. At the same​ time, a nearby tree casts a shadow 3131​-ft long. Find the height of the tree.
Determine the Fourier transform of the function :
{ 1-t 0≤t≤1
f(t)= { 1+t -1≤t≤0
{ 0 otherwise
If f(x)=cosx and x=2pie\15
Prove that 16f(x)f(2x)f(4x)f(7x)=1
1.Express cos4tita in terms of powere of
cos tita
2.G iven that sin tita=-3/5 and cos alpha=-2/5. Find sin(A+B) if 1. tita and alpha are acute 2. tita is acute and alpha is obtuse
A right triangle has a hypotenuse of length 7 mm and one leg of length 3 mm.

How long is the other leg?

a) 12.6 mm

b) 2 mm

c) 4 mm

d) 6.3 mm
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