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If you got too many debts, if you have bad marks and do not know how to manage your trigonometry problems – we know how to help you! Every year, a lot of college students meet face-to-face their worst enemy – trigonometry. Every lesson causes a bunch of trigonometry questions and leaves no answers. In this case, let us provide you with the trigonometry answers you are looking for and solve your trigonometry problems. Leave all the mind-cracking trigonometry problems behind and be sure that doing your assignment can really turn into an easy and quick process!

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Complete the identity
sin(a-b)/cos a cos b=?
Complete the identity?
sinx/cosx + cosx/sinx=
A ship leaves port with a bearing of N 55 degrees W. After traveling 16 miles, the ship then turns 90 degrees and travels on a bearing of S 35 degrees W for 5 miles. At that time, what is the bearing of the ship from port? Round to the nearest tenth.
A radio transmission tower is 150 feet tall. How long should a guy wire be if its to be attached 11 feet from the top and is to make an angle of 33 degrees with the ground? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot.
Find the exact value of the expression?
sin a= 24/25, a lies in quadrant 2 and cos B=2/5, B lies in quadrant 1. Find cos(a-b).
Find exact value of the expression?
tan a = 24/7, a lies in quadrant 3 and cos B =-15/17, B lies in quadrant 2. Find sin(a+B)
Cos^π/8 +cos^3π/8+ cos^5π/8+cos^7π/8=2
Two points, A and B, are 526 apart on a level stretch of road leading to a hill. The angle of elevation of the hilltop from A is 26°30', and the angle of elevation from B is 36°40'. How high is the hill
if cosec alpha +cot alpha =2√3than prove that cos alpha =2\√5
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