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Given tan⁡u=-1/3 and sin⁡〖u<0,〗 find sin⁡(u/2). (Assume 0≤u<2π.)

-√((10+3√10)/20) b. √((10-3√10)/20) c. √((10+3√10)/20)

d. -√((10-3√10)/20) e. None of these
Given tan⁡θ=3/4 and sin⁡〖θ)]<0, find tan⁡2θ.

a. 1/3 b. √5/3 c. 5/9 d. 24/7 e. None of these
Simplify: cos⁡(5π+x)

a. cos⁡x b.〖 sin〗⁡x c. -sin⁡x d. -cos⁡x e. None of these
For what values of x, 0≤x<2π is it true that csc⁡x=√(cot^2⁡x+1)?
a. 0<x<π b. π<x<2π c. π/2≤x≤3π/2
d. 0≤x<π/2, π<x<3π/2 e. None of these
Solve the right triangle given a = 9 and b = 12.
Solve the right triangle given b = 5 and c = 7.
Solve the right triangle given a = 8 and A = 50◦
Solve the right triangle given c = 5.6 and B = 17◦
Solve the right triangle given a = 3 and B = 10◦
Find the length of the chord of a circle of radius 100 feet subtended by an angle of 75◦ ?
Sketch the graph of y=x^2 cos⁡(x). (Hint: (2π)^2≈39.5)
Sketch the graph of y=-2x+3sin⁡2x. Be sure to state the two equations the graph oscillates between.
Evaluate: sin⁡[cos^(-1)⁡((-2)/7) ]

a. √53/7 b. (-√53)/7 c. (3√5)/7 d. (-3√5)/7 e. None of these
Arc cosx + arc cosy + arc cosz = π and if; x+y+z=3/2 then show that x=y=z