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find the missing parts of the triangle given below with 3 identified parts?

1.A=70 degrees 54' B=79 degrees 6' and a=20m

2.B=36 degrees 10' a=21m and b=30m

3.B=60degrees a=50m and c=60m

4.a=20m b=30m and c=40m

a balloon is 50m high its angle of elevation from observer A is 45 and from observer B it is 30 what is the distance between observer b and observer a from the baloon

Find the equivalent acute angle of 13.5

Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram meet at an angle of 450 and have lengths of 5 and 11 feet respectively. Find the length of the diagonals.

If f(x) = sin x, show that f (2x)= 2f(x) f(1/2 π-x).

A plane leaves an airport with a bearing of S41W. After traveling 24 miles, the plane turns and travels on a bearing of N49W for 32 miles. At that time, what's the bearing of the plane from the airport?

A radio transmission tower is 150 feet tall. How long should a wire be if it is to be attached 5 feet from the top and is to make an angle of 20° with the ground? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot.  

Written Assignment unit 7

Complete the following questions utilizing the concepts introduced in this unit.

1. Find the length of an arc in a circle of radius 10 centimetres subtended by the central angle of 50°. Show your work.

2. Graph f(x) = x Sin x on [-4π, 4π] and verbalize how the graph varies from the graphs of f(x) + or - x.

Graph f(x) =Sin x / x on the window [−5π, 5π] and describe freely what the graph shows. You can use to obtain the graphs.

3. A 23-ft ladder leans against a building so that the angle between the ground and the ladder is 80°. How high does the ladder reach up the side of the building? Show the steps of your reasoning.

A submarine is diving under the water at an angle of 13 degrees. It has moved a horizontal distance of 100 feet from where it started. How deep is it now in the water?

If A=15° and c=37, find a.

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