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A uniform plank of length 8 metres and weight 100 N rests horizontally on two trestles A and B, which are placed 2 metres from each end of the plank. A man of weight 600 N placed his toolbox of weight 20 N, 1 metre from the left-hand end of the plank. He is 3 metres from trestle A (or 3 metres from the
right end of the plank).The man gradually walks to the right. How far to the right of B can we move before the plank just lifts itself from the trestle A.
Estimate the number of steps you would have to take to walk a distance equal to the circumference of the Earth
The force acting on a lever is 0.02m from its pivot. Explain why the minimum force needed to turn the lever is likely to be more than 7N.
Cartisen is a molecular substance in which there are 21 atoms of carbon of each molecule. The mass percentage of carbon is 69.98%, then what is its molecular mass?
50% H2O is in Na2SO4.XH2O then what is the value of X?
if 3/2 mole oxygen combined with Al and make Al2O3 then what is the weight OF Al?
If 1 gram HCl and 1 gram MnO2 is burned, what will be the the maximum weight of free Cl2 gass?
The density of DNA is 1.1 gram per ml and molecular weight 6000 gram per mole. What is the value of average volume which is covered by its single molecule?
The molecular formula of a certain compound is X4O6. If 5.72gram X in 10 gram of X4O6 then what is atomic weight of X?
Sodium salt of methyl orange is keep 7% sodium. What is minimum molecular weight of it compound?