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2. A body is projected with a velocity of 20 m/s in a direction making an angle 60° with the horizontal. CCalculate (i) position after 0.5 seconds and (ii) velocity after 0.5 seconds

3. The maximum vertical height of a projectile is 10 m. If the magnitude of the initial velocity is 28 m/s, what is the direction of the initial velocity? (g=9.8 m/s2 )

4. A bullet fired from a gun with a velocity of 140 m/s strikes the ground at the same level as the gun at a distance of 1 km. Find the angle of inclination with the horizontal at which the bullet is fired. (g=9.8 m/s2 )

5.A bullet is fired at an angle of 15° with the horizontal and hits the ground 6 km away. Is it possible to hit a target 10 km away by adjusting the angle of projection assuming the initial speed to be the same?

What will happen if the speed of source of sound equals the speed of sound and the speed of source increases with the speed of sound?
Why do the edges of a thin film appear dark when illuminated by monochromatic light?
It is observed that all bodies sliding down a frictionless inclined plane have the same acceleration.How does it happen?Explain.
It is observed that all bodies sliding down a frictionless inclined plane have the same acceleration.How does it happen?Explain.
prove that- 2d= 2a(μ-1)α
A star destroyer of mass 12255 kg carries a tie fighter of mass 547 kg travels at a speed 345 m/s to the right. The tie fighter launches to the right and afterwards the star destroyer is moving backwards at a speed of -25 m/s. How fast did the tie fighter launch?
A commuter train travels between two downtown stations. Because the stations are only 1.24 km apart, the train never reaches its maximum possible cruising speed. During rush hour the engineer minimizes the travel interval Δt between the two stations by accelerating for a time interval Δt1 at a1 = 0.100 m/s2 and then immediately braking with acceleration a2 = -0.470 m/s2 for a time interval Δt2. Find the time intervals Δt1 and Δt2.
An iron cube has each edge 15cm long at 20 degree Celsius what will be the new surface area when the temperature rises at 80drgree Celsius and find the volume at the same final temperature
Very high in the earth atmosphere can be as high as 700 degree Celsius,yet an animal there would freeze to death rather than roast why