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A 9.00 kg mass is moving to the right with a velocity of 14.0 m/s. A 12.0kg mass is moving to the left with a velocity of 5.00 m/s. Assuming that these two balls have a head on collision and stick together, what will be the final velocity of the combination?
Can arithmetic operations ( A*B ) be physically meaningful?
A roller coaster car rapidly picks up speed as it rolls down a slope. As it starts down the slope, its speed is 4 m/s.
But 3 seconds later, at the bottom of the slope, its speed is 22 m/s. What is its average acceleration?
2) A rock is dropped from the top of a 45m tower and at the same time, a ball is thrown from the top of the tower in a horizontal direction, Air resistance is neglected.
The ball and the rock hits the ground a distance of 30m apart.
What is the horizontal velocity of the ball thrown?
The small piston of a hydrolic lifts has an area of 0.2m^2 a car weighing 1.2*10^4N sit on a rack mounted on the large piston. The large piston has an area of 0.9m^2 how large a force must be applied to the small piston to support the car
A satellite moves in a circular orbit around
the Earth at a speed of 5.7 km/s.
Determine the satellite’s altitude above
the surface of the Earth. Assume the
Earth is a homogeneous sphere of radius
6370 km and mass 5.98 × 1024 kg. The
value of the universal gravitational constant
is 6.67259 × 10−11 N · m2
Answer in units of km.
You weigh 740 N.
What would you weigh if the Earth were
two times as massive as it is and its radius
were three times its present value?
Answer in units of N.
1) A 0.04kg ball is thrown from the top of a 30m tall building at an unknown angle above the horizontal.
The ball attains a maximum height of 10m above the top of the building before striking the ground.
If air resistance is neglected, sketch the trajectory of the motion of the ball. Hence, calculate the vertical component of the velocity at the point of projection and the final velocity of the ball at the ground level.
How hot tea kept in a cup gets cold by its own ? Please answer it ,very urgent
Determine the rotational period of Saturn in earth years
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