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When glass and water are refracting surfaces then why do we see our image in them and not in a convex lens
There is a statue at the top of the tower that is 40 5M hi the statue is 200 and what type and how much energydoes the statue have
What is force
What ia the persentage change in the length of 1 m iron rod if its temprature changed by 100.alfa for iron is 2×10^-5/℃
state what is observed when a stone is dropped through a viscous fluid. Pay respect to the following
1. upthrust
2. weight that acts upwards
3. viscous force opposing the motion
A hiker south along a straight path for 1.5 with an average velocity of 0.75 km/h, then travels south for 2.5 with an average velocity of 0.90 km/h. What is the hikers displacement for the total trip?
a 2m long string vibrates in 4 loops at 50Hz. linear density of the string is 0.0004gm/cm. caculate the tension in a string.
Plot the HETP versus the flow rate for following data:

Flow Rate (mL/min)
1) 120.2
2) 90.3
3) 71.8
4) 62.7
5) 50.2
6) 39.9
7) 31.7
8) 26.4

HETP (cm/plate)
1) 0.3154
2) 0.2343
3) 0.2248
4) 0.2378
5) 0.2274
6) 0.2991
7) 0.3206
8) 0.3503

(1) Identify on the graph the optimum flow rate, longitudinal diffusion, mass transfer

(2) Show a theoretical profile of Eddy diffusion on the same graph
A block of mass 1.00 K.g rests on a horizontal surfaces. A force of 0.500 K.g is required to start the block into motion. Compute the coefficient of friction.
In a right angled triange length of base is 4cm and its perpendicular is 3cm Find length of hypotebuse