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Illustrates the concepts pertinent to this problem. A refrigerator has a surfaces area of 5.3m^2. It is lined with 0.075-m-thick insulation whose thermal conductivity ia 0.030J/(s.m.C°). The interior temperature is kept at 5°C, while the temperature at the outside surface is 25°C. How much heat per second is being removed from the unit?
1. One end of an iron poker is placed in a fire where the temperature is 502°C, and the other end is kept at a temperature of 26°C. The poker is 1.2m long and has a radius of 5.0×10^-3m. Ignoring the heat lost along the length of the poker, find the amount of heat conducted from one end of the poker to the other in 5.0s
A particle is falling freely under gravity . In first t seconds it covers distance x and in next t seconds, it covers distance y. Then t is given by
A stone is dropped from a top a tower and one second later, a second stone is thrown vertically downward with a velocity 20m/s.The second stone will overtake the first after travelling a distance of
A car accelerates from rest at a constant rate for the first 10s and covers a distance of x. It covers a distance of y in the next 10s with the same acceleration. Which of the following is true
An aeroplane takes off at an angle of 60o to the horizontal. If the component of the velocity along the horizontal is 200m/s, what is the actual velocity? Also find the vertical component of its velocity
A 1500-kg car is ascending the ramp of a garage inclined at 10° with constant speed when the force applied is P. determine the magnitude of force P if u=0.70
1a) objects A and B have the same mass of 3.0kg. They melt when 3.0×10^4 J of heat is added to A and when 9.0×10^4 J is added to B. Determine the latent heat of fusion for the substance from which each object is made.

b) Find the heat required to melt object A when its mass is 6.0kg

2) Find the mass of water that vaporizes when 2.10kg of murcury at 205°C is added to 0.110 kg of water at 80.0°C.
1. Find the direction cosines of the vector joining the two points (4,2,2) and (7,6,14)
If the threshold wavelength for photoelectric effect on sodium metal is 5000A0, find its work function.
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