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1.what is resonance
2.Resonance and pressure in fluid
3.what is stoke law
4. What is Thermal velocity
7kg mass is being pulled toward the right with a rope that has a tension of 63 newtons at an angle of 42 degrees to the x-axis if the surface is frictionless what acceleration will the mess develop?
An Erlenmeyer flask of surface area 0.8 m2 and wall thickness 2 cm is filled with water at 0 oC. The Erlenmeyer flask is then immersed in a glass beaker filled with water at a temperature of 30 oC. What is the heat current? How long does it take for 12 J of heat energy to be transferred to the water in the Erlenmeyer flask?
What is the solution to this moment of inertia problem?
A cube has homogeneous density, "x" weight and the edges lengthes are "y".

Put the cubes moment of inertia in order of magnitude for the following three axis' that passes through the center of mass.
a, The two visavis side( from the center of both sides)
b, the two visavis edge( from the center of both edges)
c, one body diagonal

I hope my question is understandable, english is not my first language. I put a picture to help you to understand more where is the three moment of inertia.
Thank you for the help, Saya Nakamura
A body is thrown horizontally and falls through a height of 80m while moving horizontally through a distance of 40m. With what initial velocity was the body thrown
Let’s assume you wanted to build a very complicated record turntable with the surface divided into a bunch of rings that turned slower and slower as you moved out from the centre. The rule for the speed would be Kepler’s law that T2 is proportional to r3, where r is the radius of the ring and T is the period. If the ring that would be under the last rack on a record album (closest to the label) turns at 33 1/3 rpm, what would be the speed (in rpm) of the outside track? The diameter of a vinyl record album is 12 in and the label in the centre has a diameter of 4 in.

A temperature scale has an upper fixed point of 300mm and a lower fixed point of 70mm, what will be the reading on this scale when a thermometer reads 180 degree Fahrenheit
where will the linear graph of $t^2$ against I gives pass through?option.A intercept B non-origin C mid way D origin
A gyroscope suffers from real wander which caused by..?
Andrea is going 10m/s toward a hill. She coasts up the hill without pedaling. if Friction causes 10% of her energy to be connected to heat inside the gears, how high up the hill will she be able to cast?
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