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A 15.0 kg object is moving with a velocity of 17.5 m/s. A force of -50.0 N acts on the object and its velocity becomes 3.20 m/s. What is the displacement of the object while the force acts?
An object exerts a force of 10n on an area of 2 square meter
a ball is thrown vertically upward with a velcity of 19.6m\s find? (i) the max height reached by the ball (ii) the time taken by the ball to reached the max height

Derive an expression for the tension, T, in the string as a function of the mass, M, of the glider, the mass, m, of the hanging mass, and g.
how much force must a 20000 kg rocket develop to accelerate 100cm/s2
Car A with a mass of 2000 kg moves at 72 km/hr and car B of mass 1250 kg travels at 60 km/hr. Both approach each other and car A collides with car B. The cars then remain stuck together after collision. Find their velocity after the collision. Determine if kinetic energy is lost.
The words he uses begin in his vocal cords which _________ the air molecules in his throat.
What is the difference between fundamental and basic physical quantities?
two objects of masses 2 kg and 6 kg have same momentum. find the ratio of their velocities.
Explain the WAE layer of WAP architecture. Write any four uses of WAP.