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You lift a heavy book from a table to a high shelf. List 2 conservative forces and 2 non-conservative forces, and state why it is conservative or non-conservative.
with specific examples and references distinguished between the products and the processes of science
ld 1.0 mm apart. One particle has a mass of 1.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge of...
Two particles are held 1.0 mm apart. One particle has a mass of 1.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge
of + 3.2 x 10-10 C. The other particle has a mass of 2.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge
of + 4.8 x10-10 C. If the two particles are released, what will their speeds be when they are 2.0
mm apart?
The net electric field of charges A and B at point P is downward. What are the charges of A and B? Explanation please. Thanks for your answer.
Compare a 2000 Hz light wave to a 2000 Hz sound wave. Which one has the larger freqency?
TYwo uniformly charged planes with surface charge densities of 3*10^9 and -1*10^9 lie parallel to each other at a distance 8cm apart in a vacuum. Draw the field lines between the plates and behind each plate and find E everywhere using superposition
cosider rectangle PQRS of size 20cm and 156cm with charges 0.000002C, 0.000004C and 0.000009C at PQ and S respectively. determine the resultant electric field intensity at fourth corner R of the rectangle due to the changes PQS
When does a dart have the greatest change in momentum -- when it bounces off the car or when it doesn't? Explain.
If an electron is a an excited state in the underlying electric field then what is a positron? Is there a positron field? or is a positron a different form of existed state in the same electric field?
A vector has an x component of -23.0 units and a y component of 35.8 units. Find the magnitude and direction of this vector.