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The density of 400cm of palm oil was 0.9gcm-3 before frying. If the density of the oil was 0.6gm-3 after frying, assuming no loss of oil due to spilling, its new volume was?
Find the current that flows in an electric field when the time rate is 2mins and the charge is 1600C
write a program using c++ for finding the energy density of black body ratio
A tractor of mass 5.0x10^3kg is used to tow a car of 2.5x10^3kg. the tractor moved with a speed of 3.0m/s just before the towing rope became taut.calculate the speed of the tractor immediately the rope becomes taut.
Bernoulli's effect to measure speed of wind.Expain how it measures increases in speed of wind
A double decker bus is observed to have fewer passenger seats in the upper deck . Explain how this contributes to its stability
Siphon setup, it is observed that as the lenght of the longer tube reduce, amount of the liquid pouring out will also reduce.Explain
Siphon ,if the longer length reduces , amount of liquid pouring out will also reduce.explain
What is the normal reaction produced by a table if a book of mass 2kg is placed on it. Take g=10m/s
Calculate the lifting force on the blocks (a) 12.5N (b) 25.0N
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