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An object with an initial velocity of 4 m/s moves along a straight axis under constant acceleration. 3 seconds later, its velocity is 14m/s. How far did it travel during this period
find the magnitude of an electron's electric field if the field itself is 50.0 cm away from it
What is the relationship between frequency , velocity and length in the first harmonic
an electron is sitting 10 cm away from a small object of charge -5nc it is let go and move away from the charge object when it reaches a distance of 15 cm away. find its speed
Water is forced out of a fire extinguisher by air pressure, as shown in Figure. How much gauge air pressure in the tank (above atmospheric) is required for the water jet to have a speed of 30.0 m/s when the water level in the tank is 0.500 m below the nozzle?
why is seeing if a magnet is magnetic by seeing if a magnet sticks to it a bad test?
If a person walks 4 metres in north direction and rotates 30 degree in West direction, find his displacement ?
Calculate the number of coulombs of positive charge in 304 cm3 of (neutral) water. (Hint: A hydrogen atom contains one proton; an oxygen atom contains eight protons.)
While skydiving you let 35s pass before opening your parachute. How fast are you traveling
Discuss critically some of the differences in construction and use of a CRO with electrostatic and magnetic deflection.
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