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An electric charge q caused an electric potential of V = -218 V at point A 10.6 m from q. What is the electric charge q?

A cargo was dropped down a helicopter which hovered at height of h=125m

When will the cargo reach the land?free fall acceleration is g=10m/s2.Air resistance must be ignored

On a surface of a planet, 60 J of work is done against gravity to raise a mass of 2.0kg through a height of 10m. Determine the gravitational field strength g on this planet

The Sun has a radius of 6.9599× 10 8 m. Use the mass of the Sun from your data

booklet to calculate the gravitational field strength at the surface of the Sun.

(274 N/kg)

A particle with the same charge as an electron experiences a force of 5.2 × 10-12N and traveling at a speed of 4.21 × 107m/s at right angles to a magnetic field. a. How strong is the magnetic field? b. What does its acceleration if its mass is 1.88 × 10-28 kg?

starting from rest, a train is uniformly accelerated and reaches a velocity of 20km/h after 15cesconds. what is its acceleration

Motion along a frictionless inclined plane

A 100 μF capacitor is charged from a supply of 1000V, disconnected from the  supply and then connected across an uncharged 50 μF capacitor. 

Calculate the energy stored initially and finally in the  

two capacitors. What conclusion do you draw from a  

comparison of these results?

In a geology class, you were asked to determine minuscule pieces of rocks are magnetic or not. The problem is you don't have available magnets in the laboratory but a few copper wires and a power supply. How will you identify the magnetic property of rocks?

1. Compare the noise created by the object dropped from 20 cm above and the created after the pie tin repositioned.

2. Compare the noise created by the object dropped from 20 cm above the pie tin and the object dropped from 100 cm above the pie tin.

3. What is the GPE difference (∆U) of the object drop at two different distances from the pie tin?

4. What does the sound created by the object in situation number one indicate?

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