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If V(a)=300volt, and V(a->b)=50volt. a test charge (s) was placed 6cm away from A, find the following:
1)the amount and type charge S?
2) the distance between A and B?

? 6cm
Consider rectangle PQRS of sides 20cm and 15cm with charges 2microC, 4microC, 9microC at P, Q and S respectively. Determine the resultant electric field intensity at the fourth corner, R of the rectangle due to the charges P, Q and S.
Hence determine the resultant force that would act on a fourth charge 6microC placed at point R due to the other charges at P, Q and S.
If the observer was located in the X-Y plane the magnitude of R would vary as the particle gyrates, and therefore a phase lag term would appear. Calculate the radiation field for a point in the X-Y plane (use a point such as x = kr0 with k > 1), and again show what happens when k>>1.
An electron with a speed of 5.00 × 10^8 cm/s enters an electric field of magnitude 1.00 × 10^3 N/C, traveling along a field line in the direction that retards its motion. (a) How far will the electron travel in the field before stopping momentarily, and (b) how much time will have elapsed? (c) If the region containing the electric field is 8.00 mm long (too short for the electron to stop within it), what fraction of the electron’s initial kinetic energy will be lost in that region
How many gallons and liters arw in Lake Superior?
estimate how many liters of water you would drink in 1 year
When an object moves through a Vacuum of Space (without applying any External Force is on it). It Continue moving. But Higgs Field Suggest it resist the object to Change Motion State (Rest or Moving) & i.e it's mass. Higgs are everywhere it will make the object stop in Vacuum of Space?
You lift a heavy book from a table to a high shelf. List 2 conservative forces and 2 non-conservative forces, and state why it is conservative or non-conservative.
with specific examples and references distinguished between the products and the processes of science
ld 1.0 mm apart. One particle has a mass of 1.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge of...
Two particles are held 1.0 mm apart. One particle has a mass of 1.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge
of + 3.2 x 10-10 C. The other particle has a mass of 2.0 x 10-5 kg and a net charge
of + 4.8 x10-10 C. If the two particles are released, what will their speeds be when they are 2.0
mm apart?
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