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cosider rectangle PQRS of size 20cm and 156cm with charges 0.000002C, 0.000004C and 0.000009C at PQ and S respectively. determine the resultant electric field intensity at fourth corner R of the rectangle due to the changes PQS
When does a dart have the greatest change in momentum -- when it bounces off the car or when it doesn't? Explain.
If an electron is a an excited state in the underlying electric field then what is a positron? Is there a positron field? or is a positron a different form of existed state in the same electric field?
A vector has an x component of -23.0 units and a y component of 35.8 units. Find the magnitude and direction of this vector.
calculate the magnitude of the polarisation for a dielectric material in an electric field of 10^6 V/m, given that the susceptibility of the material is 4.38
What is the unit of electric charge in the MKS system?
A ball hits a wall horizontally at 6m/s, it rebounds horizontally at 4.4 m/s, the ball is in contact with the wall for 0.04s, what is the acceleration?
Take a rectangular stripe of paper about 2 × 12 cm. Put it right above your chin and blow the air horizontally over it. Assume the speed of moving air is v ≈ 2m/s.
(a) Find the pressure difference above and below the stripe in Pa.
(b) the same in atm
(c) estimate the lift force which acts on the stripe
I am trying to figure out an important puzzle/riddle.

What am I describing?

Iron ingots set like bricks in a wall/barrier formation.
Between the ingots is burning wood and coal.
Molten copper is poured over this structure filling the gaps between the iron ingots.
Finally the barrier solidifies as a solid object. Iron ingots using copper as the mortar between the ingots.

What would be the abilities of a barrier with such a construction?

With Respect,
David Levy
why is it not adviseable to use iron fillings to determine the magnetic field of s weak magnet