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Why momentum squared is zero for photons?
How does F^{mu nu} tensor is connected with the E and B vectors?
What is the energy dimension of Lagrangian?(c=1, h=1)
Explain Fary's theorem for quantum electrodynamics.
How would psi_bar gamma_mu psi transform under parity transformation?
Two people, A and B, are sitting on a bench 0.70m apart. Person A has a mass of 60kg and person b experts a gravitational force of 8.0 x 10^-7 N on person a. Calculate the mass of person b.
Using Gauss’ Theorem calculate the flux of the vector field F = x i^ + y j^ + z k^ through the surface of a cylinder of radius A and height H, which has its axis along the z-axis and the base of the cylinder is on the xy-plane.
A force of 3000 N moves a mass of 500 Kg a distance of 8m in 15 seconds. How much work has been done?
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