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The potential difference between two points separated by 50cm in the field of source charge 500 microC is 400V. The electric field intensity of the charge is?
A- 20000 N/V
B- 400V/m
C- 800V/m
D- 2000 N/V
a proton (charge +e = ) moves in a straight line from point a to point b inside a linear accelerator , a total distance d= 0.50m. the electric field is uniform along the line with
magnitude E = i.
. In the direction from a to b determine the force on the proton?
the work done on it by the field?
iii. thepotentialdifference ?

A cargo was dropped down an helicopter, which hovered at an height of h=125m .When will the cargo reach the land? g=10ms-².Air resistance must be ignored.

Electrons are accelerated by a potential difference of 100v and 400v.

Calculate the wavelength associated with the electrons in each case

A vertical electric field of magnitude 2.00 x 10^4 N/C exists above the earth' s surface on a day when a thunder storm is brewing . A car with a rectangular size of 6.00 m by 3.00 mis a traveling along a dry gravel rod way sloping downward at 10°. Determine the electric flux through the bottom of the car.

An electric having 450v of energy move at right angle to a unifoy magnetic field fluid density 1.50x10-3 show that the path of the electron is circle and find its rad
Find the Miller indices of a crystal plane that makes intercepts in the ratio 3a_1:2a_2on the x and z axes and is parallel to y axis ,a_1,a_2,a_3 are primitive translation vectors of a simple cubic lattice?
A spring of force constant 1500N/m is acted upon by a force of 75N. Calculate the potential energy stored in the spring
What is the strength of an electric field resulting from a dipole with a dipole moment of 25 C⋅m at a radius, r = 30 cm away and 75° from the y-axis?
Two 15 nC charges are at (0, -10 cm) and (0, 10 cm) on the y-axis as shown. What is the strength of the electric field at a point 50 cm away on the x-axis?
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