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A 800N man is playing on a seesaw with son who has a weight of 200N. If the child is sitting 3 meters away, how far will the man have to sit to balance the seesaw?
Hoover Dam is a megastructure located at the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona. The dam started its operation from 1936 until now. To distribute 4.2 TW/h power to California, Arizona and some parts in Nevada, the dam is operated by two types of turbines: Francis-type and Pelton-type. Your task is to relate the operation of the dam with thermodynamics using relevant assumptions. You might want to include the thermodynamics law applied in the whole dam’s operation and calculation of work produced by both turbines.
In the compression stroke of a gas engine the work done on the gas by the piston is 70 kJ/kg and the heat rejected to the cooling water is 42 kJ/kg.
Estimate the change of specific internal energy stating whether it is a gain or a loss.
Explain degree of freedom
What is cop of carnot engine
What heat capacity
What is efficiency of carnot engine.
What is entropy make notes.
Two cylinders A and B of equal capacity are connected to each other via a stopcock. Cylinder A contains an ideal gas at standard pressure P . The cylinder A&B are in thermal contact with a reservoir at temperature T. The stopcock is suddenly opened. After the gas reaches equilibrium the pressure P' is related to the original pressure P by
a rigid vessel contains 1kg of steam at 5bar and 0.3m^3. calculate changes in enthalpy h, entropy s, specific volume v, temperature t, and dryness fraction x when the steam undergoes a process until the pressure reduce to 2bar. sketch the process on a t-v diagram
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