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The rate of ice formation is (2- 0.3t) grams/minutes. If there was initial 10grams of ice the ice maker, find the mass of the ice after 10minutes
A certain constant volume gas thermometer recalls pressure 1000mmHg anddd 1366mmHg at the ice and steam point respectively.The pressure at temperature (T) is PT.Show that the Celsius scale temperature is given as T=(PT÷1000 -1)
When we pour a bottle with hot water up tp the brim then does bottle shrink
Because in all experiments we keep bottles half empty so that steam inside condenses and bottle gets crushed
So i want that whole to be filled not half filled
Pls ans the quest by explaining concept in easy way
By how much should the temperature of an aluminum sample
change if its volume is to change by 1.5 % of its volume.
(Coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum is 2.4e-5 ⁄ C)

The answer is: 208.333 C but I do not know how to get there without having the volume or radius.
How many molecules are there in a sample of gas
that occupies a volume 9 L at STP.
Calculate the temperature of 30 g of di-atomic chlorine ( Cl2 )
gas that occupies a volume 800 L at a pressure of 10 kPa.
(atomic mass of chlorine is 35 u ).

2903.435 C
1975.996 C
3442.844 C
905.266 C
1255.705 C
An amount of sand is warmed up from 15 degrees celcius to 85 degrees celcius. the mass of the sand is 300 gram. Calculate the amount of energy needed for this. Show your working.
A mixture of air and water vapour at 1.013 bar and 16 degree C has a dew point of 5degree C.calculate the relative and specific humidity's.
Arya's mother had a different concept of boiling rajma. She first boiled rajma with cold water. Then after two whistles in cooker she added normal water in appropriate amount. This method of boiling also saved time.
a). Why did arya's mother add cold water to rajma??
b). What type of heat energy is required for this??
C). How this energy helped in faster cooking?
A 110mm diameter cylinder contains 100cm3 of water at 60°C. A 50kg piston sits on top of the water. If heat is added until the temperature is 200°C, find the work done.
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