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When i cycled from home at a speed at 36km/h i reached the station 4mins after the train left.if i had cycled at 45km/h i would reach to the station 4min before the train far is the station
A steel railroad track has a length of 21 m when the temperature is 2◦C. What is the increase in the length of the rail on a hot day when the temperature is 40 ◦C? The linear expansion coefficient of steel is 11 × 10−6 ( ◦C)−1 . Answer in units of m.
Find the total translational kinetic energy of 3 L of oxygen gas held at a temperature of −3C◦ and a pressure of 2 atm. Answer in units of J.
A 200.0 ml of a gas is collected at 20.0 0C and 733.5mm of Hg. The mass of the sample is 0.934g. What is its Molar mass?
4 molecules are to be distributed in 2 cells . Find possible number of macrostates and corresponding no.of microstates.
Give the assumptions of Debye model. Hence calculate (gammaD)^3 where gamma is Debye cut -off frequency.
What are classical limits? Explain how quantum distribution laws are reduced to classical Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution?
Obtain an expression for vibrational specific heat of constant volume for a diatomic volume.
A simple harmonic one dimensional oscillator has energy level is given by En=(n+{1÷2}h cross omega.where omega is angular frequency and h=0,1,2,3,.... .Suppose that this oscillator is in thermal contact with a heat reservior at tempararature T low enough so that kT<<hcross omega.Find the ratio of probability of oscillator being in first excited state to the probability of its being in the ground state.
The equation of motion of classical harmonic oscillator is expressed by x=asin(omega)t.Show that probability of finding the particle between x and x+dx is given by, P(x) dx=(dx)÷ (π√[d^2-x^2])
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