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What is the formula for finding period P?
A party balloon is inflated with helium at a temperature of 15 degrees, and has a volume of 3.5x10-2 m3. The pressure of the gas inside the ballon is 1.05x105 Pa.
calculate the number of miles inside the balloon
Please help me answer this question in below link


There are three forces acting on a uniform beam of 5 kg.F1=200N,F2=80N and the system is in equilibrium.Find x if l=4cm and give the magnitude of F3?
A block of copper of mass 980g at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius was placed in a beaker if water containing 250cm3 of water. If the water is at 12 degrees Celsius, explain what happens to the water with calculation for evidence.
Shc of water= 4200 J kg-1 K-1 Latent heat of fusion (Lf) = 2,340,000 J kg-1 shc of copper = 450 J kg-1 K-1
An unknown material has a normal melting/freezing point of -27.8 °C, and the liquid phase has a specific heat capacity of 157 J/(kg C°). One-tenth of a kilogram of the solid at -27.8 °C is put into a 0.169-kg aluminum calorimeter cup that contains 0.101 kg of glycerin. The temperature of the cup and the glycerin is initially 26.6 °C. All the unknown material melts, and the final temperature at equilibrium is 18.3 °C. The calorimeter neither loses energy to nor gains energy from the external environment. What is the latent heat of fusion of the unknown material?
Find out relationship among p, v and t in adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas.
Titan,a satellite of Saturn has a mean orbit radius of 1.22×10^9m.the orbital period of titan is 15.95days.Hyperion, another satellite of Saturn ,orbit at a mean radius of 1.48×10^9m.Estimate the orbital period of Hyperion?
During each cycle of its operation, an air conditioner transfers 930 kJ of heat from a room and outputs 1730 kJ of heat to the outdoors. What mechanical work is involved per cycle?

2660 kJ of work performed by the air conditioner

800 kJ of work performed on the air conditioner

2660 kJ of work performed on the air conditioner

800 kJ of work performed by the air conditioner
Represent the following processes on the PV diagram isomeric isochoric isothermal cycling
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