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Molecular Physics | Thermodynamics Answers


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How much Ice @ 0°C must be mixed with 50.0g of water @ 75.0°C to give a final water temperature of 20°C?
1.Explain the following modes of heat transfer:

2. One kilogram or saturated steam at 10bar undergoes a non-flow constant volume process until pressure becomes 3.5bar. Determine
(i)the final condution of the steam
(ii)the change in specific internal energy
(iii)the change in specific enthalpy
(iv)the heat energy transferred during the process, stating the direction of flow.
How do I state 2nd law of thermodynamics for an open system?

Ecosystems are open systems, they receive solar energy and other materials from outside the ecosystem and migration of animals is also witnessed.

I read Physics uptil class XII and have done a bit of research on google books and have come across these three books:

1.Towards a Thermodynamic Theory for Ecological Systems, pg-41

2.Thermodynamics of Non-Equilibrium Processes for Chemists, pg-9

3.Ecosystem Ecology, pg-35

P.S. I couldn't come up with anything statement.
2 moles of air when heated though 10 k expand by 1.66 x 10 power -3 under a constant pressure 10 power 5 newton per meter square. if cv = 20.81 jmole k then cp is
A ship sails 50 km due north and then sails 85 km, 45 degrees north east. How far is the ship from its starting point, and what is its exact location? Use the graphical method and analytical method
Determine the pressure in the 20 l vessel containing 0.05 kg of water in at 110 celsius
The ice and steam points on a thermometer correspond to X and 80mm respectively. A temperature of 60 degree Celsius corresponds to 52mm on the thermometer. Calculate the value of X.
If the pressure in a steam boiler as shown by the gauge is 3.6 bar, what is the temperature of the steam?
18m^3 of air having a pressure of 4 bar absolute and a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius are to be compressed together with 28m^3 of air having a pressure of 3 bar absolute and a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, in a vessel whose volume is 22m^3. What will be the pemperature of the mixture if it's pressure is 7 bar absolute?
How many kilograms of water can be evaporated at 100 degrees Celsius by the combustion of 470 litres of fuel oil whose heat of combustion is 37 MJ/Litre