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What is relationship between stiffness costant to angular velocity.
Molecules in a gas are at 18 degrees celsius. If the rms velocity of the molecules was increased by 4.7%, what temperature would the molecules be raised to?
How can write energy of Hydrogen atom.
The sensitivity of a hot cathode pressure gauge is 1 10mbar . If the ratio between the
numbers of the impinging charged particles to emitted electrons is 1:10 , then the
If the reverse bias voltage of a silicon varactor is increased by a factor of 2 , the
corresponding transition capacitance
write first law of thermodynamics.
explain about entropy of system.
A steel rod at 25°C is observed to be 1m long when measured by another metal scale which is correct at 0°C .The exact length of steel rod at 0°C is
( α steel )=12×10^(-6)/°C
(α metal )=20×10^(-6)/°C)
explain zeroth law of thermodynamics.
300k temperature change in Celsius.
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