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Molecular Physics | Thermodynamics Answers


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State the relevant laws which are applicable on the following observation of gas.(1) A balloon shrinks when kept in a cold place.(2) Pressure of moist gas is higher than that of dry gas.
Calculate the most probable speed, average speed and the root mean square speed for
gas molecules at 300 K. The mass of gas molecule is 5 × 10−26 kg and
kB = 1.38 × 10−23 JK
Question 01:
2.0g of Nitrogen gas is at 270C in a fixed volume. If 20% of its total internal energy is due to rotation what is the average velocity of nitrogen molecules?
What will be the temperature 2.0 g of Helium gas in a fixed volume if the average velocity of its molecules is 20 m/s ?
Plot schematic of Cv v/s T curve based for nitrogen and helium gas based on Kinetic theory.

Question 02:
200g of melting ice is introduced to a huge lake at 270C. Find the total entropy change of ice-lake system.
200g of melting ice is introduced to a huge lake at 0.20C. Find the total entropy change of ice-lake system.
Can you draw any conclusion based on result? (Hint: tends to reversible, irreversible etc)
A gamma ray with an energy of 3.40 × 10-14 joules strikes a photographic plate. We know that Planck's constant is 6.63 × 10-34 joule·seconds. What is the frequency of the photon?
A thermodynamic system consists of an ideal gas in a cylinder. The gas is compressed from 5.68 L to 2.96 L at a constant pressure of 7.5 × 104 Pa. What work is involved in this process?
A steel pipe of 50 mm bore and wall thickness 10 mm is lagged by insulation 30 mm thick. The pipe carries water at a temperature of 65 deg C. and the atmospheric temperature is 20 deg C. Calculate each of the following:
i) The heat transfer rate per unit length of pipe;
ii) The inside surface temperature of the steel;
iii) The temperature at the interface between steel and insulation;
iv) The outside surface temperature of the lagging.

Note: thermal conductivity of steel = 52 W/mK
Thermal conductivity of insulation = 0.17 W/mK
Inside surface heat transfer coefficient = 1136 W/m2K
Outside surface heat transfer coefficient = 9.7 W/m2K
Determine the amount of heat required to convert 20 gram of ice at -17°c to 20 gram water at 80°c
Vector A has a magnitude of 63 units and points due west, while vector B has the same magnitude and points due south. Find the magnitude and direction of A+B and A-B
Find the average translational kinetic energy per molecule if one mole of the gas is contained in a volume .00123 metrecube at a pressure 200000Nper metresquare
I came across a law in Ecology, that states that the mass and energy of an ecosystem are conserved.
Ecosystem is an open system, the conservation of mass and energy shouldn't apply to it. Isn't it?