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The tennis ball has a mass of 5.7 X 10^-2 kg and has an initial speed of 2.0 m/s. Calculate the speed of the ball when it hits the ground. Ignore air resistance.
A system of particles occupying single-particle levels and obeying Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics is in thermal contact with a heat reservoir at temperature, T. If the population distribution in the non-degenerate energy levels with energies 21.5×10^-3eV, 12.9×10^-3eV and 4.3×10^-3 are 8.5%, 23% and 63% respectively. What is the average temperature of the system?
A Toy cart with a mass of 12 kg is traveling right at a 5 m/s . What is the momentum of the cart
Name one condition that causes air with water vapour to rise to reach the dew point temperature when it condenses into clouds
The moment that air cannot hold any more evaporated water molecules and the water vapour begins to condense onto dust or salt nuclei to form water droplets is called
If a valve is opened to let out enough air to bring the pressure back down to its original value, what percentage of the molecules escape?
What change in pressure occurs in a party balloon that is squeezed to one third its volume with no change in temperature?
1. At what temperature the root mean square velocity will be half of that standard pressure
and temperature, the pressure being kept constant.
2. For an ideal gas γ=1.4, calculate the values of molar specific heats of the gas. (R=8.31
3. How much heat is required to raise the temperature by 40 of 14g nitrogen gas at constant
pressure?[Molar mass of nitrogen=28 g, R=8.31J/Kmol for diatomic gas =5/2R]
4. In Young’s experiment separation between two slits is 3.5×10 -4 m and the distance of the
screen from the plane of the slit is .73m. What is the distance from the central bright
point to the first bright point in the screen? [λ=550×10 -10 m]
5. The phase difference between two points in a wave is /2. What is the path difference
between those two points?

If any question need explanation then those can be ignored. only the mathematical questions needs to be solved. thank you
6. A system absorbs 800J heat energy from the environment and its internal energy increase
by 500J. Find the work done by the system on the environment.
7. A Carnot’s engine has the same efficiency between 1000 k and 500 k between X k and
1000 k (this being the temperature of the sink in this case). Calculate the value of X.
8. A quantity of gas a cylindrical while doing work of 360 J on the environment absorbs
heat of 955J. What is the change in internal energy of the gas?
9. 1 mole gas is initially at 0ᵒ C. It is allowed to expand at constant pressure to double its
volume. How much heat will be required? Given C v =20.7Jmol -1 K -1 and R=8.31Jmol -1 K -1 .
10. At what temperature both the Farenheit and Kelvin scales give the same value?
1. The volume of a gas at 0.64 m Hg pressure and 39 temperature is . What is its volume at
standard temperature and pressure?
2. If R= 8.31 J/Kmol, find the volume of 20 g oxygen at 27 and 72 cm Hg pressure.
3. Find the kinetic energy of 3 g nitrogen gas at 29. [ ghram molecular mass of nitrogen is
4. The mean free path of the molecules of a gas is is m and the diameter of a molecule is m
Find the number of molecules per .
5. The volume of air is made three times the original volume by adiabatic expansion. If the
initial pressure is 1 atmospheric pressure, what is the final pressure? (γ=1.4)
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