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A circular hole of 15 cm diameter is cut on a copper plate at a temperature of 30 celsius . Find the area of hole at 150 degree celsius.
Given a copper calorimeter of specific heat capacity 400j/kgK, thermometer stirrer oil sample voltmeter ammeter rheostat,12V accumulator heating coil and stop watch.write an experimental report on how to determine the specific heat capacity of the oil sample by electrical method.
change in thermal energy (J)= mass (kg) x specific heat capacity (j/kg celcius) x change in temerature (celcius) a 100 kg block of iron or an equal mass of water? the specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg celcius and of iron is 450 J/kg celcius.
Steam at 100°c is passed into a container of negligible heat capacity containing 20g of ice and 100g of water at 0°c until the ice is completely melted, determine the total mass of water in the container if the specific latent heat of steam is 2300j/g and the S.H.C of water is 4.2j/g/k
1kg of copper is transferred quickly from boiling to a block of ice. Calculate the mass of ice melted if the S.H.C of copper is 400j/kg/k and the latent heat of fusion of ice is 330000j/kg
The lengths of the mercury column of a mercury thermometer are 1.26cm and 20.86cm respectively at the standard fixed points. What is the temperature of body, which produces 9.0cm of this mercury column?
Assuming that the earth re-emits all the radiations it receives from the sum, determine its temperature, (For earth, E = 1.39 × 103 w/m2 , Stefan’s constant. = σ = 5.735 × 10–8 w/m2 k 4 )
A jeweler wants to melt a 1.25 kg ingot of silver metal by heating it from 20.0oC to its melting point of 961oC, before pouring it into moulds. Calculate the energy required to carry out the procedure if the specific heat of solid silver is 233 J kg-1 K-1 and the latent heat of fusion of silver is 1.11 x 103 J kg-1.
vapor compression refrigeration cycle"explain its operation
What are the values of the critical constants Vc , Tc and Pc ? Hence, show that the value of the critical coefficient is 8/3.
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