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A 80.0-kg student climbs up a tree. The gravitational potential energy of the student at this point is 2.00 x 10(3) J. How high is the student above ground?
a scientist uses a gamma degree scale for measuring temperature . in this scale water melts at 10° and boils at 130°. the scientist measures the temperature at which sodium melts to be 127°. express this in kelvin
Andy wants to measure the internal resistance of a 9V battery. When he connects the battery directly to a voltmeter, the meter measure 9.0V. When he connects the battery with a 10ohm resistor and use a voltmeter to measure the voltage across the resistor, the meter measure 8.5V. What is the resistance of the internal resistor? What are current going through the battery in both situations? How would you connect the ammeter in order to measure the current going through the internal resistor?
Fermi temperature when number density increased to eight times

12 g of gas at a temperature of 7°C amounts to 0.004 m^3 volumes. After the gas is heated at constant pressure its density reaches 6*10 ^-4 g/cm^3.
to what temperature the gas is warmed up?
if the car suddenly speeds up which side does the passenger tend to lean?
in the compression stroke of the gas engine the work done on the gas by the piston is 70 kj/kg and the heat rejected to the cooling water is 42 kj /kg calculate the change os specific internel energy stating whether it is gain or loss
In an air compressor the compression takes place at a constant internal energy and 50 kj of heat are rejected to the cooling water for every kilogram of air. Calculate the work input for the compression stroke per kilogram of air
0.05 m3 of a gas at 6.9 bar expands reversibly in acylinder behind a piston according to the law
PV1.2 =constant untill volume is 0.08 m3.calculate the work done by the gas and sketch the process on p-vdiagram
4. A turbine operating under steady flow conditions receives steam at the following state. pressure 13.8 bar, specific volume 0.143 m3/kg, i.e., 2590 kJ/kg, velocity 30 m/s. The state of the steam leaving the turbine is pressure 0.35 bar, specific volume 4.37 m3/kg, i.e., 2360 kJ/kg, velocity 90 m/s. Heat is lost to the surroundings at the rate of 0.25 kJ/s. If the rate of steam flow is 0.38 kg/s, what is the power developed by the turbine?