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A particle mass m, traveling at a speed of v, strikes a stationary particle mass 2m. As a result the partucle of mass m, us deflected through an angle of 45 degrees at a speed of v/2. What is the speed and direction of mass 2m?
A vessel contains a non-linear triatomic gas. If 50% of gas dissociate into individual atom, then find new value of degree of freedom by ignoring the vibrational mode and any further dissociation.
(1) 2.15
(2) 3.75
(3) 4
(4) 1.09
3.5 g of X reacts with a certain mass of Y to form a compound with 2 g of Y left over. 10.5 g of X reacts with a certain amount of Y to form the same compound of mass 42 g.

a. How much of Y combines with X to form the compound?
b. What is the chemical formula of the compound?
When a polar bear jumps on an iceberg, he notices that his 420 lb weight is just sufficient to sink the iceberg. What is the weight of the iceberg? Density of salt water is 64 lb/ft³ and that of iceberg is 57.2 lb/ft³.
solve this question. A body is weights first in the left and then in the right hand pan of a balance.the respective weights being 9.845grams and 9.836grams.calculate the true weight of the body and the ratio of the lenghts of the armths of the balance.
Find the mass of water that vaporizes when 2.1kg of mercury at 205 C is added to 0.11kg of water at 80 C.
A flea walking along a ruler moves from the 45 cm mark to the 27 cm mark.What is the displacement
The superconducting transition temperature in a metal is 4.2 K for zero magnetic field. If the magnetic field required to destroy superconductivity at 3.2 K is 0.02T, calculate the critical magnetic field at absolute zero.
For an intrinsic semiconductor with a band gap of 0.75eV, calculate the effective density of states for the electrons and the concentration of electrons in the conduction band at T=300K, given that the effective masses of the electron and hole are equal to the free mass of the electron.
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