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When a boxer is moving away from a punch , the force experienced is reduced because ?

A vertical spring has a force constant of 125 N/M. by how much will the spring be compressed if a mass of 0.525 kg placed on top of it?

What is the volume of aluminum ball at 10⁰C it it's volume at 160⁰C is 300cm³?

The newly constructed bridge in your town is a steel arch bridge 600m in length. How much does the total length of the roadway decking change between temperature extremes of 30⁰C and 50⁰C?

a steam plant uses 3.045 tonne of coal per hour .the steam generated is fed to a turbine whose output is 4.1MW .if the calorific value is 28 MJ/kg,determine the thermal efficiency of the plant

How much energy is lost by 20 kg copper if it is cooled from 50°C to 30°C?

What is the resultant temperature when 100g of steam at 100°C is passed through 500 g of ice at −20°C. The specific heat

of ice is 0.5 cal / g°C.

A homogeneous rod of mass m=1kg and length L=2m is hinged in A to vertical wall and forms an angle α = 45’ with it. A mass of M = 12kg is attached at a distance D = 3/4L and a rope with negligible mass is attached at its extremely which supports the maximum tension | Tmax|= 1000N.


a)      The rope tension ( magnitude and direction)

b)     The maximum mass Mmax and the range of values that M can assume without the rope breaking.

A block of mass M = 2kg is placed inside a rigid tube with length L= 2m connected to two springs of resisting lengths L1= 80cm and L2 =100cm, with spring constant k1= 200 N/M and k2= 300 N/M respectively connected at the ends A and B of the tube. Determine the elongations of the two springs when the tube AB is positioned Vertically.

Finally consider one configuration in which the tube rotates in a horizontal plane centered at B, and determine for which value of the rotation period the spring k1 is no longer elongated.

two forces are applied to a 0.45kg toy car, f1 = (2.5n, 1.5n) and a second force f2 = (-2.25n, -0.75n). if the car starts from rest, calculate the modulus of its velocity after 5 seconds.

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