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Molecular Physics | Thermodynamics Answers


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A 10-meter object is placed at a distance
of 175 meters in front of a lens whose
focal length is 50 meters. Which of the
following describes the image formed?
How does the four (4) Laws of Thermodynamics apply its rules to a refrigerator when a hot soup is placed inside it?
An ideal heat engine operating at 15 % efficiency exhausts heat into a cold reservoir at 280 K. By how much would the temperature of the hot reservoir need to be raised (in K) in order to increase the efficiency of the heat engine to 35.6 %?
A 25.0L tank contains 2.0kg of neon gas with a pressure of 98.0 atm at 28 degrees celcius. How many kilograms of oxygen can fill the tank under the same pressure and temperature?
Suppose 2.84 moles of a monatomic ideal gas expand adiabatically, and its temperature decreases from 384 to 266 K. Determine (a) the work done (including the algebraic sign) by the gas, and (b) the change in its internal energy.
When a monataomic ideal gas expands at a constant pressure of 5.4 x 105 Pa, the volume of the gas increases by 4.6 x 10-3 m3. Determine the heat that flows. If heat flows into the gas, then the heat flow is positive. If the heat flows out of the gas, then the heat flow is negative.
Why do every atom in the universe vibrating? What causes this vibration?
A heater with a power of 150W is left on for 5 minutes after the water boils. Calculate the mass of water, in unit gram, that has become vapour during the period of 5 minutes.
[Given L of steam = 2260000Jkg-1]
Give an example of a thermodynamic system undergoing a physical transformation for
which the change in the Grand potential can be used to determine if the final state will be
achieved spontaneously?

Could you please mention any sources/references used for further reading on this application of the grand potential

Thank you.
Two persons ordered two cups of hot tea in a cafe while waiting for a third friend. One of them immediately poured tea in his cup and mix cold milk with it. The other person poured tea immediately but mixed cold milk after the friend arrived. Who drinks warmer tea?