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A cylinder containing some gas A is fitted with an idealized piston. Gas A is at 1.2 atm, 10.0 L and at 432K. What external pressure is required to compress this gas irreversibly to a final volume of 3.20L?
0.12 atm
0.33 atm
0.45 atm
0.52 atm
Using the properties: Charge (Q), Lepton number (L), Baryon number (B) show
that whether the following processes are allowed or not?
i) 0 K + p → Ω + K + K
− − +
ii) π + p → p + p + n
Consider nuclei with small mass number A such that .
N = Z = Neglecting
pairing term (∈) show that semi-empirical formula is given by

3/1 A
BE A = α −βA − δ

Obtain the value of A and Z for which binding energy per nucleon (BE / A) is
maximum. Take β = 17 ,8. δ = 71.0 .
In a region of space a particle of mass m has a wavefunction:

ψ =
0 for 0
for 0
( )
N x e x

where α is a positive constant. Calculate:
i) the normalization constant N
ii) the potential energy of the particle if the total energy of the particle is zero.
Use stefan’s law to calculate the total power radiated per square meter by a filament at 1727^0 C having an absorption factor of 0.4.
A very small hole in an electric furnace used for treating metals acts nearly as a blackbody. If the hole has an area 100 m^2 and it is desired to maintain the metal at 1100^0 C, how much power travels through the hole?
An incandescent lamp filament has an area 50 mm^2 and operates at a temperature of 2127^0 C. Assure that all the energy furnished to the bulb is radiated from it. If the filament acts like a blackbody. How much power must be furnished to the bulb when operating.
What is gibbs paradox?why it does arises?
with the help of uncertainity principle show that electrons are not present in the atomic nucleus