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A runner approaches the finish line and is 75m away; her average speed at this position is 8m/s. She decelerates at this point at 0.5 m/s2. How long does it take her to cross the finish line from 75cm away?
calculate wave number and energy of free electron by using periodic and vanishing boundary conditions except benzene?
calculate lowest emty and highest occupied state(n)?
suppose that the displacement of an object is related to time x=Bt2 what is the dimension of b

The length of a second's hand of a clock is 10 cm. Calculate the speed of its tip
If the same force is applied to a ping-pong ball and to a tennis ball that are initially at rest, which ball will move faster?(Assume that there is no friction between the ball and the table.)Explain.
If sigma x, sigma y, and sigma z are three components of a pauli spin matrix sigma, then show that [sigma x, sigma y]=2i sigma z; [sigma y, sigma z]= 2i sigma x
If quantum physics formulas are not applicable at subatomic levels, why do we still use them for deriving relations at the subatomic level ?
Ex. if equations of motions are not applicable at subatomic level , why do we use the equations to explain the path of an electron moving perpendicular to electric field ?
4. A boy stands at the centre of a turn table with his two arms stretched. The turn table is set rotating with an angular with an angular speed of 40 r.p.m. How much is the angular speed of the boy if he folds his hands back and thereby reduces his moment of inertia to 2/5times the initial? Assume the turn table to rotate without friction.
What is meant by a well-behaved function ? Illustrate with the help of a suitable diagram.
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