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summarize Bohr's idea about measurements of a quantum object
Calculate the debroglie wavelengths for the particles
A. Alpha particle accelerated 10mev
B. Electron is silicon crystal with average velocity corresponding to T=300
12. A minimum force 5N is required to make a body of mass 2kg move on a horizontal floor. But a force 4N is required to maintain its motion with a uniform velocity. Calculate coefficient of static friction and coefficient of kinetic friction.
13. A box of mass 70 kg is pulled by a horizontal force of 500 N on the surface of the floor. When the box moves, the co-efficient of friction between the floor and the box is 0.50. Calculate the acceleration of the box.
14. The mass of metal sphere is 6g. it is rotated 4times per sec by fastening it at the end of a thread length 3m. What is its angular momentum?
15. A wheel weighing 5kg and radius of gyration about an axis is 0.2m. What is its moment of inertia? In order to produce angular acceleration of 2rad/s in the wheel. What magnitude of torque is to be applied?

1. The amplitude and frequency of an object executing simple harmonic motion are 0.01 m and 12 Hz respectively. What is the velocity of object at displacement 0.005 m? What is the maximum velocity of the object?
2. If the length of second’s pendulum is increased by25.6%, find the period of it.
3. The equation of motion of particle executing SHM is
an electron is confined in one dimensional well of width 3*10 power of -10 meter.Find the kinetic energy of electron when it is the ground state
Na,Mg and Al ha 1,2 and 2 free electrons per atom respectively, if the volume for the three elements are 39.3A3, 23.0 A3, and 16.6 A3, respectively, what is the fermi energy to which the free electron states are filled for each?

Prove Heisenberg's uncertainty relation using the concept of wavepacket.
A bomber on a military mission is flying at a height of 300m above the ground at 60km/mi. it drops a bomber on a Target on the ground. Determine the acute angle between the vertical angle and the line joining the bomber and the target at instant that bomb is realeased.
A runner approaches the finish line and is 75m away; her average speed at this position is 8m/s. She decelerates at this point at 0.5 m/s2. How long does it take her to cross the finish line from 75cm away?
calculate wave number and energy of free electron by using periodic and vanishing boundary conditions except benzene?
calculate lowest emty and highest occupied state(n)?
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