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Photocell can be used to charge capacitors as shown in the Figure 3, where a diode is placed
to prevent the capacitor from discharging. You were given FOUR new 10.00 mF capacitors. By
using all the capacitors given, how would you arrange the capacitors so that the total
capacitance of the combination can be fully charged by 25.00 hours? Sketch your answer in
the dotted area of the circuit.
The ground state of an oscillator is 10 meV. How much energy is
needed to excite this oscillator to the first excited state? If this oscillator is in thermal
equilibrium at 300 K, calculate the energy of the system
write down degeneracy for isotropic 2 d harmonic oscillator.
write down degeneracy for isotropic 1 d harmonic oscillator.
A 40,000 kg airplane is provided with 130,000N of thrust by its engines as it takes of at an angle of 25 degrees above the horizontal. If the velocity of the airplane is constant, how much upward force on it is provided by its vertical component?
Check the dimensional correctness of the following
Pressure P = ( ρgh )1/2
Where ρ is the density, g is the acceleration due to gravity, h is the height
Write down Ly is term linear angular momentum.

Write down Lx is term linear angular momentum.

A ball is thrown vertically downward , leaving the throwers hand with a speed of 10 m/s. What will be its speed after falling for 2 seconds? How far will it fall in 2 seconds?
How pressure depends on fermi energy write only expression. 3d
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