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Quantum Mechanics Answers


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How does number of blades in a windmill effects its energy and speed? And how many blades should be there in a windmill?
What is potential energy in quantum mechanics?
A parallel beam of light is incident normally on a plane surface absorbing 40% of the light and reflecting the rest . If the incident beam carries 10W of power , find the force exerted by it on the surface .
A certain rifle bullet has a mass of 8.61 g. Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of the bullet traveling at 1289 miles per hour. Physical constants can be found here.
The wave function of a certain particle is φ = Acos^2x for -π/2 to π/2(1) find the value of A(2) find the PROBABILITY THAT PARTICLE BE FOUND between O AND π/4?
What happen when electron gently released in electric field
if A^ and B^ are hermitian and anti-hermitian operators respectively.check the hermiticity of the commutator [A^,B^] of the two operators .
Suppose that the momentum of a certain particle can be measured to an accuracy of one part in a thousand, Determine the minimum uncertainty in the position of a particle if the particle is (a) a 5 x 10-3 Kg mass moving with a speed of 2 m/s, (b) an electron moving with a speed of 1.8 x 108 m/s
the work function of cesium is 1.96 eV. If radiation of wavelength 4.00 x 10^2 nm is incident on the surface, find the kinetic energy of the ejected photoelectrons in eV and the speed of the ejected electrons
My question(s) are about the first quantum machine,

They said that the chip both vibrated and did not vibrate, but doesnt this contradict the fact that super positions collapse when viewed/measured.... so how could they see/detect that the chip was both vibrating and not vibrating?

Was the superposition viewed by the naked eye or detected some how? And if so how?

Cheers if anyone can help!