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Derive the speed of transverse waves on a uniform string, with the help of suitable diagram.
A wooden incline plane is being built, along which wooden crates of merchandise are to be slid down into the basement of a store.

a.what angle with the horizontal should the incline plane be made if the crates are to slide down at constant speed?

b.With what force must a 100 kg crate be pushed in order to start it sliding down the incline plane if the angle of the incline plane is that the one found in (a)?
The coefficient of kinetic friction between a rubber tire and a dry concrete road is 0.700. What is the distance in which a car will skid to a stop on such a road if its brakes are locked when it is moving at 85 kph?
A wooden crate is at rest on a level stone floor. A. What is the minimum horizontal force needed to start the crate moving? B. What is minimum horizontal force needed to keep the crate in motion at constant speed. C. what will happen if a horizontal force of 500 N is applied to the crate? µs = 0.5 µk = 0.4
A horizontal force of 10 N is applied to a 4.0 kg block that is at rest on a perfectly smooth, level surface. Find the speed of the block and how far it has gone after 6.0 s?
A 1,300 kg has an initial speed of 15 kph. How much force is required to accelerate the car to a speed of 120 kph in 10.0 s?
A rope whose working strength is 2,000 N is used to tow a 1,000 kg car up a 10 ° incline. Find the maximum acceleration that can be given to the car. The coefficient of friction (µk) between the road and tires is approximately 0.6.
A net force of 40 N acts on a 20 kg object. Find the object's acceleration.
What is surface potential energy.

What is dimension of surface tension.

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