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a person travles 20m wide road ,half in V1 velocity and other half in V2 velocity.What would be the average velocity of the man?
Initially car A is 10.5 mt ahead of car B. Both start moving at time T=0 in the same direction along a straight line. The velocity time graph of two cars is 10 m/s . The time when the car B will catch the car A, will be ?
Crab winch is a differential lifting machine used to lift a Load W as shown in Figure 4. A
handle of radius [r] 350 mm is used to rotate gear A having 20 teeth, which in turn rotates
gear B with 120 teeth, gear C with 25 teeth and gear D with 150 teeth. The drum diameter
[D] of each gear is 60mm. The following readings were obtained during a test on the winch.

Load[W] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(E) 1 2.2 6.6 11.817 22.2 27.2 32.2 36.8 41.6 46.6 52
Based on your evaluation of the data given in Table:
(a) Plot a graph of effort against load and determine the law of the machine,
(b) Plot a graph of mechanical advantage against load,
(c) Plot a graph of efficiency against load and state whether the machine is likely to overhaul,
(d) Evaluate the theoretical limiting values of mechanical advantage and efficiency and state whether your graphs plotted in (b) and (c) tend towards the values obtained.
A box of mass 0.8 kg slide at speed of 10m/s.across a smooth level floor before it encounter a rough patch of length 3.0 m The friction force on the box due to this part of the floor is 70 N .What is the speed of box when it leave this rough surface ? What length of the rough surface would being the box completly to rest?
a person travels two parts of the total distance in the ratio 2 is to 1 with constant constant speed of 30 kilometre per hour and 40 km per hour respectively what is the average speed of the journey
a stone thrown from the ground just crosses a Wall of 5 metre in 2 second if the wall is at horizontal distance 25 m from the point of projection of the stone find at what distance the stone Falls behind the wall
The displacement x variation of a particle with time t is given by expression x is equal to - 15t square + 20t + 30 find the position of the body at t is equal to zero second and t is equal to 6 seconds if this particle moving with uniform acceleration ?explain.
The horizontal range of a bullet fired with angle of projection 45 degree to the horizontal is 360 metres if it is fired from a lorry movie in the direction of bullet with the uniform velocity 18 km per hour and with same elevation, what is the new range horizontal distance travelled by the bullet ?
A ball is thrown vertically upward from the foot of a tower. It crosses the top of the tower twice after an interval of 4s and reaches the foot of the tower 8s after it was thrown what is the height of the tower?
A bullet is fired at a target placed 10m away. If the initial velocity is 200 ms^-1 horizontally what is the deviation of the bullet from its original part due to gravity?
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