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1)Calculate the mean free path of 10 moles of a particle of molecular diameter 6×10^-8cm at stp.
2)calculate the mean speed of a molecule of methane gas at 27°c.
3) Determine the excluded volume of a gas whose molecular radius is 2.9×10^-8cm
4) Determine the number of vibrational degrees of freedom that BeCl2 possesses.
Ball A rolled in a straight line with speed 5m/s towards bigger ball B lying 20m away.after collision A retraces &reaches starting point with 4m/s . What is the average velocity of ball A during time 0 to 6 sec
A Ferris wheel with a radius of 8.0m makes 1 revolution every 10seconds. When a passenger is at the top, essentially a diameter above the ground, he releases a ball. How far from the point of on the ground directly under the release point does the ball land?
The initial velocity and acceleration of four moving objects at a given instant in time are given in the following table. Determine the final speed of each of the objects, assuming that the time elapsed since t = 0 s is 2.5 s.

At a picnic, there is a contest in which hoses are used to shoot water at a beach ball from three directions. As a result, three forces act on the ball, Upper F Subscript 1 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts, Upper F Subscript 2 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts, and Upper F Subscript 3 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts (see the drawing). The magnitudes of Upper F Subscript 1 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts and Upper F Subscript 2 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts are F1 = 27.0 newtons (N) and F2 = 61.0 N. Determine (a) the magnitude of Upper F Subscript 3 Baseline Overscript right-arrow EndScripts and (b) the angle θ such that the resultant force acting on the ball is zero.
In the javelin throw at a track-and-field event, the javelin is launched at a speed of 33.0 m/s at an angle of 34.0 ° above the horizontal. As the javelin travels upward, its velocity points above the horizontal at an angle that decreases as time passes. How much time is required for the angle to be reduced from 34.0 ° at launch to 10.5 °?
A Coast Guard ship is traveling at a constant velocity of 3.56 m/s, due east, relative to the water. On his radar screen the navigator detects an object that is moving at a constant velocity. The object is located at a distance of 2810 m with respect to the ship, in a direction 32.0 ° south of east. Six minutes later, he notes that the object's position relative to the ship has changed to 1620 m, 50.0 ° south of west. What are (a) the magnitude and (b) direction of the velocity of the object relative to the water? Express the direction as an angle with respect to due west.
The sun is more massive than the moon, but the sun is farther from the earth. Which one exerts a greater gravitational force on a person standing on the earth? Give your answer by determining the ratio Fsun/Fmoon of the magnitudes of the gravitational forces. Use the data on the inside of the front cover.

Air rushing over the wings of high-performance race cars generates unwanted horizontal air resistance but also causes a vertical downforce, which helps cars hug the track more securely. The coefficient of static friction between the track and the tires of a 590-kg car is 0.996. What is the magnitude of the maximum acceleration at which the car can speed up without its tires slipping when a 4260-N downforce and an 1150-N horizontal air resistance force act on it?
A 52.4-kg chandelier is suspended 1.5 m below a ceiling by three wires, each of which has the same tension and the same length of 2.0 m (see the drawing). Find the tension in each wire.