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Two small charged beads of charge q and mass m are on a ring of radius R. Bead 1 is fixed at a position and Bead 2 can be moved along the ring. The angle between these two beads from the center of the ring is q
(a) Calculate the electric field of magnitude E at the position of Bead 2 as a function of q.
(b) Calculate the fore on Bead 2 in the direction along the ring and find the equilibrium position.
(c) If Bead 2 oscillates near the equilibrium position, calculate the oscillation frequency.
A non-conducting spherical shell, with an inner radius of R1 and an outer radius of R2, has carge spread non-uniformly through its volume between its inner and outer surfaces, where the volume charge density r is given by r=k/r with the distance r frome the center of the shell and a constant k.
(a) Find the net charge Q of the shell
(b) Calculate the electric field E at a distance R frome the center over the range 0 £R£¥
(c) Fin the maximum E.
It is possible to shoot an arrow at a speed as high as 118 m/s If friction is neglected, how high would an arrow launched at this speed rise if shot straight up
4.A girl places a stick at an angle of 60.0° against a flat rock on a frozen pond. She pushes at an angle and moves the rock horizontally for 2.00 m across the pond at a velocity of 4.00 m/s and a power of 160.0 W. What force did she apply to the stick? How much work did she do? Your response should include all of your work and a free-body diagram.
In the figure particle 1 of charge +6e is above a floor by distance d1 = 2.00 mm and particle 2 of charge +8e is on the floor, at distance d2 = 6.00 mm horizontally from particle 1. What is the x component of the electrostatic force on particle 2 due to particle 1?
object thrown the vorcity is 0 &the t=2 &the g=-9..8 what's the fainal vorcity ?
A train starts fro, a station, accelerates uniformly from rest and reaches 50m/s in 150s. It travels at this speed for another 400s and then slowly steadily to rest in another 250s. Use the graph to find out, the acceleration, the retardation, the total distance travelled, the average speed over the whole journey
An observer, whose eyes are 1.63 m above the ground, is standing 33.3 m away from a tree. The ground is level, and the tree is growing perpendicular to it. The observer's line of sight with the treetop makes an angle of 19.3° above the horizontal. How tall is the tree
A sports car approaches a highway on-ramp at a velocity of 20.0 m/s. If the car accelerates at a rate of 3.2 m/s² for 5.0s, what is the displacement of the car?
A man with a height 1.8 meters walking towards a 46 meters height building with a 1.2 m/s velocity. You are standing on top of the building to throw an egg at the man's head. At what distance from the building should the man be, so if you drop an egg, you can hit his head?