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A travelling wave is represented by the equation : x = 3sin 2π(10t- 0.2y)
Where x and y are in m, calculate
- the Amplitude
-the frequency
- the wave length
- the speed
- the maximum oscillating particle velocity
A person can just survive a full-body collision (either to the front, back, or side) which results in a deceleration that is about 100 g. (One g is 9.8 m/s/s). At greater deceleration fatal brain damage will likely occur. If a 66.6 kg man falls off a cliff of height 35.8 m but manages to land flat on his back in soft snow, undergoing a constant deceleration of this magnitude, how deep would he be buried in the snow?
suppose a wheel is turning at 100 rpm. a strobe light set at 50 flashes per minute is used to measure the wheel's angular velocity. why does the wheel appear to stand still even tho the two rates are not the same
A bulk modulus of water is 2.1Gpa.compute the volume contraction of 100ml of water subjected to a pressure of 1.5MPa
A small boat is travelling with a speed of 8km/h but there is current running south at 2km/h and wind is blowing the boat south-west at 4km/h find the resultant velocity
Graphical scale
300km @ 60° N of W
400km @ 45° S of W
Let 1in = 50km
A 280g object attached to a horizontal spring moves in simple harmonic motion with a period of 0.120s. The total mechanic energy of the spring-object system is 2.00J
What is the spring constant
A child of mass 50 kg is standing on the edge of a merry go round of mass 250kg and radious 3.0m which is rotating with an angular velocity of 3.0rad/s.The child then starts walking towards the centre of the merry go round .What will be the final angular velocity of the merry go round when the child reaches the centre.
A map suggests that Atlanta is d1 = 729 mi in a direction of θ1 = 5.15° north of east from Dallas. The same map shows that Chicago is d2 = 562 miles in a direction of θ2 = 20.8° west of north from Atlanta. Modeling the Earth as flat, use this information to find the displacement from Dallas to Chicago.
magnitude miles
direction ° north of east of Dallas
Consider the two vectors A with arrow = 5 î − 3 ĵ and B with arrow = − î − 4 ĵ.
(a) Calculate A with arrow + B with arrow
î + ĵ

(b) Calculate A with arrow − B with arrow
î + ĵ

(c) Calculate

A with arrow + B with arrow

(d) Calculate

A with arrow − B with arrow

(e) Calculate the directions of A with arrow + B with arrow and A with arrow − B with arrow.
A with arrow + B with arrow ° (counterclockwise from the +x axis)
A with arrow − B with arrow ° (counterclockwise from the +x axis)
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