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A golfer is practising on a range with an elevated tee 4.9m above the ground strikes the ball so that it leaves the club with a horizontal velocity of 20ms^-1. What is the speed of the ball 0.80s after it leaves the golf club?
The spring constant of a toy dart gun is
2367 N
m. To cock the gun the spring is com-
pressed 4
8 cm. The 7 g dart, fired straight up-
ward, reaches a maximum height of 27
796 m.
A 2kg ball is launched from a height of 1.5m, with an initial velocity of 8.0ms^-1. The launch angle is 60° to the horizontal. What is the maximum height from the ground that is reached by the ball?
A patient in therapy has a forearm that weighs 20.5 N and that lifts a 112.0-N weight. These two forces have direction vertically downward. The only other significant forces in his forearm come from the biceps muscle (which acts perpendicularly to the forearm) and the force at the elbow. if the biceps produces a pull of 232 N when the forearm is raised 43 degree above the horizontal, find the magnitude and direction of the force that the elbow exerts on the forearm. (The sum of the elbow force and the biceps force must balance the weight of the arm and the weight it is carrying, so their vector sum must be 132.5 N, upward.)
A basketballer shoots for a goal by launching the ball at 15ms^-1 at 25° to the horizontal. What is the velocity of the ball when it is at its maximum height?
A 10-kg box is sitting initially on a rough flat surface. The static and kinetic coefficient of friction of the surface and the box is 0.32 and 0.2, respectively. What is the magnitude of the friction force acting on the box while the force of 25 N is applied on it?
A 100cm long rod is clamped at its centre and stroked. At what other points might
be clamped in order to amid the same tone, (a) in the 1st overtone (b) in the 2nd
overtone? Draw each case with detail.
A spacecraft was placed in an orbit around the earth. This orbit was circular, maintaining an almost constant distance of 189km from the earth's surface.
A) calculate the speed of the spacecraft in this orbit
B) the time to complete one orbit
A force F~ = Fx ˆı + Fy ˆ acts on a particle that
undergoes a displacement of ~s = sx ˆı + sy ˆ
where Fx = 8 N, Fy = −2 N, sx = 6 m, and
sy = 3 m.
Find the work done by the force on the
Answer in units of J.
an astride has an orbital period of 4.62yrs and an orbital eccentricity of 0.233.Find the semi-major axis of its orbit.
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