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How much work must be done to a proton to accelerate it from rest to 0.998c.

Find the approximate angle between vectors: 𝐒 = (2, 3, 5) and 𝐓⃗ = (1, 6, -4).

A box moves 10 m horizontally when force F=20 N is applied at an angle θ=120°. What is

the work done on the box by the force during the displacement?

Meldrick is playing foot jump. The ball in his foot jump is in uniform

circular motion and makes 10 revolutions in 4.0 seconds.

a) What is its period?

b) If the length of the plastic cord that holds the ball is 0.8 meter, what is its tangential velocity?

c) If the ball has a mass of 3 grams, how much force is acting the ball to keep it in uniform circular motion?

d) What is the centripetal acceleration of the ball?

If the ball has a mass of 3 grams, how much force is acting the ball to keep it uninform circular motion

 Derive an expression for the logarithmic decrement of a damped oscillato

What is the force of gravity between two sacks of rice and corn with a masses of 50.0 kg and 68.0 kg separately by 15.0 m?

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A car moving with a velocity of 54 km/h accelerate uniformly at the rate of 2 m/s². Calculate the time taken to cover this distance

a trolley runs from P to Q along a track.At Q its PE is 50KJ less than at P.At P,KE of trolley is 5KJ.Between P and Q work that trolley does against friction is 10KJ.What is KE of trolley at Q?

What is the speed of the ant that covers 1.5 meters in 60 seconds?

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