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a dock side container crane can lift a fully loaded container of mas 37,000 kg from rest to a maximum velocity of 1.2ms-1 in a distance of 8m. if the friction ristance of the crane winch gear is 2kn anbd asuming the accleration is inform determain using the princible of convertation of energy:
i work done
ii the tension in the lifting cable
the maximum power developed
How fast must a ball be rolled along the surface of a 70-cm high table so that when it rolls off the edge it will strike the floor at the same distance(70-cm) from the point directly below the edge of the table?
a)174.5 cm/s
b) 143.7 cm/s
c) 215.3 cm/s
d) 185.2 cm/s
A body hangs from a spring balance supported from the roof of an elevator. If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 3m/s^2 and the balance reads 50N, what is the true weight of the body?
a) 38.3 N
b) 28.3 N
c) 39.8 N
d) 50.0 N
Two forces act on a point object as follows: 100N at 170 deg and 100N at 50deg. Find the resultant force
a) 110N at 100 deg
b) 100N at 110 deg
c) 110N at 50 deg
d) 100N at 50 deg
An object is thrown upward from the edge of a tall building with a velocity of 10m/s. Where will the object be 3secs after it is thrown? Take g = 10m/s^2
a) 30m above the building
b) 15m below the top of the building
c) 15m above the top of the building
d) 30m below the top of the building
A cart is moving horizontally along a straight line with constant speed of 30 m/s. A projectile is fired from the moving cart is such a way that it will return to the cart after the cart has moved 80m. At what speed(relative to the cart) and at what angle (to the horizontal) must the projectile be fired?
a) 27m/s at 35 degrees
b) 24m/s at 44 degrees
c) 35.8m/s at 24 degrees
d) 38.6m/s at 54 degrees
Density of mercury is 13600kg/m3. what is this value in g/cm3 ?
An ideal monatomic gas undergoes an adiabatic compression from
state 1 with pressure p1=1 atm, volume V1=8 L, and temperature T1=300
K to state 2 with pressure p2=32 atm, volume V2=1 L.
(a) What is the temperature of the gas in state 2?
(b) How many moles of gas are present?
(c) What is the average translational kinetic energy per mole before and
after the compression?
(d) What is the ratio of the squares of the rms speeds before and after the
(e) If we do not know that the ideal gas here is monatomic, demonstrate
that the gas is truly monatomic.
a stone is left into the well from the top of the well. The height of the well is H meter.if V is the velocity of the sound and N is the time when sound is heard, then what is the value of N?
initial velocity of a partical is u(at t=0) and acceleration f=at (t=time,a=constant) then which option is right from followings=