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A parked plane has a pe of 35456 j. If the plane is placed on a ramp that is 2.1m high to work on the wheels, what is the mass of the plane
What is the most orbital angular momentum that could be added to an atomic electron initially in the state 6d without changing its
principal quantum number? What would be the new state?
Missiles are fired towards the earth from a spacecraft.the missiles are moving with a speed of 0.8c with respect to earth ,how fast are the missiles observed to travel with respect to Earth? What would be the speed of the missiles as predicted by Galilean transformation?Comment on this result.
A sinusoidal wave is describing by y (x,t)=3.0sin (3.52t-2.01x) cm where x is the position along wave propagation. Determine the amplitude, wave number, wavelength ,frequency &velocity of the waves.
1) A lorry driver pushes of horizontal with a speed of 20m/s from the edge of a platform that is 10m above, the surface of the water.(a)at what horizontal distance from the edge of the platform is the driver 0.80sec after pushing off. (b) at what vertical distance above the surface of the water is the driver just then.(c) at what horizontal distance from the platform does the driver strike the way.
2) An astronaut is located in an horizontal centrifuge at a radius of 50m.(a)what is the astronaut speed if the centripetal acceleration has magnitude of 7.0g (b) what is the period of the motion
An automobile traveling at 80km/hr has tyre of radius 80cm .on applying brakes the car is brought to a stop in30 complete turns of tyres.what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheels
Using maxwell relation ,derive the first and second energy equation.
A satellite going around the earth in an elliptical orbit has a speed of 10 km/s at the perigee which is at a distance of 227 km from the surface of the earth. Calculate the apogee distance &its speed at that point.
A proton undergoes a head on elastic collision with a particle of unknown mass which is initially at rest and rebound with 16/25 of its initial kinetic energy.Calculate the ratio of the unknown mass with respect to the mass of the proton.
A solid cylinder of mass 3 kg and radius 1 m is rotating about its axis with a speed of 40 rad/s . Calculate the torque which must be applied to bring it to rest in 10 second. What would be the power required?