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A particle is projected with a velocity of 20 m/s at an angle of 45 to the horizontal. Find its range on a plane inclined at 30 to the horizontal when projected upwards.
A hollow metal having density 8g/cc weigh 40g and 20g in water .volume of internal cavity is
A copper cube, 0.30m on a side, is subjected to two shearing forces, each of which has a magnitude F= 6.0 x 10^6 N. Find the angle which is one measure of how the shape of the block has been altered by shear deformation
An object of mass 3 kg is moving on a rough surface with a velocity of 18m/s .It
covers a distance of a of 20m before coming to rest. find the the opposing force.
how do i solve this problem please help!
Hailstones with an average mass of 4 g fall vertically and strike a flat roof at 12 m/s. In a period of 5 minutes 6000 hailstones fall on each square meter of roof and rebound vertically at 3 m/s. Calculate the force on the roof if it has and area of 30 m2

The answer is 36N
A 60kg person exerts a horizontal force of 200N and pushes a 90kg object through a distance of 6m along a horizontal floor . He does that at a constant velocity of 3m/s. What is the force of friction?
Compare the percentage increase in the bending moment that can be carried out to produce
the same maximum bending stress when a rectangular beam section is
1) Doubled in breadth, and 2) Doubled in depth.
Two identical trains take 3 sec to pass one another when going in the opposite direction but only 2.5 sec if the speed of one is increased by 50%. Find the time one would take to pass the other when going in the same direction at their original sped.
Find the value of the mass, m, such that the boxes move at constant speed. Assume that there is no friction in the pulley or the surface.
inclined plane = 40
mass 1 = 15.6kg
mass 2 = m
displacement of a particle moving along x-axis is given as x is equal to date 18 t + 5 t square calculate (1) instantaneous velocity at t=2s
(2)Avg. velocity b/w t=2s and t=3s (3)instantaneous acceleration
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