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a sand falls vertically on a venter conveyor belt at a study rate of 400 grams per second. if the belt moves at 10 meters per second. find the force at the belt.
A sphere of diameter D, moving at speed v in air, experiences a quadratic drag force given approximately by FD = (0.25 Ns2/m4) D2 v2, for diameters of few centimetres or more, and speeds of a metre per second or more. Calculate the terminal velocity of a basketball (25 cm diameter, mass 1 kg), and of a grapefruit 10 cm in diameter (assume a density of 1000 kg/m3 for the grapefruit).
a skater moving 5 m/s begins to decelerate at 1 m/s each second. how fast will he/she be moving after 4s?
Which is more elastic rubber or steel?why?
A block weighing 7 N requires a force of 2.7 N to push it along at constant velocity.
What is the coefficient of friction for the surface?
Why wavelength is short initially in black body when it emits radiation?
The block of material shown below has a shear modulus of 65 GPa. Determine the shear stress and the shear strain induced by the 6 kN shearing force
A motor boat on the river to move from point A from a float on the water outpaces supplies.After 60 minutes the boat changes direction and then again to the board at a distance of 6 km from point A appears.If boats can be assumed to be constant, to find water flow rate
A 10 kilogram shell is fired from a 500 kilogram gun with a velocity of 1000 m/sec. What is the recoil velocity of the gun?
A racing car, moving with constant acceleration along a straight stretch of track, passes a fixed marker A with speed of 72 km/h. Two seconds later it passes a second fixed marker B. Given that the distance AB is 45 meters, find the acceleration of the car.

A third marker C is situated near the end of this section of track. Given that the speed of the car as it passes C is 216 km/h, find the time taken by the car to travel from A to C.