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A teacher uses a geiger Muller tube and counter to measure the number of counts in 60 seconds for a radioactive rock. the counter recorded 819 counts in 60 seconds. the background radiation count was 0.30 counts per second. Calculate the count rate for the rock
How does X-rays translate into the image the radiographer sees
how does an X-ray tube work and allow us to look at bones
how does the type of metal used for anode affect the X-ray spectra
The lengths of the mercury column of a mercury thermometer are 1.26cm and 20.86cm respectively at the standard fixed points. What is the temperature of body, which produces 9.0cm of this mercury column?
The following sets of readings are for a hypothetical Resonance Tube Experiment.The Frequency of the turning forks is f and l is the first resonant length F(Hz) 200 250 300 350 400 450 l(cm) 33.5 24.0 18.3 14.3 11.3 8.9 1. Obtain an equation for l in terms of f 2. Plot a graph with l as ordinate and f-1( F Whole Number,Raise to de power negative 1(-1) ) 3. Use the graph to determine the speed of sound in air and the end correction of the tube
The density of copper is 8.9*10^3 kg/m^3, and each copper atom has a mass if 63u (1u=1.6605*10^-27kg.) Estimate the average distance between the centers of the neighboring copper atom?
The half life of radium is 1600 years. If a sample of radium-226 has an original activity of 200 bq, what will it’s activity be after 4800 years
Explain with examples, why; i) atomic radius increases as you go down the group and decreases as you go across a period? ii) the main trend for first ionization energy to increase across periods? iii) the value of first electron affinity of oxygen (-142 kJ/mol) smaller than that of fluorine (-328 kJ/mol)?
Magnesium crystallises in the HCP structure with lattice constant a=3.21*10^10 and c/a ratio of 1.624. Determine (a) The number of core electrons and the number of valence electrons in a Magnesium atom given that it has 12 electrons. (b) The number density of (conduction) in the magnesium metal.
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