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A radioactive isotope of mercury decays into gold with a decay constant of 0.018. (a) Calculate its half life (b) what fraction of this original amount will remain after three half life (c) after 10 days.
Please give its answer of this numerical
If the binding energy of deuteron was five times, the measured binding energy of 2.2247 Mev. What would be the approximate depth of the potential V (r) for square well potential and what would be r0?
what istRadioactivity? and explain properties of radioactive rays?
The function

may be used to model radioactive decay. Q represents the quantity remaining after t years; k is the decay constant. The decay constant for plutonium-240 is k = 0.00011. What is the half-life, in years?
what is the ratio of the speed of the electrons in the ground state of hydrogen to the speed of light in vacuum
A small object has charge Q. Charge q is removed from it and placed on a second small object. The two objects are placed 1 m apart. For the force that each object exerts on the other to be a maximum, q should be
what is the total number of newtron in 10 gram of D2O?
the atomic mass of Cu is 63.546.two isotops of Cu is Cu(63) and Cu(65).what is the quantity of Cu(63) which is found in nature?
1)Explain how gravitational/electrical forces influence one constituent of an atom?
2)Explain how strong and weak force influence one constituent of an atom?