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Radon has a half life of 56 seconds after what time will it’s activity be reduced to 90 percent
An electric sign contains three flashing lights,red, yellow and green, the red light flashes on every 10 seconds, the yellow light flashes on every 15 seconds and the green light flashes on every 18 seconds. If they are switched on together, after how many seconds will they be on together again
What is projectile
Advantages of linear accelerator
all organic compounds contain carbon but all carbon containing are not organic why?
In a cupboard at the Department of Physics you will find an old Strontium preparation 90Sr which
is 14 years old. A protocol showed that the activity was then measured at 2780 pulses / minute at a background radiation of 210 pulses / minute. The half-life of strontium 90 is 29.1 years.
How many pulses should be measured today, if the background radiation is the same now as then?
You have a radioactive source that emits different types of ionizing radiation.
Describe what is meant by ionizing radiation. Design an experiment to determine the type of radiation involved.
define Mandelstam variables?
what is Casimir's trick, describe its significance in particle physics?
what is moment of inertia?
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