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Atomic and Nuclear Physics Answers

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A lot of students tremble with fear when they hear the word “physics” but still more students are seized by fear when they hear the word combination “atomic physics”! They study day and night but still get no results. Don’t give up! We are here to provide you with a special assistance for your atomic physics problems! You don’t have to be daunted by atomic physics any more as we have created a special system for only one purpose – to consider every single atomic physics question of every single student and provide them with the atomic physics answers in the shortest time!

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If an x-ray beam is incident on a 3mm thick sample and 50% of the beam is transmitted what is the average absorption coefficient of the material ?
Find the average velocity of the equation
x=t²+2t+3 when t=0, t=5
What velocity would a 60 kg person need to move at in order to have the same momentum as a 600 nm photon? (to 2 s.f and in m s−1)
the discovery of the higgs particle was an important contribution to our understanding to particle physics. describe the standard model of subatomic particle.you should identify the fundamental particles and the composition of the particles we can observe
The neutrino and antineutrino difference in the property
a piece of wood from an ancient boat was found to show c14 activity of 5 counts per minute an equal amount of wood of recent date give a count rate of 20 counts per minute the half life of c14 is 5568 years the age of the boat
E and K represent the energy and wave vector of an electron respectively then the effective number of electrons in a band is proportional to
The number of nucleons a state with contact number j is
the stopping potential of a photoelestric chamber is 3v the work function is 2.2ev calculate the incident photon energy and frequency
An electron capture reaction
1)a neutrino is created
2)antineutrino is created
3)beta + is emitted
4)beta- is emitted
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