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Why the number of neutrons tends to exceed the number of protons in stable nuclei?
Discuss graphically the variation of average binding energy per nucleon with A. Also explain
the stability of the nucleus on the basis of this concept.
Explain the non-existence of electrons inside the nucleus on the basis of wave mechanical
A conducting sphere with a charge +Q and mass 7.4 g hangs from the horizontal ceiling by a light 21.8-cm insulating thread. When a horizontal electric field of magnitude 1388.5 N/C is turned on, the charge hangs away from the vertical at an angle 82.6º as shown in the figure. The magnitude of the charge Q = Blank 1. Calculate the answer by read surrounding text.
μ C. acceleration due to gravity g =9,80 m/s2 Sate your answer correct to 2 decimal places.
The radioactive nuclides Pt - 199 has a half-life of 30.8 minutes. A sample is prepared that has an initial activity of 7.56 x 10^11Bq. a) How many Pt -199 nuclei are initially present in the sample?
b) How many are present after 30.8 minutes?
c) What is the activity at this time?
The amplitude and frequency of an object executing simple harmonic motion are 0.01 m and 12 Hz respectively. What is the velocity of object at displacement 0.005 m? What is the maximum velocity of the object?
using a spreadsheet in a 300 300 matrix generate at a distance of z 2m from the canopy the only point on the axis hologram for the 638.2nm wavelength of the HeNe laser graph the result the plane of the reference wave should be the XY plane what is the diameter of the disk how many cells
The working substance for a Carnot cycle is 8 lb of air. The volume at the beginning of isothermal expansion is 9 cubic feet and the pressure is 300 psi. The ratio of expansion during the addition of heat is 2 and the temperature of the cold body is 90 degrees Fahrenheit . NOTE: Indicate the pV and TS planes Find: - QA(heat added) - QR(heat rejected) - MEP(cycle mean effective pressure) -the ratio of expansion during the isentropic process - the overall ratio of compression.
If you start with 1000 nuclei of an isotope with a half-life of 12 days, after how long will there be 125 undecayed nuclei left?
we drive a distance of 1km at 16km/hr. Then we drive am additional distance of 1 km at 32 km/hr. what ia our average speed?
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