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A lot of students tremble with fear when they hear the word “physics” but still more students are seized by fear when they hear the word combination “atomic physics”! They study day and night but still get no results. Don’t give up! We are here to provide you with a special assistance for your atomic physics problems! You don’t have to be daunted by atomic physics any more as we have created a special system for only one purpose – to consider every single atomic physics question of every single student and provide them with the atomic physics answers in the shortest time!

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A body is left free at height h= 19.6m ( with initial velocity v0= 0 ) . What is the path covered by the body . 1) in initial time interval t1 = 0.1 s
2) and during the time period t2 = 0.1 s just before striking the ground ?
from a balloon which is at height H= 300m above the ground a stone is left to fall freely . How long will it take for the stone to reach the ground 1) balloon is moving up at velocity v= 5m/s 2) balloon is moving down at velocity v= 5m/s 3) balloon is motionless

The ratio of areas within the electron orbits for the first excited state to the ground state for the hydrogen atom is
The ratio of areas within the electron orbits for the first excited state to the ground state for the hydrogen atom is
if 20000N force pushes a 100Kg object 10m, how much work is done by the force?
A force of 120 n is applied on a toy car at an angle 60° with the horizontal direction, displaces it through a distance of 2.5m along the horizontal floor. Calculate the work done by force. Is the work positive or negative.given cos =60°0.5
What is the energy difference between an electron in the n = 23 energy level and an electron in the next lowest level?
If microwaves cause motion in water molecules , if a steel plate that is magnetized with an electromagnet is struck by microwaves ,would it cause the atoms of the plate to move in a more ordered manor since the electrons are aligned ?
Find ratio of their kinetic energy when one body has mass m and other one has mass 7m
determine that the maximum wavelength of the photon required to break up a copper pair in tin is 1.08 x 10-3 m , calculate the energy gap