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Many students become panic-stricken when they come across the electromagnetism problems while set of examination. It seems for them that there is no way out and nobody can give them the right electromagnetism answers and they will end up with bad marks. That is what we are here for. Our highly qualified team of professionals is organized to give solutions to the electromagnetism problems that students face every day. You can freely ask all your electromagnetism questions and get immediate electromagnetism answers which will make your assignment easier to accomplish.

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A 2m long fixed string nodes at both ends when it vibrates in its fundamental mode if the distance between this nodes is 12m.what are nunber of (a) nodes (b)anti-nodes?
A fish aquarium is made of silica glass with its characteristic electromagnetic properties and lines at every corner with aluminium having permittivity higher than glass. The aquarium contains salty water and sea fish. On the night of thunderstorm lightning strikes the aquarium through window with a very high voltage. Consider the initial stress between glad and lining to be GAMMA.
1) Find the potential generated in the silica glass?
2)Find the potential generated in the aluminium lining?
3) consider the water to be salty and find potential formed into water that will be enough to exceed the permitivity of fishes?
4) consider the field stress of glass aluminum interface to be S what potential generated in each will shatter the aquarium?
A cube of sides length L contains a flat square plate also with sides of length L. The cube and square are in a Cartesian coordinate system. The square is placed at z=L/2 and extends from x=0 to x=L and from y=0 to y=L. The cube is placed such that it extends from x=0 to x=L, y=0 to y=L and z=0 to z=L. The flat square plate has a surface charge density that is given by -3xy (C/m2). Calculate the total electric flux passing through the sides of the cube.
A current of I Ampere flows in a circular arc of wire which subtends an angle of 3π/2 radians at it's center, whose radius is R. The magnetic induction B at the centre is?
Why electric field and magnetic field H and propagation constant they are mutually perpendicular to each other
Let the whole xy planet (z = 0) have charge density σ1 = 10 nC / m2 and the entire xz plane (y = 0) have charge density σ2 = -10 nC / m2.
Find the electric field (vector) in the points
a) (x, y, z) = (1,1,1) m
b) (x, y, z) = (-1, -1, -1) m
Let y=mT+C, where C is resistance, T is temperature and m is the temperature coefficient. The dimension of y is
2 points
A straight line segment of length L (see Figure below) carries a uniform line charge
λ. Find the electric field a distance z above one end of the straight line. Indicate the
direction of the electric field vector. Check that your formula is consistent with what
you would expect for the case z  L.
The figure below shows the charge distribution within a thundercloud. There is a
charge of 40 C at a height of 10 km,−40 C at 5.0 km, and 10 C at 2.0 km.Treat these
charges as pointlike.
(a) Find the electric field (magnitude and direction) that they produce at a height
of 8.0 km and a horizontal distance of 3.0 km.
(b) Suppose that an airplane flies through the thundercloud at the 8.0 km level. Plot
the magnitude of the electric field as a function of position along the path of the
airplane; start with the airplane 10 km away from the thundercloud.
A rectangular coil of 70 cm length , 10 cm width consists of 9 turns and carries 0.1 amperes current is hanged to a scale pan ehere its length is in a vertical position and lower part is perpendicular to a uniforn magnetic field so balance is obtained . When the current is reversed it's needed to add 8.78 grams to the other side to restore balance again find the magnetic flux denisty given that g= 10 m/s^2
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