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In a tuned circuit,if a capacitor is added only to the secondary coil, derive the current and voltage across the capacitor in the resultant circuit.

Two point charge Q1 and Q2 are 3m apart, and their combined charge is 20micro coulumb.

(a) if one repels the other with a force of 0.075N, what are the two charges?

(b) if one attract the other with a force of 0.525N, what are the magnitude of the charges?

In the milikan experiment,and oil drop carries four changes and has a mass of 1.8*10^-12g.it is held almost at rest between two horizontal charged plates 1.8cm apart. What voltage must there be between the two charged plates?

four equal charge, Q = 2 microcoulomb,are located at the corners of a square that is 0.50m on a side. What is the potential energy of the array?

What is the formula to get the time interval

A soccer goal, found in a city park, is made of tubing that supports an

odd-shade hanging net behind the goal, but has a rectangular opening

in front. The height of the opening is 2.8m and the width is 3.5m.

If a uniform electric field, with magnitude of 0.1N/C, passes through

the goal from the front to the back, entering at 90 degrees to the plane

of the goal opening, what is the flux through the net? Also, find the flux

through the net if the electric field enters the goal at 60 degrees angle

to the plane of the front of the goal. In both cases, assume that there is

no charge found inside the goal itself.

Find the total electrostatic energy of a uniformly charged sphere of total charge q and radius R

For the transmission line per unit length parameters are 0.1 Ω/m, 0.2 μH/m, 10 pF/m and 0.02

℧/m. Find the complex propagation constant at a) 1 MHz b) 1 GHz

(Hint. γ = (𝑅 + 𝑗ω𝐿) × (𝐺 + 𝑗ω𝐶) )

Two charges q1= 1.0 Coul and q2= 2.0 Coul are separated by

10.0 cm. At what point line joining the two charges is the electric field strength

is zero?

  1. A negatively charged ebomite rod repels a suspended object.can we conclude that the object is negatively charged?
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