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Many students become panic-stricken when they come across the electromagnetism problems while set of examination. It seems for them that there is no way out and nobody can give them the right electromagnetism answers and they will end up with bad marks. That is what we are here for. Our highly qualified team of professionals is organized to give solutions to the electromagnetism problems that students face every day. You can freely ask all your electromagnetism questions and get immediate electromagnetism answers which will make your assignment easier to accomplish.

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F'(r) = (2pxy)i+(3qyz^2-py^2)j-(qz^3)k
Where p and q are constants. (i,j,k are the vectors, couldn't seem to do ˆ above them)

Show this is a solenoidal field.
In an experiment, 295 mg of copper is deposited when a current of 500 mA passes for 30 minutes. Find the electrochemical equivalent of copper?
The force on a charged proton (charge 1.6 E-19) travelling at 3 E6 m/s through a magnetic field of 4 T is:
(note: E represents power of ten)
From Gouy method, how can we determine magnetic suscpetibility and to calculate the magnetization of gadolinium? From what formula? I have data based on current of coil, magnetic field in gauss, resistance of platinum. Urgent answers :( Thank youu
A wheel having mass m has charges +q and -q on diametrically opposite points. It remains in equilibrium b on a rough inclined plane in the presence of uniform vertical electric field E
A magnet that is moving towards a 20 turn coil of resistance 12♎ at .5 m/s results in a current of .25A produced in the coil.
What is the force exerted by the coil on the magnet?
1. A dielectric half-space of relative permittivity 16 is separated from air half-space by a slab of another dielectric of relative permittivity 4. The thickness of the slab is 10mm.

2. Can this slab work as a quarter-wave transformer? if so, at which frequency (or frequencies )?

3. Consider a wave perpendicular incident from air, with electric field amplitude of 1 V/m. sketch the envelopes of the electric and magnetic fields at one frequency where there is no reflected wave in air. Mark the values of the envelops at both boundaries of the slab. Write down the value of the selected frequency.
A fraction of atoms of radioactive element that decays in 6 days is 7/8 . The fraction that decays in 10 days will be (a). 77/80. (b) 71/80. (c) 31/32. (d) 15/16
If you had an ideal blackbody emitter at 300 degrees kelvin, what wavelength of light (in nanometers) would it emit?
the potential different across the lamp is 4.2v the current in the lamp is then 0.19 a calculate the resistance of the lamp
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