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As a loop of wire with a resistance of 10 ohm moves in a constant non uniform magnetic feild, it looses kinetic energy at uniform rate of 4ms/s. What will be the induced current in the loop?
Two balls of the same radius and weight are suspended from threads so that their surfaces are in contact. What charge should be applied to the balls for the tension of the threads to become equal to 0.098 N ? The distance from the point of suspension to the centre of a ball is 10 cm and the mass of each ball is 0.005 kg
the amplitude of two coexistent electromagnetic waves are given by:
E1 = ˆexA cos(kz – ωt)

E2 = ˆeyB cos(kz – ωt + Φ)

Describe the temporal behavior of the total electric field E = E1 + E2 for the following (ex. linearly polarized, elliptically polarized, etc.)


A = B, Φ = 0

A = B, Φ = π

A = B, Φ = π/2

A = B, Φ = π /4

Repeat the exercise for A = 2B.
a piece of wire is 0.524m long. it is placed at right angles to form a uniform magnetic field o 0.25T. The force on the wire is 0.063N. calculate the current in the wire
Coil of 390 turns is wound uniformly over a mica ring. The ring has a mean circumference of 96cm, magnetic field strength of 2535At/m and a uniform cross-sectional area of 758mm2. What will be the current through the coil? and flux density?
Emission for a neutron from a nucleus is harder than the emission of electron from an atom.why?
How photoelectric effect used for switching purpose?
can the end in an conductor be in the same sense as the emf of the source which gives the inductor its magnetic energy?
Food can be warmed and cooked in microwave oven if the food contain water.Why?
Calculate the net charge on a substance consisting
of a combination of 7.2 × 1013 protons
and 9.0×1013 electrons. The elemental charge
is 1.6 × 10−19 C.
Answer in units of C.