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An electron is placed at rest in a uniform electric field of 227N/C, 270.0 degree next to the negatively charged plate. What is the final velocity of the electron if it has a mass of 9.11E-31 kg and accelerates for 0.074m ?
A +7.5-nC point charge is 5.0 cm from a -9.4-μC point charge in your laboratory in California. How much work would you have to do if you left the +7.5-nC charge in the lab but took the -9.4-μC charge to New York City?
the long cylindrical conductor with radius (a) is surrounded by coaxial cylindrical conducting shell with inner radius (b) .determine the capacitance per unit length possist capacitance,assuming the medium between the two concentric cylinder is vacuum.
an iron ring having area 400mm² is mean diameter 25cm having number of turns 500.Assume relative permeability 250 resistance 474 ohm and voltage 240v . Find the flux.
The human ear can hear sounds at frequencies from 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz. What are the wavelength equivalent to the lowest frequency a human can hear? What will the size of the organ pipe that will play in it is wavelength? The pipeline is 1/2 of the wavelength.
two permanent magnets are put onto a mass scale with unlike poles facing each other. a wire of length 40cm is put between the current of 0.653A is applied. magnetic flux density is 0.02T and the force produced is upwards. what mass would the scale read if it was set to zero before the current turned on
How to heat up a piece of metal to certain degrees that is located at the center of magnetic field , thanks

Number of winds Magnetic Field (mT)









1. What is the relationship between the number of winds and magnetic field strength?

2. According to your graph, what would the magnetic field strength reading be for 10 winds? For 30 winds? Explain.

3. Write a discussion and conclusion about this experiment. Summarise the results. Include some thoughts on the underlying physics involved and sources of errors that may have been observed.

(a) Twelve equal charges, q, are situated at the corners of a regular 12–sided polygon (for instance, one on each numeral of a clock face). What is the net force on a test charge Q at the center? (b) Suppose one of the 12 q’s is removed (the one at “6 o’clock”). What is the force on Q? Explain your reasoning carefully (c) Now 13 equalcharges, q,areplacedatthecornersofaregular 13–sidedpolygon. Whatisthe force on a test charge Q at the center? (d) If one of the 13 q’s is removed, what is the force on Q? Explain your reasoning.
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