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Many students become panic-stricken when they come across the electromagnetism problems while set of examination. It seems for them that there is no way out and nobody can give them the right electromagnetism answers and they will end up with bad marks. That is what we are here for. Our highly qualified team of professionals is organized to give solutions to the electromagnetism problems that students face every day. You can freely ask all your electromagnetism questions and get immediate electromagnetism answers which will make your assignment easier to accomplish.

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Two metal plates are squares of 12 cm by 12 cm, separated by 1.0 mm of air. Wires connected to each plate are also connected to a 9.0 V battery. After a long time, the battery is disconnected and the two plates are arranged to be perpendicular instead of parallel and almost touching each other along one edge (an “L” shape). A proton (charge +1.6 x 10-19 C, mass 1.67 x 10-27 kg) is released from rest from the middle of the positive plate. When and where does the proton hit the negative plate?
the electron of hydrogen atom rotates in a circular orbit with radius 0.53 A with velocity 2.2*10 power 6 m/s Determine the intensity occurred given charge of electron = 1.6*10 power -19
4 point charge of +Q each are located at corners of square, what point charge to be kept at center of the square so that the resulted force acting on any charge which are located at the corners of square is 0?
If 1mC charge is located at origin then the force on that charge will be .........?
A charge is particle is force to move in electric field will an always move along the electric linear of force?
Calculate the work done by a force F = 3x2ˆi + (xz − y)ˆj + 2z kˆ
in moving a particle
along the curve x = 2t2; y = t; z = 4t2 − t from t = 0 to t = 1. Is the force conservative?
You have 2 metal spheres and want to charge them both with exactly equal amounts of a positive charge. You have only a negatively charged insulator, insulating gloves, and an insulating table to work with. You may use yourself as a ground if needed. Describe a method to charge the spheres.
An electric guitar functions via induction. As the steel strings vibrate a pickup coil of wire has an emf induced due to changing magnetic fields generated by the string. The perpendicular component of the field above the pickup coil is given by: B= 50mT+ 3.2mT·sin(2π 523 t/s) and is uniform at any given time over the area of the pickup coil. If the pickup coil has a radius of 2.7 mm and consists of 30 turns what is the induced emf in the pickup coil a function of time?
To monitor the breathing of a patient in the hospital, a thin belt is wrapped around the patients chest. The belt is a composed of 200 turns. When the patient inhales, the area of the coil increases by 39 square centimeters. The magnitude of Earth's magnetic field is 50.0 μT and makes a 28 degree angle with the plane of the coil. If a patient takes 1.80 s to inhale, calculate the induced EMF generated in the coil during this time.
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