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The velocity of a vehicle was determined at different points. If the first velocity is determined to be 100 when the distance covered is 105m at 210m the velocity has increased to 120m/s continue on that journey the velocity increase to 138 when the distance is 250 at point when velocity is 142 the distance covered is 289km.

Finally the velocity increase to 160 when the distance covered is 310m.

Determine the acceleration of the vehicle graphically using second equation of motion

How many particles are present in a closed container if the energy it contains is 95483.75J, and the diatomic oxygen gas is moving at a velocity of 48.11m/s? Use only the whole number for the value of atomic mass unit. Express your answer in proper scientific notation.
A car generating a power of 97680.67watts is traveling on a road with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.051. If the velocity of it upon reaching its destination is 30.33m/s and has been accelerating at a rate of 3.56m/s2, what is the mass of the car?
A car starts from rest at the top of a hill.
The car rolls frictionlessly down the hill. The hill is sloped at an angle
of theta and the length of the hill is x1. At the bottom of the hill, the car
transitions to level ground and immediately slams on the brakes. The
car skids to a stop over some unknown distance (labeled as x2). The
coefficient of kinetic friction between the car and the ground on the
level section is mu k. Suppose that the length of the hill is equal to half
the distance that the car slides before coming to a stop. What value
for the coefficient of kinetic friction would allow this to happen?
Answer in terms of theta.

Ted and his ice-boat (combined mass = 240 kg) rest on the frictionless surface of a frozen lake. A heavy rope (mass of 80 kg and length of 100 m) is laid out in a line along the top of the lake. Initially, Ted and the rope are at rest. At time t=0, Ted turns on a wench which winds 0.5 m of rope onto the boat every second.

a) What is Ted’s velocity just after the wench turns on?

b) What is the velocity of the rope at the same time?

c) What is the Ted’s speed just as the rope finishes?

d) How far did the center-of-mass of Ted+boat+rope move

e) How far did Ted move?

f) How far did the center-of-mass of the rope move?

What is dimension of action.
A planar double pendulum consists of two pendula that
swing in a common plane (see sketch). Find the equations
of motion for the angles ϕ1 and ϕ2 using D’Alembert’s
An air conditioner (AC) removes heat at a rate of 1.2kJ/sec from a room. A power of 400W is required to run the AC . The coefficient of performance of the AC is 10% of that of the refrigerator operating between outside and room temperature. If outside temperature is 37°C what will be room temperature?
Ans : 27°C

Hamid left his home and travel 10Km towards Sarafah bazaar with the velocity of 10m/s.

He then moves towards Empress Market with the same velocity and travel 5Km. After that, he returned to his home on the resultant path. Suppose he travelled with constant velocity of 10m/s.

Sarafah bazaar is in west of Hamid’s home, and Empress market south of Sarafah bazaar

a) Find the time it will take him to reach his home.

b) Solve part (a), considering that he has doubled his speed in his return journey.

In an earth satellite moving in a circular orbit a piece of metal (weighing 0.016kg on the earth) is weighed by a spring balance while the metal is suspended in water.If the density of metal is 8 times of water density then the recorded weight will be?
Answer : zero
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