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Compare and contrast the use of D’Alembert Principles with the principle of conservation of energy to solve an engineering Problem. A vehicle of mass 4000kg accelerates up a road that has a slope of 1 in 10, increasing its speed from 2 to 10 m/s while travelling up the road a distance of 200m, against a frictional resistance of 5kN. Determine: (a) a tractive force between the driving wheel and road surface. (b) the work done during the period of the acceleration (c) the average power developed Your task is: 1. Find above (a), (b) and (c) by using D’Alembert principles 2. Find above (a) (b) and (c) by using principle of ‘Conservation of Energy’ 3. Compare and contrast both methods by observing you results and comments which method is best suited to solve the example and why? (Minimum 200 words).
Q2 B) A Man of mass 80 kg dives into a swimming pool from a tower of height 18 m. He was found to go down in water by 2.2 m and then started rising. Find the average resistance of water. Neglect the air resistance of water take value of, g =9.81m/s2
A 72.0 kg box slides down a 30.0◦ ramp with an acceleration of 3.10 m/s2 . 72 kg µk 3.1 m/s 2 30◦ Find µk between the box and the ramp. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 .
The ball is thrown upright at a height of 1.4 meters. The height of the ball as a function of time is h (t) = 1.4 + 10t -4.9t2. Determine a) the starting speed of the ball b) the ascent time of the ball to the top of the ball c) the speed at which the ball hits the ground
A steel rod 1 M long and having a mass of 2 kg is pinned at one of its ends. A force is applied perpendicularly to the rod at a distance of 75 cm from the pinned end. What is the magnitude of the resulting angular acceleration of the rod? Moment of inertia is 2 kg m^2

Show that on a roller coaster with a circular vertical loop, the difference between your apparent weight at the top of the circular loop and the bottom of the circular loop that is, six times your weight

A student slides a 0.77 kg textbook across a table, and it comes to rest after traveling 1.2 m. Given that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the book and the table is 0.35, use the work–kinetic energy theorem to find the book’s initial speed. Round to 2 decimal places
A man walks with speed of 3 m/s when he walks on hard ground. He has speed of 1 m/s when he walks on sand. He is standing at the boarder between sand and hard ground. To reach a rest house he needs to walk 30 m along boarder and 36 m perpendicular to it. Find a path which takes minimum time to reach the rest house.
consider two spring mass system the horizontal surface is frictionless show that the frequency of horizontal oscillation of the mass m is given by v^2=v1^2+v2^2 when v1 and v2 are the frequencies at which the block would oscillate if connected only to spring one and only spring 2 respectively.
How many 20g ice cubes, whose initial temperature is -10 C must be added to 1.0L of hot tea whose initial temperature is 90 C, in order that the final mixture be 10 C. Assume that all ice melt at the final mixture and specific heat of tea is same as that of water. Lf of ice = 333 Kj/kg Specific heat of water = 4190 Specific heat of ice = 2100 Assume that tea has same properties as water and 1L of water has 1Kg mass
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