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Need to know why do we take the negative angle from the y-axis(60degrees) instead of positive angle from x-axis(30degrees) . Example: tan(-60) = Velocity in Y-axis / Velocity in X-axis.
A pendulum of length 98.1000cm. The mass at the end of the pendulum is 0.2kg. Calculate the period and frequency of pendulum.
Mary wants to throw a can straight up in air and then hits it with second can.she the collision to occur at height h=10m above the throw point. In addition,she knows that she needs t1=4.0s between successive throws. Assume that she throws both cans with same speed.Take g=9.81m/^2. How long it takes after the first can has been thrown into air for the two cans to collide?
mary ants throw a can straight up into the air and then hit it with second can.She wants the collision to occur at a height h=10m above the throw point.In addition she knows that she needs t1=4.0s between successive throws.assume that she throws both cans at same speed.take g=9.81m/s^2.find the initial speed of the cans?
A car is parked on a cliff overlooking the ocean on an incline that makes an angle of 24 degrees below the horizontal. The car rolls from rest down the incline with a constant acceleration of 4 ms^-2 for a distance of 50 m to the edge of the cliff, which is 30 m above the ocean. Find:
a) the car’s position relative to the base of the cliff when the car lands in the ocean
b) the length of time the car is in the air
a plate with M mass and Radius, is rotating if i place an obstacle with m mass and in r distance from center of the plate what will be the rotational motion?
A river is flowing from west to east at 1m/s.The direction man must swim at 2m/s in order to cross the river along 1)shortest path 2)shortest distance?
Two cars, A and B, are traveling with the same speed of 40.0 m/s, each having started from rest. Car A has a mass of 1200 kg, and car B has a mass of 2000 kg. Compared to the work required to bring car A up to speed, how much additional work is required to bring car B up to speed?
Given that for a damped oscillation m=250g, k=85w/m b=75g/s. Calculate the period of oscillation,the time taken for the amplitude of the damped oscillation to drop to half of its initial value.time taken for the mechanical energy to drop to half of its initial value
The equation for a damper harmonic oscillator is given as x=10exp_0.125t cos(π/2). Calculate angular frequency,natural angular frequency,initial energy per unit mass of the damped oscillator,the damped time,the nature of the oscillation,the quality factor and the particles velocity at time equal zero
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