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Hi, can anyone work this out for me? I have a compressed air cannon that fires a standard golf ball.

Using a high speed camera and tracking software the ball exits the barrel at 550 Kph.

When shot directly up it takes 19 seconds for the ball to land again, how high did the ball get?

  1. a car accelerates with constant acceleration from a standstill to the speed v0 = 90km / h on a straight line for a period of time t1. the velocity from t = 0 to t = t1 is given by:

V(t)= v0(t/t1)^2

how big is the car's average speed during this time?

2, a particle moves at a constant speed u on a circular path. The period of the movement is t1. what is the amount of the particle's average acceleration from time t = 0 to t = (3/2)t1

A rotor of mass 20kg hangs at the end of a metal wire of linear stiffness of 60KN/m and torsional stress of 120GN/m2. Compute the two natural frequencies of oscillation if the radius of gyration of the mass above the axis of the wire is 2.5m

A stone is dropped by a person from the top of a building which is 200m tall at the same time another stone was thrown upwards with a velocity of 50m/s by a person standing at the foot of the building find the time the stones meet

When the Mars Exploration Rover was fully assembled, its mass was 180 kg. The acceleration due 

to gravity at the surface of Mars is 3.68 m/s2and the radius of Mars is 3390 km. 

(a) What was the rover s weight when it was at sea level on Earth? 

(b) What is the rover s weight on the surface of Mars? 

(c) The entry phase began when the spacecraft reached the Mars atmospheric entry interface 

point at 3522 km from the center of Mars. What was the rover’s weight at that point?

1.     The Kilmarnock Campus tug of war team pulls with a force of 400N while the Ayr Campus team pulls with a 300N force.  What is the size of the resultant force and which team wins?

1.     A car (mass 1000kg) engine produces a force of 2000N.  There is a frictional force of 100N acting against the car (air resistance is negligible).  Calculate the resultant force and hence the cars acceleration.

2.     A parachutist and his parachute have a total mass of 100kg. At a certain point air resistance is measured as 400N

a.     Calculate the combined weight?

b.     Determine the resultant force & direction.

c.      Calculate the acceleration.

What is the potential energy of 800-kg elevator at the top of a 380 meter tall building?

A force parallel to the x-axis applied to an object varies according to the linear graph (a straight line 45° of the x axis). Calculate the work done by the force when the object moves from x = 0 to x = 10. Find the equation of the line (F vs x) where F is the y-axis.

A 20-N weight is pushed up along a frictionless ramp making 30° with the horizontal to a height of 6m. Find the work done.

A 10-N block of wood is pulled along a straight line across a frictionless plane with a force of 5N parallel to the plane. If the block moves 2m find the work done.

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