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Two figure skaters, Tessa (55kg) and Scott (83kg) are facing one another during their program. Scott pushes Tessa, accelerating her at 3.5m/s^2. If the coefficient of friction on the ice is 0.05, What is Scott's acceleration?
A 1200kg car is travelling at 20m/s when the driver slams on the brakes. Determine the car's stopping distance if the static friction is 0.60? Determine the car's stopping distance if the kinetic friction is 0.40?
Max the dog is applying a force of 1547 N at 16.5 degrees from the horizontal on a sled. If the sled accelerates at 1.77 m/s^2, and the force of friction is 865 N, what is the mass of the sled?
a 15.0kg object experiences a 20 N force pulling at 30.0 degrees south of west, a force of 30 N pulling from the west, and a 45 N force pulling from the north. What is the acceleration experienced by the object?
Barney is flying a 1200kg helicopter. If he is accelerating towards the ground at 3.15m/s^2, what is the force applied to the rotors by the air?
If a car accelerates from rest to 100 ms·1 in 5 seconds, what was itsacceleration?
A cannon ball of mass 6kg is fired from east to west with a speed of 50km/hr at a latitudes of 30degree.whatis coriolis force
It is measured that 80% of a body's volume is immersed in seawater of density 1030 kg/m^3. a) What is the specific gravity of the sea water? b) Determine the volume of the seawater displaced. c) Calculate the density of the body. d) Calculate the relative density of the body.
Show the complete solution. Use the correct number of significant figures In the figure, block 1 of mass m1 slides from rest along a friction less ramp from height h = 3.2 m and then collides with stationary block 2, which has mass m2 = 5 m1. After the collision, block 2 slides into a region where the coefficient of kinetic friction μk is 0.3 and comes to a stop in distance d within that region. What is the value of distance d if the collision is (a) elastic and (b) completely inelastic?
Show complete solution. Use the correct number of significant figures. 1. In the figure, two blocks are connected over a pulley. The mass of block A is 12.0 kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between A and the incline is 0.140. Angle θ of the incline is 32.0°. Block A slides down the incline at constant speed. What is the mass of block B? Answer: _______ (the tolerance is +/-2%) 2. In the figure, a 4.1 kg block slides along a track from one level to a higher level after passing through an intermediate valley. The track is friction less until the block reaches the higher level. There a frictional force stops the block in a distance d. The block's initial speed is v0 = 5.7 m/s, the height difference is h = 1.1 m, and μk = 0.583. Find d. Answer:________ (the tolerance is +/-2%)
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