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A child of mass 50 kg is standing on the edge of a merry go round of mass 250 kg and redius 3.0 m which is rotating with an angular velocity of 3.0 red s−1 . The child then starts walking to wards the centre of the merry go round. What will be the final angular velocity of the merry go round when the child reaches the centre?
an object of mass 2kg moving with a velocity of 3ms collides head on with another object of mass 1kg moving in the opposite direction with a velocity of 4ms the object stick together after collision,calculate their common speed
A batter hits a baseball so that it leaves the bat with an initial speed 37 m/s at an angle of 53.Find the position of the ball and the magnitude and direction of its velocity after 2 seconds.Treat the baseball as a projectile.
A monkey climbs up a slippery pole for 3 seconds and subsequently slips for 3 seconds. Its velocity at time t is given by v(t) = 2t (3-t); 0< t < 3 and v (t)= – (t–3)(6–t) for 3 < t < 6 s in m/s. It repeats this cycle till it reaches the height of 20 m.
(a) At what time is its velocity maximum?
(b) At what time is its average velocity maximum?
(c) At what time is its acceleration maximum in magnitude?
(d) How many cycles (counting fractions) are required to reach the top?
A vehicle of mass 4000kg accelerates up a road that has a slope of 1 in 10, increasing its speed from 2 to 10 m/s while travelling up the road a distance of 200m, against a frictional resistance of 5kN.
(i) The tractive force between the driving wheel and road surface.(ii) The work done during the period of the acceleration(iii) The average power developed
Your task is:1.
Find above (a), (b) and (c) by using D’Alembert principles2.
Find above (a) (b) and (c) by using principle of ‘Conservation of Energy’
A particleA is dropped from a point P at t=0. At the same time another particleB is thrown from a point O which is 2m to the right and 10m below P , with velocity v making an angle @ with horizontal.
B collides with the particle A . If the two particles collide 2 sec after they start,find v.
(Acceleration due to gravity is 10m/s in negative y direction. Point O in not necessarily on ground.)
Ans- (root)26

Please help me solve this using x and y components of v. And also where would they collide?
There is a ring of mass m which is at the centre of rod of mass M and length L that can rotate about one end A ( it is in vertical plane). Rod is frictionless. What will be the velocity off ring when it reaches the other end B??
A spider crawling across a table leaps onto a magazine blocking its path. The initial velocity of the spider is 0.870 m/s at an angle of 35.0o above the table, and it lands on the magazine 0.0770 s after leaving the table. Ignore air resistance. How thick is the magazine? Express your answer in millimeters.
The stiffness of a helical coil spring is given by K = (Gd^4)/(8nD^3) using binomial approximation estimate the change of the rate of steel springs due to change of linear dimension and of the modulus of rigidity from temperature of (i) 20C to 50C (ii) 20C to -50C.
A vaulter is trying to reach a velocity of 7 m/s at the end of
a 14-m runway. How quickly must he accelerate?