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The box weighs 325 N. The angle of the incline is 20 degrees. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and incline is 0.25. What is the magnitude of the net force?
I need to know how to show the change in the range of a projectile when accounting for the rotation of the earth, I have

D = R2 - R,

R2 = (1/3)*w(t^3)gcos(k) - w*(t^2)*V*sin(a)*cos(k) + Vcos(a)*t

R = 2(V^2)(sin(a)^2)/g

t= (2*V*sin(a))/g

I know what D is but not how to get there,

D = ((2(R^3)/g)^(1/2))*wcos(k)[(cot(a)^(1/2)) - 1/3*f(a)]

f(a) is a function of a, it is known to be tan(a)^3/2 but the question is initially phrased this way.
What is the angular acceleration of an object that travels from 0.52 rads to 1.05 rads within 15 seconds?
What is the relation between moment of inertia I1 , I2 , I3 for spherical top
a truck with a mass of 2200 kg travels at a constant velocity of 18 m/s, with a Fp=1400. What is the mu?
To a person going north with a velocity of 12 km/hr,the rain appears to fall vertically downwards with a velocity of 5 km/hr. Find the actual speed and the direction of the rain.
A bus is moving along a road at the rate 8m/s, In what direction should stone should be projected from it with a velocity of 12m/s, so that the resultant motion of the stone may be at right angle to the motion of the bus?
The kinetic energy of a mechanical system is T=(1/2)(q1^2+q2^2)(q1'^2+q2'^2) ans its potential energy is V=1/(q1^2+q2^2).Show by using Liouville's form that the relation between q1 and q2 is a^2 q1^2+b^2 q2^2+2abq1q2 cos x=sin^2 x.(q1' and q2' are generalised velocities of q1 and q2).
A migrating bird is initially flying south at 8 m/s. To avoid hitting a high-rise building, the bird veers and changes its velocity to 5 m/s east over a period of 2 s. What is the bird's average acceleration (magnitude and direction) during this 2 s interval?
A particle moves over the sides of an equilateral triangle of side l with constant speed v .The magnitude of average velocity and average acceleration as it moves from a to c.