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The critical angle for total internal reflection at an air - water interface is approximately 48 degrees. In which of the following situations will total reflection occurs?
Calculate the critical angle for light passing from rock salt into air given that the refractive index of rock salt is 1.54
What is the refractive index in air
What is the apparent relative movement of two aligned objects when they are not at the same distance from an observer
newton ring are formed in reflected light of wavelength 6000A with a liquid between the plane and curved surface .if the diameter of the 6th bright ring is 3.1mm and radius of curvature of curved surface if 100cm calculate the index of the liquid sir answer plz
Newton's rings are formed between a lens and a flat glass surface of wavelength of 5088*10^-7 m. If the right passes through the gap at 30 degree to the vertical and the fifth dark ring is of diameter 9mm. What is the radius of curvature of lens ?
c) Design a bushed pin type flexible coupling to connect a motor shaft to a pump shaft transmitting 20kW power at 1440 rpm. The allowable shear and crushing stress for steel shafts,keys and pins are 40 MPa and 80 MPa respectively. The allowable shear iron flange is 10 MPa and the allowable bearing pressure for rubber bush is 0.5 Mpa
Calculate the angle of minimum deviation of a prism if its
refracting angle is 60o
. The refractive index of the material of the
prism is 1.632
When a mirror is rotated through an angle theta, the reflected ray is rotated through an angle?
A ray of light strikes a surface of glass at an incident angle of 60o
with the normal. Calculate the angle of refraction in the glass.
The refractive index of the glass is 1.5. (Assume that the incident
ray is in air.)
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