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A 3.0cm y’all object is placed 22 cm in front of a converging lens a real image is formed 11 cm from the lens what is the size of the image
Write down 3 examples of refraction.
Write note on interference?
What will be tension in a string which bounds a tripod stand's three legs when a force applied on the top of the tripod is p
A cavity contains black body radiation in equilibrium at temperature T. The specific heat per unit volume of the photon gas in the cavity is of the form Cv=γT3,where γ is a constant. The cavity is expanded to twice its original volume and then allowed to equilibrate at the same temperature T. The new internal energy per unit volume is
How fringe width varies when we change in wavelength of source in young doble slit experiment.
In a Newton’s ring arrangement, light consisting of wavelengths and incidents normally on a plane convex lens of radius of curvature R resting on a glass plate. If the nth dark ring due to coincides with (n+1)th dark ring due to , then show that the radius of the nth dark ring of is given by .
Two current-carrying circular loops, each of radius R , are placed
perpendicular to each other, as shown in the figure.
The loop in the xy - plane carries a current I_0while that in the
xz -plane carries a current 2I_0. The resulting magnetic field B

at the origin is
Given that the ground state energy of the hydrogen atom is –13.6 eV, the ground state
energy of positronium (which is a bound state of an electron and a positron) is

A hollow conducting sphere has inner radius of a and outer radius of b. If a charge of Q is located at its center and the hollow sphere has a net charge of + 30 . what is the charge distribution in the hollow sphere ?

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