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There’s one problem that unites many students in the whole world. That is right! Optics problems! You realize you have got a lot of optics questions, but you can’t find the optics answers you need. “What can I do?” – you may ask in despair. “Send us an optics problems request!” – that will be our answer! We will gladly help you deal with all amount of your optics questions and as fast as possible will give you the optics answers you are looking for. Optics problems are common among students and we surely know what kind of optics answers you need!

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An object, 0.4m high is placed in front of concave mirror and at right angles to the axis of a concave mirror which has radius of curvature0.15m. If a real image0.12m is obtained, determine, by scale drawing or otherwise the distance of the object from the mirror. How far, and in what direction, must the object be moved in order to obtain a virtual image 0.12m high?
A particle moving at 30 ms-1 west has a momentum of 1598kg.ms-1 west, calculate the mass of the particle
For a step index fiber with core of refractive index 1.54 and cladding
refractive index 1.50 calculate the following when fiber is kept in water:
fractional refractive index, numerical aperture, acceptance angle and
number of modes The diameter of fiber is 15mm, it is operated at a
wavelength of 1.5 mm and its length is 10 Km.
a 0.3kg is attached to spring and oscillates at 2 hz with q of 60 find spring constant and damping constant
While outside watching the projection of the eclipse with their very nice pinhole projector, the students noticed images of the eclipse on the ground under the tree nearby The images were not only larger than their pinhole projection, but there were many images of the sun to see all at once.
One student took out a ruler and measured the image of the sun on the ground to have a diameter of 6 cm. Approximately how tall was the tree? Enter your answer in meters.
A group of students wanted to watch the solar eclipse, but were unable to get eclipse glasses. They decided to build a pinhole projector out of a cardboard box. They would like the image of the sun to be at least 2 cm in diameter. If the pinhole is on one end of the box, and the screen on the other, how long should the box be? Enter the answer in meters.
A thermal neutron with a speed v corresponding to the average thermal energy energy at temperature T=300K is incident on a crystal. Will a diffraction pattern be obtained?
A thermal neutron with a speed v corresponding to the average thermal energy at temperature T=300K is incident on a crystal. Will a diffraction pattern be observed? Explain.
2. An object 15cm high is 30cm from a pinhole camera. If the height of the image formed at the back of the camera is 10cm, calculate the image distance
Describe how you would use Newton rings to determine the wavelength of a monochromatic radiation and refractive index of the medium and derive the relvent formula .
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