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A glass plate 0.9cm thick has a refractive index of 1.5 how long does it take for a ray of light to pass through the plate?
A coin of radius 'r' is kept at the bottom of a hemispherical vessel of radius 'a'. The coin is not visible when viewed from the edge of the vessel but just visible when a liquid of refractive index 'mu' is poured into the vessel. Prove that r=a( ((mu^2) - 1)/(mu^2 +1))
The critical angle for the material of a prism is 45° and its refracting angle is 30°.A monochromatic ray goes out perpendicular to the surface of emergence from the prism .Then the angle of incidence on the prism will be

Answer is 45°
The magnifications produced by a convex lens for two different positions of an object are m1 and m2 respectively (m1>m2) if "d" is the distance of seperation between the two positions of the object then focal length of the lens is
(1) √m1m2 (2) d/√m1-m2 (3) dm1m2/m1-m2 (4) d/m1-m2 correct answer is d/m1-m2 but how??
When we take an image from optical microscope suppose using 5x magnification of objective lens and eyepiece lens of 10x magnification, the image shows scale bar of micrometer. how does it gives value of 500 micrometer?
Like when i use 10x objective lens, scale bar shows value of 200 micrometer
An installed surveillance in Camella St. uses a concave mirror whose focal length is 6.24m. A crime scene was recorded where the suspect stabbed a man walking on the street. The suspect image distance from the surveillance was 11.3m. The height of the suspect’s image is 0.9m. Make a ray diagram and a sketch of the actual scene
In a double slit interference arrangement,
fringes are produced with monochromatic
light of wavelength 550 nm. A thin plate of
glass (p. = F5) is placed in the path of one of
the interfering beams. The central band of
fringe system moves into position occupied
by the third bright band from the centre.
Calculate the thickness of the glass plate.
The LEDs used in early optical communication systems had a spectral width ∆λ0 of about 20 nm around λ0 = 825 nm. Find τm if Dm = 84.2 (ps/km-nm) and given length of fiber is 2Km.
Consider a parabolic-index multimode fiber with n1= 1.46, ∆ = 0.01, operating at 850 nm with an LED of spectral width 20 nm. For such a fiber find the intermodal dispersion and total dispersion with its bit rate.(material dispersion = 1.7ns/Km.
A glass hemisphere of refractive index 4/3 and of radius 4 cm is placed on a plane mirror . A point object is placed at distance ' d ' on the axis of this sphere. If the final image is formed at infinity then find the value of d.

Given answer = 3 cm