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an object 7m high is placed 15cm from a convex spherical mirror of radius of curvature 45cm.describe its image

A pin placed in contact with one surface of a glass block of thickness 15ck and of refractive index 1.5 is viewed by the normal of the opposite surface . By how much does the pin appear to be displaced .

8. A cannon flash is seen, but it takes 6s for the sound to reach the persons ear

How far away was the cannon?

For an optical resonator, what is the physical significance of the equation, n(ν)dν = 8π(ν3/c3) dν?

In color center laser, what are the active medium, host material, and laser wavelength? Illustrate the factor, on which laser wavelength depends?

How to lower down the laser threshold in Nd-glass laser and what we want to achieve (purpose/get) by lowering down it?
If the mirror separation d = 50 cm changes by 2 nm, what would be the change in relative frequency? If the laser frequency is νL = 4 x 1014s-1, what would be the value of ∆νL=?

What is the physical significance (importance) of free spectral range (δνr) of the resonator in real laser systems?

Briefly, describe the advantages of a 4-level laser system over 3-level laser system.

What is the physical significance (importance) of free spectral range (δνr) of the resonator in real laser systems?

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