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n41 x n32x n31 =?
Where n is refractive index
The magnitude of the lens’ radii of curva- ture are R1 = 2.616 cm and R2 = 1.962 cm.
Assume: The lens is made of glass whose index of refraction is 1.51.
Note: This is the same lens that is shown in the figure above.
What is the focal length of this lens? Answer in units of cm.
An object of height 4.0 cm is placed at a diatance of 30cm from the optical centre 'O' of a convex lens of focal length 20 cm . Draw a ray diagram to find the position and size of the image formed . Mark optical centre 'O' and principal focus 'F' on the diagram. Also find the approximate ratio of size of the image to the size of the object ?
Suppose that one half of a concave mirror reflecting surface is covered with nonreflecting suit. What effect will this have on the image of an object placed infront of mirror?
If a convex lens of focal length (f) is placed between 2 parallel plane mirrors and a object is placed between f and 2f of lens. How many images are formed?
Two coherent sources of intensity ratio 'a'
interfere. Prove that in the interference pattern
(Imax - Imin)/(Imax + Imin )= 2√a/(1+a)
For sodium light (A = 5893 A), interference
fringes are formed by reflection from a thin
air wedge. When viewed at 90°, 8 fringes are
observed in a distance of 0.8 cm. Calculate
the angle of the wedge.
A light ray of amplitude 'A' is incident
obliquely on a parallel thin glass film. Draw
a diagram to show the amplitude of
successive rays in multiple reflection and
Two narrow slits 0.45 mm apart are
illuminated by a monochromatic light of
wavelength 5893 A. Calculate the width of
the fringes obtained on a screen placed at a
distance of 45 cm from the slits.
helium - neon laser emits a diffraction
limited beam (X = 600 nm) of diameter
3 x 10 - 3m. Calculate the diameter of the
light patch produced on the surface of moon
at a distance of 376 >: 103 km from the Earth.
Assume that scattering in Earth's
atmosphere can be ignored.
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