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If a car speeds up from 35 mph to 75 mph in 5 seconds what is the acceleration?
Iron atom has magnetic moment 2.2 miuB.Calculate it's saturation magnetisation?
A particle is projected vertically upwards. After a time t, another particle is sent up from the same point with the same velocity and meets the first at a height h during the downward flight of the first. Find the velocity of projection.
A rocket goes up at a velocity of 20m/s on the moon. If the gravity on the moon is 1.4m/s squared, then what velocity will the rocket hit the ground at?

A ball before it is thrown has a gravitational potential energy of 200j. It's kinetic energy when it is thrown into the air is 400j. What is the kinetic energy of the ball when it hits the ground?

Someone uses 8000j of force to lift 400kg 2m off the ground. What is the gravitational potential energy of the object?

A ball goes down a hill 5m in 1.5s. The average acceleration at the top of the hill is 3m/s squared. What is the final velocity and acceleration of the ball?
Show that if a Bravais lattice has a mirror plane, then there is a family of lattice planes parallel to the mirror plane.
Four kg of water is placed in an enclosed volume of 1m3. Heat is added until the temperature is 150°C. Find ( a ) the pressure, ( b )the mass of vapor, and ( c ) the volume of the vapor.

For a specific volume of 0.2 m3/kg, find the quality of steam if the absolute pressure is (a) 40 kPa and ( b ) 630 kPa. What is the temperature of each case?
Water is contained in a rigid vessel of 5 m3 at a quality of 0.8 and a pressure of 2 MPa. If the a pressure is reduced to 400 kPa by cooling the vessel, find the final mass of vapor mg and mass of liquid mf.
A pick up truck moving at 32 m/s must come to a stop in 206m to avoid hitting a boulder that has fallen onto the road. How much time does the driver need to avoid the accident?