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explain in 3 sentences

science concept behind “Cosmogony,” Bjork
answer in 2 to 3 sentences

1. Is it possible to believe in the bible and in the cosmos? Explain your answer
answer in 2 to 3 sentences

1. Does the vastness of the universe make you special or insignificant?
2. If you had no idea how the universe was created, how do you think everything come to be? ( be creative as possible)
Answer in 2 to 3 sentences.

1. Describe Cosmic calendar
2.what do the last 14 seconds of the cosmic calendar represent?
Universe expanding at accelerating rate seemingly overcoming force of gravity. Why don't massive objects, planets and stars, likewise expand accordingly?
If a satellite collects the rate of unforeseen intergenerative dust ((dM)/(dt))=av in the free interiors, then the satellite will accelerate
Does Lack Of Mass Make Light Speed Constant? If So, Would Other Phenomena Without Mass Also Move At Light Speed?
is it true that we don't use Pencil in space.we use pen there. if yes why?
A body has a weight 90 kilo gram on the surface of the earth the mass of the moon is 1/ 9 that of Earth's mass and its radius is 1 /2that of the earth's radius on the Moon the weight of the body is
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