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in the last five seconds of the championship match between teams A and B, the scores were tied at 75 when a player was fouled and was awarded two free throws. On the first attempt, he released the ball with a velocity of 6.0 m/s at 45 degerees above the horizontal from a height of 2.0 m from the floor.
a.)Is this a miss or a basket?
b.) For the second throw, the player shoots again at 45 degrees from the same point of release. What must the initial speed of the ball be so that it will go through thr basket?
What will be the consequences on earth when gravity becomes zero
If you have infinite energy can you release infinite power forever by just releasing half of the remains energy each second?
Write down Friedman equation and sketch its solutions. Which one of these solutions correspond to the contracting universe ?
What is a quasar ? Sketch the spectrum of a quasar and describe its main characteristics.
Explain Hubble's scheme of galaxy classification. What is the type assigned to the Milky way galaxy ?
What is a black hole ? Derive an expression for Schwarzs child radius of a black hole on the basis of Newtonian mechanics and explain its significance.
What is a white dwarf star ? Explain, on physical basis the existence of an upper limit on the mass of a white dwarf star. What is this limiting value called ?
What is interstellar extinction ? How does it help in determining the composition of ISM ?
Draw a labelled H-R diagram. How does it help into estimating the size and mass of a star.
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