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A black body is kept at a temperature of 2500K. If volume of body is reduced reversibly and adiabatically to 1/100 of its initial volume what will be the final temperature?
The communications of the ship were made inoperable by electromagnetic waves sent by the Death Star that were completely out of phase with attempted communications causing
The sound strikes the cantina walls and bounces off at the same angle as it struck in a process known as _____.
Write down the condition under which a large molecular cloud collapses to give rise to new stars calculate the time of free fall of an HI cloud of density 10 ki power 6 particles /m3
If the space is expanding then does the distance between earth and sun is increasing?
The angle subtended by the thickness of a ¼-inch thick pencil at 15 feet from the eye. Give your answer in radians and in degrees
The Earth's crust is part of which sphere? lithosphere biosphere atmosphere hydrosphere
The mass of a certain plane (p) is 1/100 that of the earth, while the radius is 1/4 that of the earth's radius. If the acceleration due to gravity of the earth is 10m/s^2, what is the value of p.
Prove that in a properly elliptic orbit, the angle between r ⃗ and v ⃗ is π/2 only at the apogee and perigee. Clue: Do so by showing v ⃗⊥r ⃗ if and only if ε≠0, then τ is maximized (apogee) or minimized (perigee)when θ=0 or π
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