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Does Lack Of Mass Make Light Speed Constant? If So, Would Other Phenomena Without Mass Also Move At Light Speed?
is it true that we don't use Pencil in space.we use pen there. if yes why?
A body has a weight 90 kilo gram on the surface of the earth the mass of the moon is 1/ 9 that of Earth's mass and its radius is 1 /2that of the earth's radius on the Moon the weight of the body is
the zenith distance of a star at latitude 60°N is 25° calculate its declination
a dry cell of emf 15v and a internal resistance 0.5 is connected to a component of resistance 7 ohms , find the power input to the component, the power wasted within the cell , the power which would be wasted if the cell terminals were short circuited
1. a) Compare the brightness of the stars Sirius B and Sun using the data given in Table
1.3 of Unit 1.
b) Express the distances of the stars Sirius A and Antares from the Earth in light years.
2. a) The zenith distance of a star at latitude 60° N is 25°. Calculate its declination.
b) Explain the horizon coordinate system with the help of a diagram.
c) The local time at Allahabad is 5 PM. Calculate the local time at New Delhi at that time.
3. a) Explain the nebular model of the solar system.
b) Show that the magnitude of the tidal force experienced on the Earth due to the Moon depends on the latitude.
4. a) The absolute visual magnitude of a star is 6.5 and for its temperature, the bolometric correction is − 0.3. Calculate the absolute bolometric magnitude and the luminosity of the star.
b) What is H-R diagram? Discuss the characteristic features of stars located in any two distinct regions of the H-R diagram.
c) Explain how fusion reactions are made possible in the stars.
The mass moment of inertia I of a homogeneous sphere about its diameter is I = (2/5)m R^2, where m and R are its mass and radius, respectively. Find the dimension of I in items of the absolute {
how the distance on earth are inter related where as the earth is in parabola shape?
calculate the value of acceleration due to gravity at point:
(a)5.0 km above the earth`s surface and
(b)5.0 km below the earth`s surface.Radius of earth=6400km
and the value of g at the surface of the earth is 9.80 m/s^2
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