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Before going to the beach, you try to estimate the tide level (high, low, or in between) by noting where in the sky the Moon is. It is high tide

(A) when the Moon is near its highest point in the sky.
(B) when the Moon is near the horizon.
(C) whenever the Moon is not visible.
(D) None of the above.
Sketch the celestial equator,horizon,observer's meridian and show the zenith and nadir on the celestial sphere for n observer at latitude 30 degree North
What is the speed of a 1850 kg meteorite when it hits the moon's surface? This meteorite had a velocity of 1.4 x 10^3 m/s heading directly toward the moon. when it was 15000 m above the moon's surface
A student tries to measure field of view (FOV) of the eyepiece of his/her telescope, using rotation of the
Earth. To do this job, the observer points the telescope towards Vega (alpha Lyr., RA: 18.5h
, Dec: +39° ),
turns off its "clock drive" and measures trace out time, t=5.3 minutes, that Vega crosses the full diameter
of the FOV. Calculate the the FOV of this telescope in arc-minutes?
A robot probe lands on a new, uncharted planet. It has determined the diameter of the planet to be 8 × 106 m. It weighs a standard 1 kg mass and determines that 1 kg weighs only 5 newtons on this new planet.

(a) What must the mass of the planet be?

(b) What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet?
the distance from santa maria to los alamos is 16.25 mi. what is the distance in cm
Imagine that it is possible to travel to each planet in our solar system. After a space “cruise,” a tourist returns to Earth. One of the ways he recorded his travels was to weigh himself on each planet he visited. Use the list of these weights on each planet to figure out the order of the planets he visited. On Earth he weighs 720 newtons. List of weights: 655 N; 1,872 N; 792 N; 36 N; and 661 N.
The absolute visual magnitude of a star is 6.5 and for its temperature, the bolometric correction is - 0.3. Calculate the absolute bolometric magnitude and the luminosity of the star.
A key observational parameter of stars is their distance. What is the best method you could
use to determine the distance to:

a. α Centauri (distance: 1.3 pc).
b. a globular cluster in the Milky Way (distance: ∼ 8 to 30 kpc).
c. an M0 Ia supergiant (distance: 5 kpc).

d. the Hyades open star cluster (distance: 46.3 pc).

e. a spiral galaxy in the Fornax cluster (distance: 17.2 Mpc).

f. the Large Magellanic cloud (distance: 48.5 kpc).

Motivate your answers.
From home plate to the center field wall at a ball park is 130 meters. When a batter hits a long drive the ball leaves his bat 1 meter off the ground with a velocity of 40 meters per second at 28 degrees above the horizontal. The center field wall is 2.6 meters high. Does he hit a home run?
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