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Students often face hard-to-solve and mind-numbing physics problems, that cause a lot of distress into the studying process. Not everyone can cope with the hardships physics problems cause, and many end up with a bunch of physics questions that need to be solved. Our service is the solution provider for your physics questions. Ask your question here and get physics answers that would help you do your assignment in the quickest way possible with maximum results. Our experts will gladly provide physics answers for your benefit.

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An incident ray in water (n=1.333) is approaching the boundary with glass (n=1.52) at an angle of incidence of 32.5°. Please help calculate the angle of refraction.
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If greatest admissible acceleration of a train is 3 feet per second square, calculate the least time taken from one station to another at a distance of 10m. plse ans this quickly..........
if we have a overhead wire. so how do you know that what is the direction of electricity in overhead wire
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kinetic energy required to project a body of mass m from earths surface to infinity is mgR. Explain?
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Triton is a satellite of Neptune and has a radius of 5.5 km. What is the mass of Triton if the gravitational force between Triton and a 2.5 kg boulder on its surface is 1.7 x 10-2 N?
A short sighted person has a near point of 15cm and a far point of 40cm. Can he see clearly an object at a distance of: a) 5cm
b) 25cm
c) 50cm
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A steel rod has a diameter of 2.52 cm.Express its diameter in millimeter and meter
A van passes a junction violating traffic regulation at 20ms-1. A cop who is at the junction quickly starts his bike and chases the van. He spends 10 seconds to start his bike and accelerate at 3ms-2. The max speed of the bike is 30ms-1.
(1) Find whether the cop reaches the van during his acceleration or during his max speed.
(2) Find the distance between the junction and the point of meeting the cop to the van
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assuming that the largest mass that can be moved by a flowing river depends on the velocity of flow,density of river water,and acceleration due to gravity,show that the mass varies as the sixth power of velocity of flow.
A round cone A of mass 3.2 kg and half-angle alpha equal to 60 deg. rolls uniformly and wihout slipping along a round conical surface B so that its apex o remaining stationary . The centre of gravity of cone A is at the distance lequal to 17cm from it. The cone's axis moves with angular velocity w(omega). Find
(a) statc friction force acting on the cone A if w(omega) equals to 1.0 rad/sec
(b) at what values of w(omega) the cone A will roll without sliding, if the coefficient of friction between the surfaces is equal to k
k equal to 0.25
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