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A Nichrome wire is 1.0m long and 1.0mm^2 in cross-sectional area. It carries a current of 4.0A when a potential difference of 2V is applied between its ends. Calculate the conductivity of the wire.

a. (2MΩm)^−1
b. (4kΩm)^−1
c. (2mΩm)^−1
d. (4Ωm)^−1
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14 A battery of e.m.f. and negligible internal resistance is connected to two resistors of resistances R1 and R2 as shown in the figure. What is the potential difference across the resistor of resistance R2?

a. E(R1+R2)/R1
b. ER2/(R1+R2)
c. E(R1+R2)/R2
d. ER2/R1

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A battery has emf 13.2V and internal resistance 24mΩ. If the load current is 20.0A, find the terminal voltage o f the battery.

a. 12.7V
b. 14.5V
c. 16.8V
d. 17.7V
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Electrical energy is sold by PHCN in units of kilowatt-hour (kWh). The lighting of a house is done with five 60W bulbs which are switched on for approximately three hours per day. What is the lighting bill for the household over a period of 30days at the rate of N1.20 per kilowatt-hour?

a. N1.50
b. N25.30
c. N32.40
d. N52.20
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A 2Ω and a 3Ω resistors in parallel are connected in series to a 4Ω resistor. The combination is then connected across a 12V battery having internal resistance of 1Ω as shown in the figure. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit?

a. 9.2Ω
b. 6.2Ω
c. 2.2Ω
d. 7.2Ω

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The term 'lost volts' refers to_________

a. energy per coulomb dissipated in the external (load) resistance
b. terminal potential difference
c. energy per coulomb dissipated in the internal resistance of the source of emf d. energy per coulomb wasted to heat up the connecting wires
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A charge q1, = 5.0μc is placed 30cm to the west of another charge q2=12μc. What is the force exerted by the positive charge on the negative charge?

a. 24N
b. -6N
c. -8N
d. 4.5N
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A tangent galvanometer has a coil of 2 turn of mean radius 7.5cm, which is set with its plane in the magnetic meridian. A current is passed through the coil and produces a deflection of a magnet, pivoted at the center of the coil, of 450. Calculate the current if the horizontal component of the earth’s flux density is 1.8×10^−5Wbm^−2

a. 1.07A
b. 3.27A
c. 1.33A
d. 2.15A
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A galvanometer of resistance 120Ω a full scale deflection with a current of 0.0005A. How would you convert it to an ammeter that reads a maximum current of 5A?

a. connect 2000Ω in parallel to it
b. connect 200.12Ω in series to it
c. connect 20.10Ω in series to it
d. connect 0.012Ω in parallel to it
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A galvanometer with coil resistance 12.0Ω shows full scale deflection for a current of 2.5mA. How would you convert it into a voltmeter of range 0 to 10.0V?

a. 3988Ω in series
b. 0.43Ω in parallel
c. 2000Ω in parallel
d. 1.62Ω in series
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