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7 A man walks
due east and then
. Find his resultant displacement.
A 13.7 m,
B 14.6 m,
C 10.0 m,
D 14.6m,
8 A man leaves the garage in his house and drives to a neighboring town which is twenty kilometers away from his house on sight-seeing. He returns home to his garage two hours after. What is his average velocity from home in km/h?
A 10
B 0
C 20
D 40
9 Which of the following quantities is an example of a vector or cross product?

A momentum
B work
C density
D torque
10 Which of the following is NOT correct?

A k⃗ ⋅k⃗ =1

B i⃗ ×j⃗ =k⃗

C i⃗ ×k⃗ =−j⃗

D j⃗ ⋅j⃗ =0
11 Which of the follwing statements is correcct?

A An object can have a constant velocity even though its speed is changing
B An object can have a constant speed even though its velocty is changing
C An object can have zero acceleration and eventually reverses its direction
D An object can have constant velocity even though its acceleration is not zero
What are ferroelectric materials? Explain with the example of BaTiO3. How are they
different from piezoelectric materials?
What are transducers? Explain the working principle of a peizielectric transducer.
Explain the three types of defects in crystals.
Calculate the limiting value of the magnetic field for which Nb will act as a
superconductor at 4 K. Take Bac(0) as 1970 Oe and Tc for Nb to be 9.25 K.
Calculate the intrinsic carrier concentration for GaAs at 300 K, given that,
* 0.56 ; * 0.068 and 1.42
mh = me me = me Eg = eV.
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