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20 For a metallic conductor, Ohm's law holds provided (a) potential difference varies (b) current remains constant (c) temperature remains constant (d) potential difference remains constant
8 Which of the following precautions is NOT applicable to experiment involving planoconvex lens?
a) planoconvex lens should have small focal length b) parallax error should be avoided c) the surface of the lens should be cleaned properly d) the tip of the optical pin should be at the same level with the principal axis of the lens
9 A glass prism of refracting angle 60 degrees gives a minimum deviation of 47degrees. What is the refractive index of the glass? a) 1.61 (b) 1.20 (c) 1.52 (d) 1.41
12 In an experiment to determine the focal length of a convex lens, 1/u (cmÀ1) was plotted on horizontal and 1/v (cmÀ1) on the vertical axis, where u and v have their usual meaning. What is the physical significance of the reciprocal of the slope of the graph? a) linear magnification (b)focal length (c) object distance (d) image distance
14 In an experiment with a concave mirror, the image of an optical pin which is 4 times its size was cast on on a screen 6m from the object pin. How far from the object pin should the mirror be placed? a) 8m b) 6m c) 3m d) 2m
1 A convex mirror has a radius of 20 cm. An object is placed 30 cm in front of the mirror. Determine where the image will appear. (a) −4.5cm (b) −5.5cm (c) −6.5cm (d) −7.5cm
9 Two resistances 2Ω and 3Ω are in parallel. The combination is in series with 1.5Ω resistance and a power supply of voltage V. There is a current of 3A through the 2Ω resistance. What are the values of the current I delivered by, and the voltage V across the power supply? (a) 3A and 10.5V (b) 4A and 9V (c) 4A and 12V (d) 12A and 18V
11 A current of 0.5A flowing through a wire produces 21J of heat in 1/2 min. The resistance of the wire is ----------- ohms to 1 place of decimal? (a)2.8Ω (b)3.2Ω (c)1.4Ω (d) 4.6Ω
14 The physical phenomenon which accounts for apparent depth of a pool of water is called? (a)waves (b) polariztion (c) diffraction (d) refraction
15 The ------------ of the eye plays an equivalent role of the screen in optical experiments? (a) lens (b) iris (c) optic nerve (d) retina
18 A ray of light travels from air to glass. The incident ray makes an angle of 45 degrees while the refracted ray makes and angle of 30 degrees with the normal to the interface. The speed of light in air is 3.0×10 8 m/s. What is the of speed of light in glass? (a)2.12×10 8 m/s (b) 4.24×10 8 m/s (c)3.73×10 8 /s (d) 3.00×10 8 $/s
19 A 9V battery is short-circuited. The potential difference across the battery is found to be 8V, and the current is 5A. What is the internal resistance of the battery? (a) 0.1Ω (b) 0.2Ω (c)0.3Ω (d)0.4Ω
20 Ohm's law relates potential difference with? (a) power (b) Energy (c) current (d) time

Which of the following is the correct unit of k in the equation of a damped harmonic oscillator given as
, where b is the damping factor and all the symbols have their usual meaning?




If s is distance and t is time, what must be the dimensions of a and b in the equation




What are the dimensions of pressure gradient?




Which of the following equations is not dimensionally consistent? the symbols have their usual meaning.




Given three vectors
a⃗ =−i⃗ −4j⃗ +2k⃗
b⃗ =3i⃗ +2j⃗ −2k⃗
c⃗ =2i⃗ −3j⃗ +k⃗
, calculate
a⃗ ⋅(b⃗ ×c⃗ )


A man walks
due east and then
. Find his resultant displacement.
13.7 m,
14.6 m,
10.0 m,
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