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a vertical pencil of rays comes from bottom of a tank filled with a liquid.when the tank is accelerated with an acceleration of 7.5m/s^2,the ray is seen to be totally reflected by liquid surface.what is minimum possible refractive index of liquid?
Explain why a mirror cannot give rise to chromatic aberration.
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A virtual image is often described as an image through which light rays don't actually travel, as they do for a real image. Can a virtual image be photographed?
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Can a converging lens be made to diverge light if placed in liquid? How about a converging mirror?
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Does your bathroom mirror show you older or younger than your actual age? Compute an order of magnitude estimate for the age difference, based on data you specify.
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A dedicated sports car enthusiast polished the inside and outside surfaces of a hubcap that is a section of a sphere. When he looks into one side of the hubcap, he sees an image of his face 30.0cm in back of it. He then turns the hubcap over, keeping it the same distance from his face. He now sees an image of his face 10.0cm in back of the hubcap. How far is his face from the hubcap? What is the magnitude of the radius of curvature of the hubcap?
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A concave mirror has a radius of curvature of 24.0cm. Determine the object position for which the resulting image is upright and larger than the object by a factor of 3.00. Is the image real of virtual?
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An object is placed 50.0cm from a screen. Where should a converging lens of focal length 10.0cm be placed to form an image on the screen? Find the magnification of the lens.
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Object O1 is 15.0cm to the left of a converging lens with a 10.0cm focal length. A second lens is positioned 10.0cm to the right of the first lens and is observed to form a virtual image at the position of the original object O1. What is the focal length of the second lens? What is the overall magnification of this system? What is the nature of the final image?
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Two converging lenses having focal lengths of f1=10.0cm and f2=20.0cm are placed d=50.0cm apart. The final image is to be located between the lenses, at the position x=31.0cm. How far to the left of the first lens should the object be positioned? What is the overall magnification to the system? Is the final image upright or inverted?
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