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how shock wave front is generated in a piece of material subjected to extension with some velocity on the free end and other end fixed.
An object that has mass m=2 kg is placed on a plane having an inclination to the horizontal of α = 30O. The coefficient of friction between the object and the surface is 0.3. Find the horizontal force necessary to act on the object that would cause the object to move up the slope with a constant speed.
This is the answer I got.
Force that is making the mass to tend to slide along the slope= mgsinα=2x9.8xsin30=9.8N

Friction force Fr= mgcos=0.32x9.8xcos30=5.09

Force parallel to plane to overcome resisting force=T=mgcos+ mgsinα=9.8+5.09=14.89N
A body starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of 2m/s in a straight line. After how long will the body be 200 m from its starting point?
A body starts from rest and reaches a speed of 5m/s after travelling with uniform acceleration on a straight line for 2 s. Calculate the acceleration of the body.
Using the forces of adhesion and cohesion, explain why water has a concave meniscus and mercury has a convex meniscus.
What is the power dissipated in a 5 W resistor if the current is 4 A?


What is the current through a 5 kW resistor when the power dissipated by the element is 20mW?
A portable TV uses a 12V, 3A-h battery over a period of 5.5 hours when the battery is empty. What is the average current drawn during this period? What is energy expended by the battery during this period?
If a Kilowatt hour costs 25 cents, how much does it cost to light up a 20W low power light bulb continuously for 1 year?
a ball is thrown vertically upward. it has a sped of 10m/s when it has reached of its maximum heighr. how does the ball rise??
single - axel bucket P is free to move up and down on a 30o inclined
slope connected to a counter weight Q through a weightless rope which goes over a pulley system
R. The bucket (including wheels) has a mass of 550 kg and its wheels have a total moment of
inertia of 50 kgm2. The twin pulley block R has a total axis moment of inertia of 75 kgm2. The
counter weight is 20 kN and coefficient of friction between Q and the 60o slope on which it is
sliding is 0.2. The wheels of P have radius of 0.5 m, while the two pulleys which constitute R have
radius of 0.2 m and 0.9 m. Determine the acceleration with which the bucket will ascend along the
slope and find the tension in each side of the rope, assuming these two remains parallel to the
respective surfaces.
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