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The HCl molecule consists of a hydrogen atom (mass 1u) and a chlorine atom (mass 35u). The centres of the two atoms are separated by 127pm (=1.27x10-10m). What is the moment of inertia, I, about an axis perpendicular to the line joining the two atoms which passes through the centre of mass of the HCl molecule ?
A uniform ball, hoop and disk, all of mass M=6 kg and radius R roll smoothly from rest down a ramp inclined at 30 to the horizontal. Which of the three objects reaches the bottom of the slope first ?
define and explain free and forced oscillations
If the length of a wire of steel is increased 6%, than will the diameter get reduced 4%?explain with poisson ratio?
An object is rolled up an incline. If the object is 2.75 m up the incline after 4.50s and rolling back down at a velocity of 1.90m/a, what is the acceleration of the object?
Which of the following is the correct unit of k in the equation of a damped harmonic oscillator given as ÀbvÀkx=ma , where b is the damping factor and all the symbols have their usual meaning?
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If s is distance and t is time, what must be the dimensions of a and b in the equation s=asin(bt) ?
Two resistances


are in parallel. The combination is in series with
resistance and a power supply of voltage V. There is a current of 3A through the

resistance. What are the values of the current I delivered by, and the voltage V across the power supply?

Two wires P ad Q, each of the same length and same material, are connected in parallel to a battery. The diameter of P is half that of Q. What fraction of the total current passes through P?

In an experiment to determine the relationship between the current I through a piece of tungsten wire and the potential difference V across it, the theoretical relationship used was
, where k and n are constants which may be obtained from a straight line graph of the form y = mx + c, the symbols having their usual meaning. The corresponding linear equation for this experiment is

A current of 0.5A flowing through a wire produces 21J of heat in 1/2 min. The resistance of the wire is ----------- ohms to 1 place of decimal

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1. a vessel contains non linear triatomic gas. if 50% of gas dissociates into individual atom then find the new degree of freedom by ignoring the vibrational mode and further dissociation.(Ans-3.75)

2.A narrow glass tube 80 cm long and opened at both ends is half immersed in mercury and now the top of the tube is closed and is taken out of mercury. A column of mercury 20 cm long remains in the tube. Find atm pressure(ans-60 cm of Hg column)

3.The mean free path of a molecule of He gas is A. Its mean free path along any arbitary cordinate axis will be?(ans-A/3)

4.Two container A and B are partly filled with water and closed. The volume of A is twice of B and it contains half the amount of water in B. IF both are at same temperature the water vapour in the container will have pressure ratio? (ans-1:1)
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Find the average value of Px. <Px> for n=1 state of a particle in a one dimensional box of length 'l'. Comment on your result.
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