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A block of mass (m1 = 5 kg) on a rough, horizontal surface is connected to a ball of mass (m2 = 2 kg) by a lightweight inextensible cord over a light weight, frictionless pulley, as shown in Figure 1 below. A force of magnitude F = 80 N acting at an angle θ = 30º with the horizontal is applied to the block, accelerating the block of mass to the left. The coefficient of the kinetic friction between the block and the surface is 0.25.

a) Draw the free body diagram of the masses m1 and m2.
b) Determine the normal force acting on mass m1.
c) Determine the kinetic friction force acting on mass m1.
d) Determine the acceleration of the system.
a) Perform the following calculations on the measurements and express your answers to reasonable number of significant figures and decimal places.
i) 108.7 cm + 0.35 cm- 0.105 cm
ii) 103.47 g m/L* 20.3 mL
b) Explain why uncertainty of measurement is important in science and engineering.
c) With the aid of an illustration, explain the meaning of accuracy and precision
I drive a 18 wheeler. My question is- If my truck is loaded and total weight of the truck and trailer is 79,900 lbs, and I am parked on a road with a slight degree of a incline. Enough that you have to apply the brakes from rolling backwards. Because of the slight incline of the road, can the applied pressure of the weight against the brakes add weight? Because the brakes are adding pressure? I was told this may be true. I have received a ticket saying that one of my azles was over weight. Please let me know anything you findю
expansion form of (2d - 3e + 4f)
Car A is travelling at 22.0 m/s and car B at 29.0 m/s. Car A is 300 m behind Car B when the drive of car A accelerates his car with an acceleration of2.4 m/s2. How long does it take Car A to overtake Car B?
A potentiometer wire has length 4 m and resistance 8 ohm . The resistance that must be connected in series with the wire and an accumulator of e.m.f 2 V, so as to get a potential gradient 1 mV per cm on the wire is- A) 44 ohm B) 48 ohm C) 32 ohm D) 40 ohm
Which physics formulas do I need to focus on to determine whether or not an amusement park swing ride rotating at its max speed can hold a 50 lb. child safely if, while stationary, the swing can hold up a 200 lb. man? Is the centripetal force what I am supposed to be finding, and then I compare it to the stationary hanging tension when the 200 lb. weight is on it?
An identical drop is of capacitance 'c' are combined to form a big drop, calculate capacitance of the big drop?
(a) calculate the potential of each small drop is 'v'
(b) calculate the.energy.and surface charge
A cubicle vessel of height 1 m is full of water. What will be the minimum work done in taking water out from vessel?
hello experts

problem- A charge Q is placed at the centre of a square if electric field intensity due to the charge at the corners of the square is 'E' and the intensity at the mid point of the side of square is 'e'
then ratio of E/e will be?
NOTE- the Electric field mentioned here are different at both the points.

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