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A particle moves towards a concave mirror of focal length 30 c m along its acis and with a constant speed of 4 cm/s what is the speed of its Image when the particle is at 90 cm from the mirror
A (light) pallet has a load of cases of tomato paste each of which is a cube of length L and has identical mass. Find the center of gravity in the horizontal plane, so that the crane operator can pick up the load without tipping it. (Use the following as necessary: L, measured from the back left corner.)
when an automobile moves with constant speed down a highway,most of the power developed by the engine is used to compensate for the mechanical engine loss due to frictional forces exerted on the car by the air and road. if the power developed by engine is 175hp,estimate the total frictional forces acting on the car when it is moving at a speed of 29 meter per sec. One horsepower equals 746 W.
Which of these electronic components must be connected in parallel to the resistive load in other to form a smoothing circuit?
Crystal oscillators
Which of these electronic components is identified by IN plus their number.
Zener Diode
How many stage(s) does the operational amplifier have?
The positive feedback current is used mainly in___________
The OP AMP differentiator is basically a ________________ pass filter
A major disadvantage of the _________ pass transistor regulator is that they are inefficient
In _________ , the transistor operates somewhere between saturation and cut-off state.
Step-down Regulator
Step-up Regulator
Linear Regulator
Inverting Regulator
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