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a ball is thrown vertically upward. it has a sped of 10m/s when it has reached of its maximum heighr. how does the ball rise??
single - axel bucket P is free to move up and down on a 30o inclined
slope connected to a counter weight Q through a weightless rope which goes over a pulley system
R. The bucket (including wheels) has a mass of 550 kg and its wheels have a total moment of
inertia of 50 kgm2. The twin pulley block R has a total axis moment of inertia of 75 kgm2. The
counter weight is 20 kN and coefficient of friction between Q and the 60o slope on which it is
sliding is 0.2. The wheels of P have radius of 0.5 m, while the two pulleys which constitute R have
radius of 0.2 m and 0.9 m. Determine the acceleration with which the bucket will ascend along the
slope and find the tension in each side of the rope, assuming these two remains parallel to the
respective surfaces.
I need some ideas to create "handmade things" that show physics (holliday mechanics & electromagnetic) rules. You can use any material. More creative, cheaper and easier is better.
particle revolving on circular motion come back to its original position.what would be its linear velocity and angular velocity????will it be zero as displacement is zero when particle reach to original position
Determine how much farther a person can jump on the moon as compared to the earth if the takeoff speed and angle are the same. The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is one sixth what it is on earth
what is the velocity of a carbon dioxide molecule at 25 degrees centigrade in a one cubic foot box
A laser beam of wavelength 6X10-7 m , coherence width 8X10-3m and power 10mW shines on a surface 100m away. Deduce the illumination , compare it with that due to a collimated beam from a torch filament of diameter 0.1cm , lens of focal length 10cm and power 10W.
Jed was driving his car at 40km/hr on a subdivision where the speed limit is 20km /hr. He was spotted by an officer in a motorcycle, who accelerates in pursuit. By the time jed sees the officers motorcycle it was traveling at 60km/ hr. What is the officer's velocity relative to jed car.
For biological organisms, more damage is done to cells by standing in front of a very weak (low power) beam of x-rays than in front of a much brighter red light. How does the photon concept explain this situation that an 18th century physicist would have found paradoxical?
In photoelectric effect experiments, no photoelectrons are produced when the frequency of the incident radiation drops below a cutoff value (which varies depending on the metal used in the experiment), no matter how bright or intense the light is. How can you explain this fact using a “particle” theory of light instead of a wave theory of light?
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