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: An object of mass m slides on a plane inclined at an angle  with the horizontal [as
shown in the Fig-1]. The coefficient of friction between the object and the plane is  . The
object starts sliding at some non-zero angle with the X-axis and its position vector at time t is
given as ˆ ˆ r t x t i y t j ( ) (

Obtain the equation of the trajectory of the object
A particle moves along a straight line following the law
V= u+√(2as) then its acceleration
a. Increase with time
b. Decrease with time
c. Constant
d. N.O.T.

This question relates to finding a constant acceleration using average velocity. In the acceleration questions posted at the beginning of the Khan Academy's MCAT Prep Acceleration section, there is one that asks for the constant acceleration to be solved for when a dragster travels 400 m in 4 seconds. The correct answer is displayed as 50 m/s/s, and the hints suggest solving with the d = 1/2at^2 formula.

Here is what I don't get: when I use the d = 1/2at^2 formula to solve for acceleration, I get the correct answer (50m/s/s). However, when I try to use the average velocity formula, a = 1/2(vi+vf) / t ---- I don't get the correct answer (12.5 m/s/s).

Could someone explain this for me, please? I would love to understand why I can't use acceleration = average velocity/time to solve this problem correctly, or what I have done wrong in trying to do so.

A sample of germanium shows no Hall effect. If the mobility of electrons in germanium is 3500 cm cube/v. see and that of holes is 1400cm cube/v. see. What fraction of the current in the sample is carried by the electrons?
If a box weighing 536 N is pulled forward at constant speed by a force of 150. N at an angle of 37.0 degrees with the ground, what normal force does the supporting surface exert on the box?
How large a mass will 32 N accelerate at the same rate achieved by 13 N acting on 8.3 kg?
If a 55-N force is required to move an object that weighs 93 N across a level surface at constant speed, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction?
An airplane is flying to a city due west from its current location. If there is a slight wind blowing to the southwest, in what direction must the plane head (that is, in what direction must it point)? Explain your answer using a diagram
A ladybug with a velocity of 10.0 mm/s [W] crawls on a chair that is being pulled [W 50° N] at 40.0 mm/s. What is the velocity of the ladybug relative to the ground?
a man of height 1.2 m walks away from a lamp hanging at height of 4 m above ground. if man walks with a speed of 2.8m/s determine velocity of the tip of mans shadow.
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