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If an airplane travels a path length of 2260 m while traveling a horizontal distance of 1070 m, what is its angle of climb?
When a e- is released between two capacitor plate where it will hit?
What are the properties of E-Field generated by a time-varying Magnetic field (pls help me out as i could not even imagine this)? Does it have the same property of that generate by a steady charge?
A gnat takes off from one end of a pencil and flies around erratically for 37.6 seconds before landing on the other end of the same pencil. If the gnat flew a total distance of 6.65 meters, and the pencil is 0.0763 m long, find the gnat\'s average speed, as well as the magnitude of the gnat\'s average velocity vector.
N identical capacitors are joined in parallel and the combination is charged to a potential V. Now if they are separated and then joined in series, will the energy of combination remain the same or will it increase? Explain why.
Vector A has magnitude of 13.9 and is 225° counter-clockwise up from the x-axis. What are the x- and y-components of the vector?
consider the energy and fluctuation in energy of an arbitrary system in contact with a heat reservior at absolute temperature T = 1/KB.calculate dispersion of energy
The temperature at which the tungsten filament of a 12 V and 36W lamp operates is
C. If the temperature coefficient of resistance of tungsten is
/K, find the resistance of the lamp at a room temperature of 20$^{o}$C
Calculate the change in internal energy of 2kg of water at 90 degree celcius when it is changed to $3.30m^{3}$ of steam at $100 ^{o}$C. The whole process occurs at atmospheric pressure. The latent heat of vaporization of water is $2.26\times10^{6}$ J/kg.
find the flux density of magnetic field to cause 62.5eV electron to move in a circular path of radius 5cm.
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