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Suppose a ball throw up ward from the 60 mtr heigh of the building and ball takes 6 secs to strike on the ground , the average speed of ball is 50/n then find the value of n
Basic wave theory predicted that a blackbody should put out more energy at higher frequencies. In reality, above the peak frequency a real blackbody emits less radiation with increasing frequency. Planck was able to explain this contradiction by assuming that light energy is quantized and that higher frequencies of light have a bigger quantum. Explain why light energy being quantized this way means that a blackbody will emit less energy at higher frequencies.
calculate the linear acceleration
The property of light waves that determines its brightness

Object A with a mass of 2kg, a velocity of 7m/s and object B with a mass of 9kg and a velocity of -5 m/s are moving towards each other along the x axis.They collide and stick together after collision.Determine the kinetic energy lost during the collision.
A 4kg ball having velocity (7i+6j) m/s collides and bounces off a wall with a velocity of (-3i+6j) m/s. The ball is in contact with the wall for 0.01 s.In unit-vector notation, what are a) the impulse and b)the average force on the ball from the wall
1)A 1kg box starts up a 2 degrees incline with a speed of 5m/s. How far will the box slide up the incline if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and incline is 0.4
2)A disk starting from rest rotates about its central axis with constant angular acceleration.In 3s, it rotates 27 rad .During that time, determine a)the angular acceleration
b)the instantaneous angular velocity of the disk at the end of the 3s
When the speed of a source is less than the speed of sound in a medium, the wavefront of the wave is –
A) Cylindrical B) Spherical C) Conical D) Plane

When the speed of a source is GREATER than the speed of sound in a
medium , the wavefront of the wave is –
A) Cylindrical B) Spherical C) Conical D) Plane

When the speed of a source is EQUAL to the speed of sound in a medium, the wavefront of the wave is –
A) Cylindrical B) Spherical C) Conical D) Plane
the mass of solid cube is 200g and each edge has a length of 6.15 cm. determine the density p of the cube.
If momentum of an object is increased by 10% then its kinetic energy will increase by _________?
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