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You attach a meter stick to an oak tree, such that the top of the meter stick is 1.47 meters above the ground. Later, an acorn falls from somewhere higher up in the tree. If the acorn takes 0.311 seconds to pass the length of the meter stick, how high above the ground was the acorn before it fell (assuming that the acorn didn\'t run into any branches or leaves on the way down)?
the wavelength of a light wave having a frequency of 80,000,000 hz is
(a) What is the wavelength of 90.0 MHz radio waves used in an MRI unit?

(b) If the frequencies are swept over a 2.00% range centered on a 90.0 MHz, what is the range of wavelengths broadcast?
Electromagnetic radiation having a 14.0 mu wavelength is classified as infrared radiation. What is it's frequency?
A vector velocity v has components vx = 20 m/s and vy = -31 m/s. Find the magnitude and the direction of the vector. Give the angle with respect to the horizontal positive x- axis.
Q.1: Find the fourier series of f(x)=│x│ on [-π, π]
Q.2: Find the fourier series of f(x)=2-x2 on (-2<x<2)
Electron of kinetic energy 500 MeV are scattered from a target of nuclei into a diffraction pattern that has minima with an average separation of theta=30 degree.Find the charge distribution radius,r of the target nuclei.
How dielectric constant of a parallel plate capacitor varies by varying frequency in physical terms?
Why conventional voltmeter and ammeter are not used for high frequency voltage and current measurements?
1) Describe how a system containing 2 gases can be in :
a)Mechanical but not in thermal and chemical equilibrium
b)Thermal but not in mechanical or chemical equilibrium
c)Thermal and mechanical equilibrium but not in chemical equilibrium

2) On a graph of volume versus temperature draw and label lines indicating the following processes, each proceeding from the same initial state T0, V0 :
a) an isothermal expansion
b) an isothermal compression
c) an isochoric increase in temperature