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A car initially at rest undergoes uniform acceleration for 6.32 seconds and covers a distance of 120 meters. What is the approximate acceleration of the car?
Explain in detail the causes of tsunami. Also mention the precautions needed to be taken to minimize the damage.
A ball is thrown vertically into the air with an initial speed of 22.8 m/s. During its flight at one instant the ball was observed to be moving with a velocity of -16.1 m/s. Calculate the elapsed time between these two velocities. Round your answer to three significant digits.
Substance A has a higher specific heat than substance B. With all other factors equal, which requires the most energy to heat equal masses of A and B to the same temperature?
due to continental drift the north American and European continent are drifting apart at an average speed of about 3 cm per year at this be how long in years will it take for them to drift apart by another 1450 m?
Which has a greater momentum: a heavy truck at rest or a moving skateboard?

Which has a greater momentum: a heavy truck at rest or a moving skateboard?
Both have zero momentum.
Both have the same momentum.
The moving skateboard.
The heavy truck at rest.
How is focal length related to converging power of a convex lens?
a conical pendulum has period of one second and its string makes an angle of 45 degree with the vertical.if the same pendulum is used as simple pendulum what will be its period?
A rope is hung at both ends from a horizontal beam, and a weight m is suspended from it. The left part of the rope exerts a force G at P, while the right part of the rope exerts a force H. Find the indicated quantities from the given data.

m = 50 kg
θ (theta) = 17°
Ø = 6°

|G| = ?
|H| = ?