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Discuss the impact of microorganisms in the clean-up of oil spills
Write on the multidisciplinary nature of petroleum microbiology in life science and
engineering technology.
In a metabolic pathway that involved 5 different reactions resulting in 5 different products, what kind of metabolic control would you expect to regulate the path?
Write on the common infection and treatment of diseases or food infections caused by Escherichia coli.
write a concise note on immunity in parasitic infections
Describe in details three laboratory procedures for diagnosing endoparasitic infections.
Using the different classes of parasites, describe parasitism as a way of life for some organisms.
There are many examples of communities of microorganisms living
within more advanced multicellular organisms. Why do you think that this is such a
common theme in nature?
The application of organic matter to the soil improves soil quality. Discuss.
Describe the structure of any two tectosilicate minerals found in soils.
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