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a protein smaple (mw2500) having concentration of 0.5ug/ml and extinction coefficient of 25000dm cubic /mol/cm and absorbs uv light. calculate the percentage of light transmitted through this sample if path length is 1cm
Last Christmas your friend, Steve, took a trip to Brazil to hang out at the beach and to visit the Amazon (the place not the online store!). A couple of days back in the states from his trip, he tells you he can’t come to your party because he isn’t feeling well. You ask him what is wrong, and he tells you he has a headache and muscle aches. The next day he has a high fever, chills and some nausea/vomiting. He isn’t eating much at this point. You take him to the ER because he is so weak and in pain. They decide to do a full work up. Which “samples” would they take from Steve? Name two. Be sure to explain why they would take these samples.
3.Predict how the presence of viable but nonculturable cells in food or water systems might impact public health.
Predict how the presence of viable but nonculturable cells in food or water systems might impact public health?
.Describe three hypotheses proposed to account for the decline in cell numbers during the death phase of a growth curve?
1. Replicate the following segment of DNA 5' ATC GGC TAC GTT CAC 3' 3' TAG CCG ATG CAA GTG 5' a. Show the direction of replication of the new strands and explain what the lagging and leading strands are b. Explain how this is semi conservative replication. Are the new strands identical to the original segment of DNA? 2. The following sequence represents triplets on DNA TAC CAG ATA CAC TCC CCT GCG ACT a. Give the mRNA codons and tRNA anticodons that correspond with this sequence. b. Using the above piece of DNA, show a deletion, insertion, a substitution and nonsense mutation. Which ones are frame-shit mutations? Are any of your mutations mis-use? Use the table of codons and amino acids in the textbook to answer this part of the question.
Bacterial cells grow at a rate proportional to the volume of dividing cells at that moment. If V0 is the volume of dividing cells at any time t . Find the time at which the volume of the cells will be double its original size.

What does adherence have to do with disease?

Which of the following are newly acquired characteristics of E. coli cells successfully transformed with pGLO? select all that apply a.arabinose production b.green fluorescence under UV light c.ampicillin resistance d.lactose fermentation
Describe the different mechanisms of action of antibacterial agents.
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