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Why would cannibalism be favored by natural selection?
The genetic component of variance for narrow sense heritability includes what?
Even if a trait has a high selection differential, it will not evolve if h2 = 0. True or Fasle

What environments do white-eyed flies prefer compared to red-eyed wildtype flies? How are the preferences between the two eye color phenotypes different?

The remnant of an organ that had a function in an early ancestor is known as a
What is the Hardly-Weinberg equation and what do the element represent?
A.explain Lamar idea of inheritance of acquired characteristics as a mechanism B.discuss Darwin's concept of natural selection and give an example how it might operate C.explain how a fossil is usually formed
Define the following terms a.evolution b.micro-evolution c.gene pool d.gene flow e.natural selection F.species g.fossil h.homologous structures I.extinction J.artificial selection
What are the potential causes of micro-evolution
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