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Which of these causes increased output of urine
A low blood pressure
B high reabsorption from collecting duct
C low water content in the body
D lowered osmotic pressure
The only taxonomic category that has a real existence
what are 3 adaptations that animals have that plants do not have?
What four things must be true for humans to be evolving by natural selection to become smarter? For each of the four things, what data is there to support it? If there is no data what could be done to justify or refute the point?
Discuss the molecular evidence that reveals similarities between closely related organisms with reference to mitochondrial DNA and protein sequence data
What are the advantages and disadvantages experienced in the societies globally as a result of evolution of mammals ?
Did evolution occurred rapidly in early life forms?

I was trying to solve this and was stuck at the fourth option.
Which of the following sentences is true about the evolutionary process?
(1) There is no real 'progress' in the idea of evolution
(2) HUmans are unique, a totally new type of organism
(3) Progress is nature's religion
(4) Evolution of life forms was rapid in the beginning ages
Arthropods have not been able to achieve great size because
(1) the type of organ systems they possess could not supportĀ·such a development
(2) they would be unable to successfully reproduce
(3) chitin is brittle and must be thick to bear the pull of muscles
(4) their vision is not good enough to hunt larger prey

My attempt:

the fur of a snow shoe rabbit changes to white during the winter. this change is a example of
What feature of a population allows for some individuals to survive and others not? a) variation b) number of offspring c) habitat d) predators