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Using the Codon table and the following DNA strand below, what is the prediction of the correct sequence of Amino Acids that would be produced? The Codon table I am suppose to use has the word "start" beside of the AUG listing.

5' T C A A A A G C T G C A 3'
What cell organelles would you expect to occur in large numbers in a cell with the following function?

Function: An animal cell (human liver cell) that is involved in detoxifying alcohol.
what is in called when the movement of chromosomes stops
what role do these molecules play in the transport of a generic/hypothetical bacterium, water, amino acid and glucose from the ileum lumen across the cell membrane of the epithelial cells of the villi?
How does facilitated diffusion of glucose occur
A drug is taken which makes the inner membrane of the mitochondria permeable to NADH. Describe the impact on the organism.

What parts of atoms are responsible for how they interact with other atoms?
A. nuclei
B. protons
C. neutrons
D. electrons
If the product of photosynthesis are used to make glucose and glucose is used for glycolysis, this means that molecules are moving between which two compartments in the cell?