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10. Which statement is false about fungi? Some fungi live on trees. Many fungi form mycelia of hyphae. Most fungi are multicellular, although some are unicellular. Most fungi get their nutrients by ingesting small pieces of other living organisms. Some fungi can live symbiotically with other organisms.
Using genetic engineering techniques, you have created a set of proteins that contain two (and only two) conflicting signal sequences that specify different compartments. Predict which signal would Wln out for the following combinations. Explain your answers. A. Signals for import into the nucleus and extracellular matrix. B. Signals for export from the nucleus and import into the peroxisome. C. Signals for import into mitochondria and retention in the Golgi complex.
Consider three genes, Aa, Bb and Cc, each of which affects a different character. The three genes are located on different chromosomes. Calculate the probability of obtaining: a) An Aa BB Cc zygote from a cross of Aa Bb Cc x Aa Bb Cc b) An Aa BB cc zygote from a cross of aa BB Cc x AA bb CC
In rabbits, the coat color black dominant (B) over brown(b). Short hair is dominant (S) over long (s). Cross a homozygous black heterozygous short-haired male and a brown homozygous long-haired female. What is the phenotypic ratio?
In Shorthorn cattle, both red coat color and white coat color are true breeding. Crosses of red cattle x white cattle produce offspring that are uniformly reddish brown but thickly sprinkled with white hairs. Crosses of roan x roan produce 1/4 red: 1/2 roan: 1/4 white. What kind of genetic inheritance can explain these results?
In the jimsonweed, purple flowers are dominant to white. When a particular purple flowered jimsonweed is self-fertilized, the progeny are 27 purple-flowered and 10 white flowered progeny(approximately 3:1 ratio). What proportion of the purple flowered progeny will breed true (AA) ? What proportion of the white-flowered progeny will breed true (aa)?
We know that the most common form of of color blindness results from an X- linked recessive gene. A couple with normal color vision has a daughter with normal vision and a son who is color-blind. What is the probability that the daughter is a carrier for the color-blindness allele?
lactulose is soluble but not digested or absorbed in the human intestine. Why is lactulose used to help people suffering from constipation using the idea of water potential.
In humans, the condition for normal blood clotting dominates the condition for non-clotting. These genes are sex- linked. If a male hemophiliac marries a woman who is a carrier for this trait, what are the chances that a male child will be normal for blood clotting
Which of the following statements concerning the conversion of pyruvate to acetyl-CoA is true? (This question has more than one correct answer) a. Pyruvate is shown entering a chloroplast b. This reaction harnesses the last of the remaining potential energy from glucose c. This reaction requires oxygen to proceed d. This is not an oxidation/reduction reaction; that is, no electrons have moved e. This reaction takes place inside the mitochondria
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