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Why is ATP used as an active energy source over glucose?
what is the equation for photosynthesis
Compare and contrast diffusion and osmosis.
The main component/(s) of plasma membrane are?
1) lipid and proteins
2) phospholipids
3) cellulose and proteins
4) cellulose and lipids
The second law of thermodynamics states that when energy is converted from one form to another, the amount of useful energy decreases. How does this relate to energy flow through biological systems?

Choices are:

Animals need to absorb solar energy (heat) to metabolize biological molecules for the energy they contain.

As energy is passed from producer to consumer, some energy is lost as heat

A biological system cannot create or destroy energy.

As producers, plants must liberate heat as they synthesize carbohydrates
What is the term used to describe organisms that capture solar energy and release oxygen as a by-product?

Choices are:

A)producers heterotrophs

B) carnivores

C) primary consumers

D) tertiary consumers
How is the energy radiated to Earth from the sun captured for use by life-forms on Earth?

Choices are:

It is captured by the inorganic substances found on Earth.

It is absorbed as heat by Earth and this is converted to energy used by life-forms.

It is captured by animals that subsequently make it available to plants.

It is captured by photosynthetic organisms.
What is the definition of "nutrients"?

Choices are:
Nutrients are the heat, light, and ultraviolet rays that reach Earth, which are utilized in chemical reactions to power life

Nutrients are atoms and molecules that organisms obtain from their living or nonliving environment and that are required for survival.

Nutrients are the pigment molecules that absorb specific wavelengths of sunlight, which subsequently store energy in chemical bonds.

Nutrients are molecules that collect and store energy
Which of the following answer choices is a true statement?

The pituitary gland has multiple functions related to the endocrine system.
Secretory cells of an endocrine gland are embedded in muscle tissue.
An endocrine gland is a cluster of hormone-secreting cells surrounded by a network of capillaries.
Target cells produce hormones that are transported throughout the body by the circulatory system.
The kidneys detect low blood oxygen levels and respond by releasing the hormone erythropoietin, which stimulates the bone marrow to make more red blood cells. As a result, the number of red blood cells increases, so more oxygen is carried in the blood. This is an example of which of the following?

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