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describe the fluid mosaic membrane structure( 15 marks)

Describe the effects of decreasing the concentration of magnesium salt on the

growth of S. polyrhiza.

Are multiple chromosomes prokaryotic or eukaryotic

recall the structures found in animal and plant cells including algal cells

Difference between animal and plant celk

With meiosis, it focus on the division of gametes or the sex cells, with this idea, what core value can you get from it?is it faith? is it excellence? or service? What core value? And why?

Describe the importance of selectively permeable membranes and compare the

functions of carrier proteins and channel proteins.

Describe the ways that membrane proteins associate with the lipid bilayer.

Nowadays companies develop novel films that help increase the shelf life of fruits and

vegetables. Explain how it helps in increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables based

on membrane transport.

Explain with scientific reasons how differences in the concentration of substances and temperature affect the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

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