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What would happen to a plant if many of its cells are plasmolysed?

for which of the following would a transmission electron microscope be the best type of mircoscope to use?

a) studying the structures of a live paramecium

b) looking at the surface features of a virus

c) seeing animal tissue that is visible to the naked eye

d) viewing a cell's mitochondria in detail

What is Mitochondria

Write a song that will help you remember the stages of the cell cycle. It will need to be at least 12 lines in length and should rhyme!

does diffusion require energy

How are beta cells related to proteins and DNA?

Cell migration is essential throughout our lives, from early embryonic development to homeostasis through our adult lives. However, cell migration needs to be controlled and aberrant cell migration can have severe clinical consequences, including cancer. It has been reported that stiff tissues result in more aggressive cancer development than soft tissues, meaning that the composition of our tissues, including the extracellular matrix has a profound effect on our susceptibility to cancer. Using your understanding of lectures 29-33, what components and properties of extracellular matrix affect tissue stiffness and what properties of cell behaviour are likely to be affected by that stiffness. (No more than 400 words)

What is hydrolysis

How do you calculate the adjusted amount of energy that is available to organisms that are one trophic level above producers

Glucose and sodium move from the lumen of the small intestine into the blood , describe the source of energy used to move glucose into the epithetial cell from the intestinal lumen

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