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production of urea results from the metabolism of
a) nucleic acid
b) fats
d) amino acids
What type of root system found in Ficus. Religiosa plant Adventitious root of tap root ?????
Do vocal cords are present in all vertebrates. If not, why.
Relate your lungs with ventilators
Urea and uric acid don't reabsorbed by the nephron. Justify
I have 9 biology labs due for my 9th grade biology class all different types. I am an online student. How much to do the work for these nine labs.
The presence of air is believed to be important for root growth in bean plants. The apparatus available to conduct an investigation is shown below. There are enough bottles and other materials to have multiple setups. Air (for aeration) can be bubbles into the bottle through the rubber tube. State one hypothesis the experiment would test.
Q1 why is start convenient way of storing energy?
Q2 what is the structural material of plants and what does it consists of? (structural material of animal is proteins)
Q3 how does a protease tenderize a meat?
Q4 substances that could be added to enzymes to stop reaction at 30degreeC?
Q5 how does cellulase soften a vegetable such as cabbage?
Q6 what product results in when starch is mixed with amylase and why is it useful in making syrup?
1-Explain the role of anti-biotics in modern medicine.

2-Explain with reference to anti-biotic resistance, why the prevalence of certain diseases has increased.

3-Identify a pharmaceutical product currently being used to treat a bacterial disease and explain how the drug functions to overcome the disease.

4-Outline the use of potential products that may be used instead of current anti-biotics to overcome diseases in the future.

5-Explain how Aboriginal Australians have previously used bush medicine to help overcome diseases (i.e. colds and flus that may have been caused by bacterial infections).
Explain the role of anti-biotics in modern medicine ?
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