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 What is the name of this process that occurs between the ribosome and the mRNA?

  • Immune surveillance is….
  •  A. the type of immunity that is known as adaptive immunity.
  •  B. the immune system that destroys cancer cells that arise in the body.
  •  C. when medical professionals determines a person’s level of immunity.
  •  D. the immune system that has congenital abnormalities.
  •  E. a type of immunity that only exists in persons with impaired immunity.

why do you think the snapper population changed the way it did

how do the marchantia species discharge spores

The enzyme catalase carries out the following reaction. Hydrogen peroxide > oxygen and water.

The activity of catalase is a

A. Synthesis reaction and the substrate is hydrogen peroxide


B. Degradation reaction and a product is oxygen


C Degradation reaction and the product is hydrogen peroxide


D. Synthesis reaction and a product is water

10 differences between competition and cooperation

Adding the atomic weights of each atom in a molecule gives _____________.

1)Determine the presence of carbohydrate at each part of the seeds (corn and red bean ) : cotyledon, endosperm, epicotyl, hypocotyl, radicle and seed coat

2)To determine the requirement of cotyledon for the development of the embryo (mung bean seeds):

a) 100%- no cutting of cotyledon

b) 75%- cut the lower part of a cotyledon

c)50%- cut the lower part of both cotyledons

d)25%- cut 3/4 lower part of cotyldeons, keep the 1/4 cotyledon that contains the embryo

e)0% - only take the embryo

The treated beans seeds kept in the damp paper towel wrapped with aluminium foil. Explain rate of germination/embryonic growth of the treated beans

What is the role of vector in spread of disease

What was this technology and why would it have an impact on population growth?

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