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When one nucleotide contains adenine what type of base is the adenine attached to on the opposite nucleotide stand

write a note on A-bands?

1.     Describe the functions of the hypothalamus and hippocampus. What part of the brain are these structures located in?

The Hypothalamus is located near the pituitary gland.  The function of the Hypothalamus is releasing hormones, regulating body temperature, food intake, water balance, heart rate, blood pressure (BP), the menstrual cycle, and circadian rhythms. The Hippocampus is located in the temporal lobe. And its functions are long term memory, particularly of places and this is also used for learning purposes as well.   

Is this an alright answer?

1.List down atleast 5 practical uses of biological classification.

2.llustrate the Phylogenic Tree of Human Ancestors. I need a picture for this.

3. Search the Amino Acid Sequences of the following animals based in their Cytochrome-c.

(this is the table )

ANIMALS Amino Acid Sequence






In the process of investigation of leukogram it was determined that one of the types of leukocytes makes up less that 1 per cent. What structural features should be taken into consideration to define the type of those leukocytes?

Task 2. A car accident victim was taken to hospital. The patient has extensive scalp wound in the parietal region due to soft tissue detachment.


1. Which muscle forms the cranial vault?

2. What parts does this muscle consist of?

what is the role of RPE in the prevention and control of COVID 19

Number of chromosomes in parent cell and 

daughter cell in mitosis and meiosis

what does our body attack germs with answer?

What are the characteristics of antibody-antigen?

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