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Is Calcium a Major trace element or Minor in protoplasm in biomolecules
It we use upper epidermis, rather than the lower epidermis, what will be the conclusion and why?
A student decided to research primate psychology for their science project. They measured how long it took gorillas to adapt to their new habitat when moved from one zoo to another. They measured how long it took the new gorilla to interact regularly (more than 3 times per day) with the gorillas that already live there. Seven different cases were examined and the data collected. What can be said about the data? [GorillaTime to interact (days)12.523.138.343.352.763.273.4]
Gorilla 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Time to interact (days) 2.5 3.1 8.3 3.3 2.7 3.2 3.4
A. The data falls within similar ranges so it may be reliable.
B. The data is only measured to one decimal place, so it is not reliable.
C. The data may not be reliable because there is an outlier.
D. The data is reliable because there is only one outlier.
What is an example of a spearing type of stinging organelle? What triggers the stinging cells in cnidaria? Describe two examples of a member of the class Hydrozoa?
Who is the first person that attempted to classify living organisms?
Each enzyme has a temperature at which it works best. A slight increase in temperature can increase enzyme activity while a large increase in temperature can cause the enzyme to become denatured. Which of the following best explains what happens when a protein becomes denatured?
Dengue virus has 4 different serotypes and each interact with the antibodies in the serum differently.So how does each of these serotype interact differently (with reference to immunology)
A living organism can be unexceptionally differentiated from a non living thing on the basis of its ability of

A. Reproduction
B. Growth and movement
C. Responsiveness to touch
D. Interaction with environment and progressive evolution
1. The term 'phylum' was given by ......
2. The term 'division' was given by ......
3. Who developed 'key' for the identification of animals?
the item that is not normally used in preparing a slide is
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