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1.Whether photorespiration would be present at low co2 concentration on ___c3cycle or __c4 cycle.
2.whether photorespiration would be present at high co2 concentrations in ___c3cycle or ___c4 cycle.
Option=high /negligible/sometimes.
3.temperature optimum in ___c3 cycle or ___c4 cycle.
Option=30-40/20-25/above 40
What happens in the brain when someone is in love? Is there a difference between the parts of the brain that are activated in men versus women when they are in love?
Discuss three different neurotransmitters that are affected by illicit drugs or alcohol and how these substances affect the individual.
Identify the four lobes of the cerebral cortex, and describe the sensory and motor functions of the cortex. Your answer should include the description and function of the following:

 Frontal lobe

 Parietal lobe

 Occipital lobe

 Temporal lobe

callitrichids twin – but callimico doesn’t – is this a new trait or an ancestral trait? And why doesn't Callimico (Goeldi's monkey) twin?
Which component of a balanced diet is not digested
A fat
B protein
C fibre
D starch
what is the stage of interphase that is associated with dna being replaicted
1- One aspect of the new science of synthetic biology involves the laboratory design of cells to perform specific functions. Suppose that you wanted to make a protein for use in a drug trial. Design a cell that would build the protein and export it from the cell. (simple drawing including organelles needed to build and export proteins and their function)
2- Because materials move from high concentration to low concentration via simple diffusion, and because they move the same way via facilitated diffusion, why do cells make proteins to carry out facilitated diffusion? Isn’t this just a waste of energy?
3- Where do you expect people would have more mitochondria: their skin cells or their muscle cells? Why?
4- Why do broad, thin leaves provide an advantage for photosynthesis?
Question 1: Plants are now having to adapt to the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and a decrease in water caused by climate change. For this question, you must cite at least 1 peer-reviewed source.
1. Water levels are declining while atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature are rising. How will this affect the light reactions? How will it affect the Calvin cycle?
2. How will plants have to evolve in places that are extremely dry and hot? For full credit, discuss their roots, stomata, and leaves.