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identify one disorder of the endocrine system that adults taking human growth hormone supplements could experience. List 4 symptoms of this disorder.
6. Is any ATP produced directly as electrons move down the electron transport chain? Yes or No 7. What is the name of the process, illustrated by the movement of H+ in the image above, which provides the direct source of energy to synthesize the ATP? 8. Which is the only step that ATP is produced through fermentation? b. Is this more, less or the same amount of ATP a cell would make through cellular respiration? 9. Briefly explain why fermentation is necessary for a cell to be able to continue to produce ATP through glycolysis without requiring continuing extra energy usage within the cell.
1. Using what you know about the requirements for any chemical reaction to take place, briefly explain the need for the energy investment phase in this catabolic reaction. 2. Where did these carrier molecules come from (what previous phase(s)? 3. When the electrons are released from these carrier molecules, what else is released? 4. Is the release of electrons from these electron carriers an oxidation or reduction reaction? 5. What is formed as a product of the electron transport chain? Did the formation of this molecule involve an oxidation or reduction reaction?
What contribution did Cuvier make to our modern understanding of evolution? What data was Cuvier trying to explain with his idea of catastrophism?
True or false. Mitosis is a type of reproduction in cell..... a zygote is a diploid cell
What are the bulb-shaped structures that contain gustatory receptor cells called? What is the purpose of red bone marrow? In which part of the nasal cavity are located the chemoreceptors? What structures attach skeletal muscles to bones? What structure of the nervous system is responsible for coordinating reflexes? Where are the photoreceptors found? What two types of photoreceptors do we have? What part of the ear are the balance receptors found? What is the function of proprioceptors? What is the function of nociceptors?
Mention the micro organisms in bacteria, algae and fungi that deteriorate museum artifacts and materials and how they do it.
Outline the infections associated with the secondary adaptive immunodeficiency
Draw the labelled diagram of relative concentration of auxin in different parts of seedlings.
Changes in temperature the geographical distribution of living organisms explain
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