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If solution A has 10,000 times as many H+ ions as solution B, what is the difference in pH units between the two solutions? Explain.
How many quanta of light are required for production of 4mmolecules of NADPH.H+
Cells are the basic units of living things, which means that they must show all characteristics of life. Which of the following is not one of the characteristics that all living things to share?
why plant cell does not burst even if placed constantly in hypotonic solution? reason
What material we can add to the electrocardiogram to Make more effective than the 19 century one
The red fox is a predator which feeds on the small mammals amphibians insects and fruit. They're active at night. They provide blood and are host to numerous diseases. After the fox meal the scraps provide food for scavengers and decomposers. Is this an example of their habitat or niche?
What are decomposers and what do the do once they break down a organism
I have 3 Questions

1. Dieting taken to a dangerous extreme is an eating disorder that could threaten your life

True or False

2. Sports equipment should be bought with a level of quality to match your level of skill and/or interest

True or False

3.A measure of the amount of energy that foods contain is Carbohydrates

True or False
The invention of the _________ made the discovery of cells possible.
Why halophytic have maximum osmotic pressure than xerophytes??
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