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Lichens and moss are the first type of organisms to colonize an area; what type of organism are they classified as?
What is the amount of energy produced by aerobic organisms?
geologic cross section and relative dating
Which category of amino acids would you expect to find on the sirface of a soluble protein and which would you expect to find in the interio. What distribution would you expect to find on a protein embedded in a lipid bilayer
List as many parts as you can of the niche of an organism your choice?
1)Define the “particulate” hypothesis of inheritance: the gene idea, and describe how Mendel documented the particulate mechanism through his experiments with garden peas

2)Mendel discovered the basic principles of heredity by breeding garden peas in carefully planned experiments. Describe in detail his research method (Fig 14.2) and his experimental, quantitative approach from the parental generation (P generation) to the F2 generation.

3)What were the advantages to using pea plants?

4)What is Mendel’s Law of Segregation and what patterns of inheritance did he see with the pea plants?

Why is water atmospheric molecules?
Meristematic tissues and permanent tissues are types of

A.endoplasmic tissues
B.phloem tissues
C.simple tissues
D.xylem tissues
The ------------- are the first group of eukaryotic organisms
List the steps of photosynthesis, from light reactions, to the Calvin cycle. What are the beginning and end products and how much of each? Where do each of the steps occur?( i.e. not just in the chloroplast, but where in the chloroplast?.
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