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Hormone concentrations generally are regulated by
It has been proved that when 50g of sugar is added then the bean plant grows stronger, healthier and faster. So why specific amount of sugar helps in the better growth of bean plant and what if it is less or greater than 50g?
There are 20 chromosome in the somatic cells of maize what will be the chromosome number in its nucellar cells, antipodal cell, endosperm cells and egg cell
What features justify the placing of prawn and the features;
a. In the same phylum
b. In the different classes
Which of the following best describes the events that take place when an enzyme catalyzes a chemical reaction?
which of the following does not belong to the others?
A Animalia
B Fungi
C Helminths
D Plantae
E Protists
it says the answer is A but i dont understand why
The invagination of ectoderm at the anterior of the gut tube during development results in the formation of ________________________ which in the case of arthropods means that the lining of this portion of the gut is lost at each molt.
The sessile adult nature of the sea squirts does not prevent dispersion of subsequent generations since these animals have free swimming ______________ larvae in their life cycle.

A rather dramatic form of autotomy (the casting off of body parts) is the phenomenon of ___________________________ that is typical of many species of Holothuroidea.
Although presumably homologous with the vertebrate thyroid gland, the endostyle of the Ascidiacea produces ____________________ instead of thyroxine.