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the maximum number of organisms of a particular species thar can be supported by an environment is called
What structures in the cardiovascular system connect arteries to veins?
1. how dooes an antibody differ from antigens?
2. what is the difference between antibody-mediate immune response and cell-mediate immune response?
3. why is passive immunity temporary?
4. list the ways fever kills microbes?
5. write the role of memory cells in long term memory?
1. define osmosis and diffusion?
2. why exchange of gasses occurs more efficiently in air than water?
3. why support is needed in terrestrial life?
4. what is the path of salt and water in vascular plants?
5. what happens to primary tissue of a stem when secondary growth occurs?
6. why does the wood of many tropical trees lack annual rings?
7. why is hardwood more desireable than softwood for making furnitures?
8. what are the types of movement in plants in response to stimuli?
1. what are the morpholoical forms of bacteria?
2. justify the occurence of bacteria in widest range of habitats?
3. how do algae differ from plants?
4. write four distinct features of animals?
5. what does the term amphibian means?
6. distinguish between ectothermic and endothermic?
7. name two phyla of animals thar are radially symmetical and two that are bilaterally symmetrical?
reason out the specificity of the HIV in the host cells?
what is the role of free anergy of activation in a chemical reaction?
name the enzyme involved in protien digestion?
A person is reading a book. outline the events that take place in the nervous system from the time an image of a word is formed on the retina to the time that word is recognised by the brain. write a short paragraph (250-300)
What type of plants are sporophyte dominant? What type of plants are gametophyte dominant?
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