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A molecule of ATP is made of 5 smaller molecules bonded together. Name all 5.
How is the molecular structure of thrombin have importance to its function
In the scientific method exercise, the dependent variable is

A. the type of sugar.

B. the buffer.

C. the bubbling reaction.

D. the yeast itself.

E. None of the above is correct.
1. In the macromolecules II activities, you will

A. use a different set of colorimetric assays to determine the composition of a complex food-grade material.

B. clarify a purified protein to determine activities in different fractions.

C. determine lipid preference in yeast by observing the evolution of oxygen as evidence of metabolism.

D. determine presence/absence of a type of GMO in corn by a test strip that measures nucleic acid content.

E. None of the above is correct.
1. Which of the following is an accurate negative result for a simple analytical reaction for bio-molecules?

A. starch reaction: dark blue-black solution

B. peptide bond reaction: purple solution

C. reducing sugar reaction: orange precipitate

D. lipid: a single, red fraction (layer)

E. None of the above is correct.
1. The mechanism of the benedict reaction is

A. coordination of copper with electrons of amine nitrogens.

B. creation of two phases (hydrophilic and hydrophobic phases).

C. alignment of triiodine complex in structural cleft.

D. reduction of copper by electrons provided from free aldehyde sugars.

E. None of the above is correct.
Question 2
1. Which structure reacts with biuret reagent?

A. long aliphatic hydrocarbons

B. nitrogens of adjacent amino acids

C. pentose sugars of RNA monomers

D. terminal aldehyde groups of reducing sugars

E. None of the above is correct.

Discuss the role of two tumor suppressor genes and their role in the cell cycle and cancer
Discuss the role of biomarkers in population research
If at sea level water boils at 100 degrees Celsius while methane boils at -161 degrees Celcius which of these substances has a stronger force of attraction between its particles
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