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I'm confused and unsure how to do Bio 30 Assignment D-3.1. can i get some help with that, please
If at sea level water boils at 100 degrees Celsius while methane boils at -161 degrees Celcius which of these substances has a stronger force of attraction between its particles
A flower was fertilized by pollen grains having the Constitution (n-1) .if ovules are normal ,which of the following is applicable for the seeds so produced?
(A) allopoliploidy
(B) monosomy
(C) nullisomy
(D) both A and B
A mutant yeast strain is found with a mutation affecting a tRNASer. The wild type normally produces a tRNA that recognizes the codon 5’ UCA 3’ and is charged with the amino acid Serine (Ser) (its notation is tRNASer). The mutant’s tRNA is still charged with Ser, but its anticodon is mutated and now has the sequence 5’-UCA-3’. What effect will this have on translation in these yeast cells? How will the proteins produced be different?
A bacterium with completely non-radioactive DNA was allowed to replicate in a radioactive medium for three generation what % of the bacteria should contain radioactive DNA?
What could potentially happen to the organism if the deletion of the O sequence from the attP locus?
What could potentially happen to the organism if the IHF protein loss its function?
Immortalized, easily transduced human cell lines will be transfected either with full length and truncation mutants of the cell adhesion molecule X and protein Y.
I need to do qRT-PCR on aleurone of wheat and I would like to know what are the housekeeping genes I could use as my reference genes. Is there any source where I can just look up housekeeping genes?
What is the structure and function of features of transcription factor domains such as DND binding domains, dimerization domains,transcription activation domains,transcription repressor domains,etc?
What is happening during somatic cell nuclear transfer on a molecular level?
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