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If the following sequence of bases represents the start of a gene on a double stranded DNA, what is the sequence of the transcribed RNA, what is its polarity , and what is the polarity of the DNA? 

 G C T A C G G A T T G C T G 

 C G A T G C C T A A C G A C

How do you calculate the mass compound and molar concentration of NaCl, KCl, Na2HPO4, KH2PO4
Q#1: Telomerase is not active in normal human cells.Activation of telomerase would be a requirement for a cell to become cancerous. why it might be the case????
Q#2 Any reason for stacked bases in DNA/RNA absorb small amount of UV light than do unstacked bases.
Kindly briefly explain these questions

Q#1: Why two metal ions (Mg2+) participate in DNA polymerase reaction and why not in DNA polymerase?

Q#2: What is the distance between nucleotide -10 and -35 sequence and for which activity it is important?

1. Discuss the type of virus associated with the pandemic considering the type of cells they infect and the molecular mode of infection.

2. How does polymerase chain reaction work in terms of amplication, sensitivity, cost and types of Polymerase chain reaction.

3. Differences between traditional and pooling protocols.
Elucidate two physical properties that will enable you to isolate TOL plasmid from the chromosomal DNA of the bacteria.
Describe three distinct strategies that could be exploited for the discovery of virus receptors for entry. Compare the pros and cons of three strategies. How would you validate the biological function of the newly identified receptors?
explain boilogical role in in viral capsids in virus life cycle
What are the appropriate molecular cytogenetic approaches that should be used to diagnose the following cases? Why? Please explain.

1. Phenotypically abnormal child with balanced 46,XX,t(7;8)(q12;p22) karyotype.
2. A cancer case with a complex translocation that detected by karyotyping, but origins of involved chromosomes was not identified.
3. A balanced translocation carrier woman with recurrent abortions planning a new pregnancy.
4. Bronchial lavage material taken on suspicion of lung cancer
5. A case suspected of having terminal deletion in the short arm of chromosome 5.
1. Mang Nestor has a poultry farm. Every morning, he collects eggs and sell it in the market. Those are unsold, he made it as salted egg. In doing this, the eggs were soaked in a container having one liter of water with 1 kg dissolved salt solution. After 18 days, Mang Nestor collected salted eggs for his everyday consumption. What transport mechanism/concepts can be applied in salted egg making? Explain
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