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‘Carbon gets exchanged between lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth’. Explain with the help of a well labeled diagram.
‘Changes in temperature influence the geographical distribution of living organisms’. Explain in details
Describe various stages of community development (succession) in a water body (hydrosere). Explain in Details
Describe the major components of soil and importance of soil biota. Explain in Details
1.Outline the factors that affect the growth of organisms in a habitat. 2. Define the term mutation and outline its causes
Why big ecosystems are more stable than smaller ones?
50 black mice and 50 white mice were released into an area inhabited by a pair of owls. After four months, the mice in the area were recaptured and only 38 of the black mice and 9 of the white mice were remaining. How would this observation be explained?
Why angiosperm plants are seasonal whilst gymnosperm plants are evergreen
Why asexually reproducing species not a population
What is the relationship between size/ frond length of bladderwrack and its position on the shore?
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