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4 points only discussing the unique morphological characteristics & how these characteristics are adapted to the insects(grasshopper,honeybee,beetle,antand caterpillar) ecology, behaviour & diversity.
can the Pisaster starfish can be considered a keystone species in the tidal ecosystem?
The graph shows the changing rabbit population in South Australia over many years. The points at which various population control measures were introduced are indicated. How successful were each of the three measures used to control the rabbit population? Explain how the graph supports your answer. DOK3
does food chain include solar energy
Explain Grazing and borrowing in detail with examples and diagrams.
At least 3 pages answer
All of the following are associated with microbial soil ecology except ____.
1. organic matter. 2. carbon to nitrogen ratio. 3. humus. 4. marine snow
discuss biofilms, microbial mats and microbial loops.
Explain Winogradsky columns
Explain Biogeochemical cycles
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