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Why malarial concepts called hypothesis?

Based on the distribution of yolk amphibian egg is?

The embryo of chick is developed Inside the extra embryonic cavity made by
What is the closest living relative to Leedsichthys?
Which of the following has the most primitive respiratory system? (a) insect (b) fish (c) snail (d) mouse
The scientist wanted to determine if two newly discovered populations of insects exchanged information with other members of the same population about the location of a food source decided to set up a systematic observation in which food was placed for the insects to find over a period of time the scientist recorded how many insects were found at the food sauce the scientist collected the following data Population 1 was found to be less than 5 insects at food source and Population 2 had almost 19 insects at food source at the same time frame Which of the following is the best conclusion that can be made regarding the data? A. More population to organisms can be found the ecosystem than population one organism B. Populations 1 and 2 are the same species but have different niches C. Population 2 has an evolutionary advantage of a population 1 D. Unlike population 1 population 2 communicates with members of a species

Why do we suffer repeatedly from influenza. Why does active immune response fail to protect us from influenza?

How artificial cloning is helpful for humans?
how protozoa maintain osmoregulation?
Using diagram, discuss the features of chordates in a named hemichordate and give example
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