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I found bunch of video that show leaf insects. Do they Actually Exists??? Check it out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16MRCCw7N-qsIyA_hHBzjMzMIHf1KxPNu
An example of the phylum coelenterata is the
Why mosquito is called vector of malaria
What are the different transformational stages of malarial parasites in human RBCs ?
How are protozoans differentiated by means of their locomotary organelles ?
Monosaccharides are called reducing sugar but disaccharides are not. why
why the "induced fit model" is widely accepted than "lock key" theory"
how artificial cloning is helpful for humans?
Why mature Erythrocytes lack a nucleus in them?
how biological control helps in controlling pest of different crops?
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