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mammals have important roles in the food webs of practically every ecosystem

Cell is......unit of living organism

What are the peculiar features of respiratory system of agnathans? 

Construct a 1-page informative poster to market ONE commercially

important breed/strain selected out of EACH of the livestock species listed


• Beef Cattle

• Dairy Cattle

• Goats

• Sheep

• Broiler Chickens (Specific strain)

• Layer Chickens (Specific strain)

The breed/strain must be one which is considered suitable for production in

the semi-arid bushveld such as the Vhembe district. Among other important

details, your poster must include details on productivity, product quality

and breed/strain adaptability to justify the breed/strain suitability for the

ecosystem, markets and the specified production system & the environment.

Choose a group of plants or animal and research on five species of that group found in the Philippines. You can also choose a different group if the species are local. Create a dichotomous key to tell each species apart.

  1. Citrus species grown in the Philippines
  2. Breadfruit/Jackfruit family in the Philippines
  3. Eagles in the Philippines
  4. Major Tuna species in the Philippines
  5. Turtles in the Philippines

Create a brief outline of an identification key (dichotomous key) for the differentiation of ALL the Protozoa

Compare and contrast the reproduction of perch and shark

Frog lungs are quite small, give a brief explanation for such formation

why are derived characteristics more useful in establishing evolutionary relationship than are shared characteristics? Use two groups of mammals to illustrate your answer. For example, compare horses ( order perissodactyla ) and camels ( order artiodactyla)

describe hypothetical synapomorphies that would result in an assemblage of one order and two families

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