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I have a question regarding non-disjunction that I'm struggling with. The question is "Normally a make of genotype produce sperms with genotype(s) A or a. Occasionally non-disjunction happens during meiosis 1 and consequently results in sperm with genotypes of (pick all that apply):
1) AA
2) Aa
3) aa

Similarly, if this non-disjunction error occurred in meiosis 2, what genotypes would the sperm have?
The double-stranded DNA sequence for the coding region of a short peptide is:

1, Which strand of DNA, top or bottom is transcribed by RNA polymerase.Explain.

2, A mutation at the second triplet on the coding strand deletes on of the A-T pairs and creates a frameshift mutation. what is the sequence of the peptide now?

a mutation at the second triplet on the coding strand deletes on of the A-T pairs and creates a frameshift mutation. what is the sequence of the peptide now?
What is the significance of the semiconservative method of DNA replication ?
Kia is a carrier of sickle cell Micheal is not. What is the probability that their child will be a carrier of sickle cell?
Question 3: For this question, you must cite at least 1 peer-reviewed source.
Potatoes are a very important vegetable crop in the US and many farmers and consumers rely on them. Because of the increase in temperature caused by climate change, many crops, including potatoes, are suffering because they can't tolerate the high temperatures.
1. What biological trait(s) are needed to solve this problem and in what organism(s) would you find a gene for this trait?
2. Describe the entire process of how to make your new GMO.
3. What are the potential health issues or environmental impacts of your new GMO?
A population of moths initially consists of darkly colored moths, and a few light colored moths. After several generations, the moth population consists entirely of light colored moths are eaten by predators. This situation is an example of​
In a random mating population of 1lac the freqency of the recessive allele is 0.4 How many individuals will have the dominant?
Detail the Polygenic Hypothesis for the inheritance of Quantitative Traits.
A mole has two alleles for fur color, B = brown fur and b = white fur. In a population of 100 moles, 12 have white fur. What is the brown fur allele frequency?