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In a random mating population of 20000, 16800 individuals are the dominant then how many individuals will be homozygous?
Rough-coated guinea pigs crossed with smooth-coated ones produce only rough-coated offspring. What results would be expected from breeding here offspring with each other?
I want to understand more in this situation, My mom gave birth to our 3rd sibling who is B rh+ and my father's genotype is BO but his blood type is O rh+ and my mom is OO genotype and her blood type is O rh+. Me and my sister has O blood type. Do they need DNA or the baby that was born is not my real sister it has diff father? What's happening? I did a lot of research its confusing and lots of question is not answerable. Can you tell me more, please.. thank you
Write short notes on:
(a) Use of twin studies.
(b) Relation between genetics and intelligence.
Detail the various cell types of Immune System and their roles
Describe the lac operon and how it controls the metabolism of lactose. Support
your answer with clear and well labelled diagrams
With the help of clear and labelled diagrams describe the composition and
structure of the nucleosome.
Draw a short segment of a single polynucleotide strand, including at least three
nucleotides. Indicate the polarity of the strand by identifying the 5' end and the 3'
In water melon, red fruit colour (R) is dominant over cream fruit colour (r). A water
melon plant homozygous for red fruits is crossed with a plant homozygous for
cream fruits. The F1 are intercrossed to produce F2.
(a) Give the genotypes and phenotypes of the parents, the F1, and the F2.
(b) Give the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring of a backcross
between the F1, and the red fruit colour homozygous parent.
(c) Give the genotypes and phenotypes of a backcross between the F1, and the
cream fruit colour homozygous parent.
Compare and contrast the following terms:
(a) Gene and allele.
(b) Genotype and phenotype.
(c) DNA and RNA.
(d) DNA and chromosome.
(e) Locus and allele.
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