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In a species of rabbit, straight fur(hair)is dominant to curly fur(hair), and long ears are dominant to short ears. These characteristics are not linked. A breeder of rabbits has a straight furred male with long ears, and crosses him with a straight furred female with short ears. The breeder only allows these two Rabbits to breed and produce offspring, the results of which they record over a year involving a number of pregnancies. The results obtained are as follows:
1.Offspring with curly fur and short ears= 11
2.Offspring with straight fur and long ears= 31
3.Offspring with straight fur and short ears= 32
4.Offspring with curly-fur and long ears= 9
show and explain the genetics associated with rabbits to determine the possible parental genotype
explain how two examples of physical mutagens exhurt thier mutagenic effects
Some coat colour in cats are sex-linked and are associated with X-chromosome.Blck coat colour is codominant to ginger.Tortoiseshell coat colour is phenotypic expression to heterozygous condition.
A female ginger mates with an unknown male and whose daughter mates with a different unknown male to produce black coated female kitten and two male kitten, one with all black fur and other with all ginger fur

Explain the genetics associated with the generation of cats given by using Punnett square
Can we possess memories passed down from our ancestors?
To put it in other words :
Is it possible that we possess memory molecules, formerly owned by our ancestors, stored in our brain?
In a specific dihybrid cross between 2 plants the ratio 9:5:4:1 is obtained instead of the expected 9:3:3:1. Explain the result.
Does autosomal recessive disease affect the homozygous dominant.
There is a question the says what are the parent genotypes. The only info i have is a punnent square with a capital P on top of the top right box, a capital P on the side of the bottom left box, and Pp in the bottom left box.
DNA Repair
When ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages skin cells, pyrimidine dimers form in the DNA. The dimers are either repaired and the cell can divide, or the cell dies by apoptosis and is shed as the skin peels. Researchers are examining various biochemicals that might be added to sunblock products to lessen the harm from sunburn, without abolishing its protective function. In one experiment, researchers exposed mice to UV radiation with or without a cream containing interleukin-12, a type of immune system protein called a cytokine. The treated mice had fewer thymine dimers and fewer peeling skin cells than did the mice that did not receive in.terleukin-12.
1. What are two conclusions that explain these observations?
2. Before interleukin-12 is added to sunscreens products for human use, what further experiments should be done?
3. If the pyrimidine dimers are repaired, is the mechanism more likely to be nucleotide excision or base excision?
True or False: The Y chromosome of the paternal grandfather, father and son will always be the same in the absence of any mutation. If false, make it a correct statement. Explain your reasoning in either case.
explain the relationship between the sequence of these bases and the amino acids in proteins.
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