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1. Jonathan is training for a marathon in the city of Vancouver, which is at sea level. He is seeking advice on different training methods that will maximize his performance. What advice would you give him with respect to the following: 1) training at a higher elevation vs. training at sea level and 2) training in the cold winter vs. training in the hot summer. Discuss the pros and cons of each of the situations. Also mention safety issues that he may want to consider in each situation.
Does conversion of dipeptide into proteins ocuurs intracellularly or extra cellularly??
A defect in bone that prevents the osteoclasts from performing their job can lead to excessive thickening of the bones, especially in the skull. A. What is the role of osteoclasts in the skeletal system? B. What role do osteoclasts play in intramembranous ossification, and what would be the result if these cells were defective during fetal development?
Mitochondrial Myopathy is a disease that damages the mitochondria in muscle cells, and typically leads to exercise intolerance and muscle atrophy, among many other symptoms. Explain the role of the mitochondria in muscle tissue, and how damage can lead to exercise intolerance and muscle atrophy.
identify one disorder of the endocrine system that adults taking human growth hormone supplements could experience. List 4 symptoms of this disorder.
what is the anatomy of the heart?
In addition to providing structural support and protection for the axon of a neuron, what other very important function is served by the presence of a myelin sheath?
a six week pregnancy cannot be very accurately confirmed using an at home pregnancy test kit. why?
If 1st heart sound is from the closure of the AV valves and the 2nd heart sound from the closure of the semilunar valves, why can we hear both sounds in all 4 areas?
Evaluate why there is a need for blood to be redistributed when an athlete begins to participate in a physical activity such as swimming
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