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Malignant tumors are sometimes treated with drugs that halt mitosis and thus stop production of new cancer cells. Two such drugs, vincristine sulfate

Explain how the temperature of the human body is kept constant

A brush fire started from a nearby village and wiped out 90% of the grasses in the ecosystem shown in the diagram. What may be some effects observed within this ecosystem as a result of the brush fire?

pathway of systematic circulation

During the bypass surgery for coronary heart disease patient, can the surgeon remove the semi-lunar valves of the vein taken from the leg or it must be inserted with the semi-lunar valves with care to prevent that valves become against the blood flow direction

how and when is concentrated urine is formed in human body

Explain why hormones are only able to affect certain cells and not other cells

1. What is the difference between integumentary system and exoskeleton?

Hair, feather, scales, nails and horns are examples of exoskeleton or integumentary (because some website consider them as a part of integumentary system while some consider them as exoskeletal features


2. Human nails are exoskeletal features or not?

3. Human skeletal system is entirely an endoskeleton or italso has some exoskeletal features?

What is meant by 6-8 cell stage?
a woman with type ab blood marries a man with type b blood what is the chance that they will have a type b offspring
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