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what will happen to a person if its stomach is removed and it dosent receive any further treatment,other than liquid food?

What can be the consequences if, esophagus is directly attacjed with duodenum?

explain the mechanism of sodium potassium pump.

effect of sodium potassium pump

alice is 10 years old and over the past few years has had several fractures even though she is not an active child .a recent blood text indicated that her alkaline phosphatase level was highly elevated what diagnosis is possible with her history and lad values? what are some treatment options if your diagnosis is correct?

The following outdoor activity promotes the development of the fine-motor skills

  1. Springing
  2. Running
  3. Talking
  4. 3 and 4

Differentiate between types of active transport mechanism.

What are types of active transport mechanism?

How do cells get energy that is needed for active transport processes?

What happens to blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate during and after aerobic exercise?

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