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Romeo is taking scuba diving classes, and is confused as to why he should not hold his breath under water while breathing from the air tank. What would you tell him?
Does adenylate cyclase stimulate or inhibit acid secretion in the stomach?
I am confused about my teacher's notes. "Acid secretion is stimulated by ACh, gastrin and histamine. Histamine stimulates adenylate cyclase which increases cAMP production."

When I looked this up apparently gastrin decreases AC (adenylate cyclase) production. If histamine and gastrin both stimulate acid secretion why does one increase and the other decrease AC?

Also in her notes the acid secretion inhibitors are acid, protein, fat as they cause the secretion of CCK and secretin and these stimulate AC. But I thought AC stimulated acid secretion not inhibited it?

Thank you.
What occurs when acid is added to a solution with a pH of 7?
Explain how monochromatic twins share a placenta?
How does blood flow from the right hand to the heart?
How does blood flow from the pancreas to the heart?
Details where gas exchange occurs,Chambers and valves ect.
Under highly-controlled conditions, a small sample of the military-grade nerve gas NOVICHOK is dissolved in the extracellular solution. How does this poison impact the function of the muscle-nerve preparation and muscle directly as above?
Hi! My biology teacher gave us exam revision:

What receptors (listed down below) would be strongly activated during/straight after a “fight or flight” response and why? (related to sympathetic and parasympathetic systems)

- Testosterone receptors expressed by skeletal muscle

- Muscarinic receptors expresses by smooth muscle cells of small intestines

- Beta-adrenergic receptors in cardiac myocytes

- Nicotonic acetylcholine receptors on sweat glands

- Acetylcholine receptors in autonomic ganglia
I need an annotated bibliography of my sources. I am making a poster about Grave's Disease
Absorption of the building blocks of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates occurs in the

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