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What is the age limit for height to grow in males?
What is the height growth limit for men?

Claire is pregnant again, and it’s a girl! She and her husband Ben are excited to be expecting a little sister for their 2-year old twins James and Danielle. Claire has just entered the second trimester of her pregnancy, and has tried to keep as active as possible. 1. Claire is keen to learn from her experience as a mother and remembers that when her twins were babies, they became cold very easily which often disturbed their sleep (and hers!). Interpret this poorer thermoregulation as seen in a normal healthy baby, with regards to i. the structure of a baby’s skin, particularly considering heat-loss by a new-born baby, and ii. the mechanisms in which a baby’s body can respond to warm itself up/restrict heat-loss

Question: How does this information explain the likelihood of a more violent response in someone who has already had food poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria?

a. The likelihood of them having a more violent response is lower since the body knows to produce more antibodies to fight the bacteria.

b. White blood cells ingest bacteria, which means that the white blood cells will turn into an infection. Since there are more red blood cells than white blood cells and they aren't even, it's going to take your body a much longer time to recover then if the red and white blood cells were equal

c. A more violent reaction to salmonella is likely because the body is now familiar with the antigen on the salmonella. As a result, more antibodies can be produced in a shorter amount of time. This can augment symptoms such as fever and vomiting.

d. The body will become familiar with the salmonella bacteria and build up an immunity to it.
Analysis of glandular secretion indicates that it contains some DNA, RNA and membrane component such as phospholipids. What type of secretion is this and why

It is a warm day and you feel a little chilly. On checking your temperature, you find that your body temperature is 1.5 degrees below normal. Suggest 3 possible reasons for this situation. Describe briefly how your body will react to this dip in temperature.

2. When a person receives intravenous fluids to help build up blood volume, why is it important for the fluid to be isotonic?

ATPase is an enzyme that can hydrolyse ATP and release the potential energy stored in the phosphate bond. How would a metabolic inhibitor that blocks ATPase function affect the resting potential of nerve cells?

Describe how your body will react to decrease in temperature
Analysis of a granular secretion indicates that is contains some DNA and RNA and membrane components such as phospholipid. What kind of secretion is this and why
Many medications can be administered transdermally by applying patches that contain the medication to the surface of the skin. These patches can be attached anywhere on the skin except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Why?
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