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Outline the micro and macro structures that are present in connective tissue (bone) and muscle (cardiac, skeletal and smooth)
Write down examples and causes of some medical errors or injuries that patients may encounter when seeking medical care:
Atelectasis: instructions: definition , clinical manifestations, medication ,evaluate the disease .power point
A small insect lands on your nose and you use you remove the insect with your hand.explain what happens in the nervous,muscular and skeletal system from the moment the insect lands to the moment it was removed.
What are issues with drawing conclusions from Pulse rate test? In other words, why any conclusions drawn from this test would be considered scientific invalid?
“Person A is stronger than Person B but Person B is more fit.” How can this be? Explain the difference between “strength” and “fitness”.
What are 3 lifestyle changes that you could make to improve/maintain your cardiovascular health?
If you were to redesign this experiment, what 3 changes would you make and why to reduce errors in pulse rate test?
What are 4 possible sources of errors that could have influenced the pulse rate test?
what three factors had the greatest impact on an individual’s recovery rate?
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