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(a) Build the complete dynamic programming table for these strings

(b) What is the edit distance between S1 & S2

Align the two sequences S1=ATTAGCTGAC and S2=TAGCTC locally by dynamic method. Given that scores for match, mismatch and gap are 3,1 and -2 respectively.

The unknown concentration of glucose in solution B is high, so we need to do a dilution before getting the absorbance reading. Explain how to prepare 20 times dilution of solution B.

4- Assume the linear fit of the standard curve using DNSA absorbance at 540nm versus g.

what are advantages and disadvantages to sexual reproduction

How can we identify the non-protein chemical represented in the structure as a heterotome group in a PDB file?

if hiking is so good for you why does author andrea lankford look 90 when shes not even 60

describe the three parts of RNA

To determine whether observed mean blood Vitamin B12 levels are elevated in a non-fasting state compared to a fasting state, the researchers recruited 20 participants. Each of the participants had their Vitamin B12 levels checked twice. On Day 1, Vitamin B12 levels were measured after fasting for 8 hours. On Day 2, Vitamin B12 levels were measured without prior fasting. Answer this research question using the 1% level of significance. what formula will be applied?

Population sizes are normally controlled by:

Write down an algorithm for MSA. You have three protein Sequences, for

example SEQ 1:MAKYPW, SEQ 2:MKYTW and SEQ 3:MKYVW. Point Out

conserved region by aligning theses sequences.

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