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Biology Questions and Answers

Molecular Biology10590

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Studying biology in high school, college or university, many students need to answer questions in various biology topics that they may find incomprehensible. While investigating the many aspects and applications of biology is as fascinated as life sciences can be, it may be hard and time-consuming, especially if you are required to answer a biology question as soon as possible. You need to get a clear understanding of the underlying concepts first; however, you may find that you still have problems understanding the material. The best option to go for in this case is to request free online help from our biology experts. Having your biology questions answered by a professional will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend working your way through your biology homework, lab or quiz, especially if you have been stuck for hours on just this one question! AssignmentExpert will gladly provide assistance with your questions in various branches of biology, including Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biomechanics and Bioinformatics. Ask your biology question here, and get a quick answer from our biology expert for free. If you need help with the whole biology homework or lab, order now, and our experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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Horizontal neuron cell of Retina is an example of which of the following neuron :-
(1) Pseudounipolar
(2) Bipolar
(3) Unipolar
(4) None of the above
Identify Neurotransmitters which produces IPSP :-
(A) Dopamine
(B) Nor adrenaline
(C) Glycine
(D) Glutamate
Choose the correct option :-
(1) A, D (2) B, C (3) A, C (4) C, D
Read the following four statements (AD)
(A) EPSP develops due to opening of Na+ ligand channels
(B) IPSP develops due to opening of Cl– ligand channels
(C) GABA develops IPSP and Ach develops EPSP.
(D) Physiological properties of nerve fibres are detected by cathode ray oscilloscope (C.R.O.)
How many of the above statements are correct?
(1) Four (2) Two (3) One (4) Three
In the following diagram where the Na+ voltage gate become close & K+ voltage opens :-

Image not present http://www.onlinetestseries.in/data/images/common/papers/partners/32/1176/image131.png

(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D
The site of proteolysis of tri iodothyronin & tetraiodothyronin
(1) E.R.
(2) Golgi body
(3) Lysosome
(4) in thyroid follicle
Which of the following will give a pair of enantiomors :-
(1) [Co(NH3)4Cl2]NO2
(2) [Cr(NH3)6][Co(CN)6]
(3) [Co(en)2Cl2]Cl
(4) [Pt(NH3)4][PtCl6]
(en = NH2CH2CH2NH2)
0 – + 45 – 0 known as action potential occurs at :-
(1) Dendron
(2) Cyton
(3) Axon
(4) Synapse
Which one has mineralized matrix, similar to bone but harder, that forms the primary mass of each tooth ?
(1) enamel
(2) dentine
(3) cementum
(4) pulp
The .......... is a small, flattened and strip of muscle fibre of .......... size it is situated in the upper lateral wall of .......... atrium :-
(1) SA node, 0.3 mm, Left
(2) AV node, 0.3 mm, Right
(3) SA node, 0.3 mm, Right
(4) AV node, 0.3 mm, Left
The osmotic pressure that arises because of a protein concentration gradient is known as the:-
(1) Oncotic pressure
(2) Peptide pressure
(3) Amino pressure
(4) Filtration pressure
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