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Why Do We Need Higher Education?

Higher education has always been considered as necessary attribute of an intelligent person who pretends to a worthy place in society, respect and honor. Moreover, anyone ever wonders how the education was received, in what area, with what marks and whether it influenced in general the intellectual of people. The presence of the paper and line in resume immediately changed status.



The Recreation and Training in an International Youth Camp

Boring lessons are able only to make think about hate to those, who held them, and also to the subject of teaching.

Jean-Jacque Rousseau

Educational business today dynamically and successfully develops in the world, as an opportunity to find a good job with high salary and career prospects depends on the education. Modern employers pay attention not only to a diploma of higher education, but also to other lines in the CV, preferring well-rounded, prepared in several directions and spoken at least one foreign language specialists.



Privileges for Students

Almost in all countries pupils and students are privileged categories of citizens who can receive various discounts and benefits. Especially great benefits are available to students in developed countries – discounts for rooms in hotels and for travel, meals and entrance tickets for exhibitions, theaters, museums, etc. Knowing about their rights and available benefits, the student can successfully use them, saving money.

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To Use or Not to Use: The Necessity of Tests in Education

1Modern methods of education should not only be based on modern scientific achievements, but also to be workable, i.e. in order to improve its performance recent developments of industrial technology must be used.

Such achievement is undoubtedly the production of quite cheap and affordable personal computers, which enable the use of other, equally important, element of modern learning technology – a test as a tool of measuring the level of knowledge and difficulty of tasks, because without such a tool to manage the learning process, especially in the technology version, is quite impossible.

The task of the teacher in modern teaching technologies is not only to held lectures and practical, hands-on labs, but to organize the students workplaces, to create methodical support of educational process and to do systematic monitoring of students’ independent work and the results of made pedagogical work in general. In other words, the task of the teacher is to create conditions for a motivated individual work of students and to consult them on different questions. (more…)

Pros and Cons of Education at the Foreign University


Today, many high school graduates, choosing the higher education institutions, consider many options. Moreover, the choice is not limited to institutions located in their home town or region – many of them are going to the capital with no fear, not less number of students goes abroad. The education received in a foreign university is believed to be a better and promising.


What Professions will be Demanded in the Future?

Despite the fact that many professions are gradually becoming unclaimed due to changes in working conditions, the development of a technical process, there are certain professions and occupations, which will soon be very popular (and already are). After all, specialists in these categories are not enough and in the future their work will be even more relevant and in demand.

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Video-technologies in Education


Today, the word “modernization” is heard at every turn. The development, improvement and innovation in science and technology are something to what modern human affection is growing rapidly. Hence the development of communications and telecommunications in various fields: business, manufacturing, medicine, as well as in education.


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