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Myths about the Work

Myths about the Work

Sometimes, on the way of building a career there are plenty of obstacles. It is not always enough to get an education, gain solid work experience or be non-contentious person. Each new team is a new “family”, which has its own unwritten rules. To be able to become a part of this “family”, to prevent a lot of mistakes, you just have to believe in yourself and do not believe in silly myths about work.

What is the quickest way to reach the top of the pyramid career?

1. If you leave the workplace later than others – you will get the promotion sooner

Generally, people believe that leaving work last, they will attract the attention of the management as executive and hardworking employees. However, such behavior is only a suspicion that employees do not have time to perform the necessary amount of work during the day, and therefore are late. Accordingly, there are doubts about their competence and abilities. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to stay longer on the job, but do not do it every day.


Perfect Teacher through Students’ Eyes

Ask any student, what teachers train them and you will hear many complaints: lectures are boring, low marks are put; their explanations are incomprehensible, etc. But among all the other teachers the student will play favorites to the one teacher who in his eyes is the perfect, because he was able to win the respect and confidence. But the problem is that such teachers are rare samples. What features should have a perfect teacher through the student’s eyes? Let’s see, what is prized above all else.


Internships while Studying at University

Education is the best investment

Bill Gates

At all times, internship has been considered as an integral part of learning a profession. Indeed, in a university students receive only theoretical knowledge, which become the basis for the development of their chosen profession, but they cannot replace having a real experience. Some teachers and students tend to think of the main stages of learning as theoretical knowledge, others – practical, but none of the presented points of view is not correct. Comprehensive development of the profession and all its subtleties is possible only in case of the theory and practice combination.


Student Conferences in Education: Their Importance and Demand

Today, only few people attached great importance to a variety of student conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. But their importance cannot be overstated, as these are forms of work, during which students can share their ideas and scientific developments, listen to presentations of their teachers and specialists in the field on the workshop issue, to express its point of view on an issue .


The MBA Program – a Prospect for the Future

In recent years, the MBA degree has become a very popular in the world – about the prevalence of such courses serious discussions are conducted. So, if ten years ago, this degree was not accessible to all, but only to the very skilled professionals, then now many people can get it.


Accelerated Learning Language Courses

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


The fast pace of modern life makes it difficult for people to find the time for that is not a prerequisite of life – many of the cases and problems are postponed until better times, “for later” when there will be free time for an hour and you can pay attention to minor matters.

Therefore, when an employee of the company or the student has the opportunity to go abroad for work or training, suddenly it becomes clear that such a chance may be missed because of the language lack, which was safely forgotten after school and high school, or never studied. In such cases, the real salvation is accelerated language learning, by which in a matter of days and weeks, it is possible to get at least conversational skills – the minimum necessary in the early stages of normal life in a foreign country. These courses will cost much less than the same in England and France, and will allow in the first days of arrival feel more or less confident.


How to Use E-Libraries in Education Effectively

Information technologies have been quite firmly established in the people lives of all ages, social status, nationality, gender, etc. Regardless of whether a person wants to take up the latest technologies or prefer conservatism, the modern world left him little choice – to take an active part in public life, study or work, you need to at least be able to use some of the technical tools to search for information in Internet and possess other skills.

Over recent years, e-libraries get more and more popularity and importance for anyone who is interested in or looking for books. These libraries have many advantages over conventional – any user can for a few seconds find the right publication, regardless of his/her location, time of day it is required for him/her, etc.


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