10 Tips to Stay Focused When Self-Learning Programming and Coding

Self learning programming

Learning new skills and trades is something that everyone could benefit from, no matter what skill it is. Adding to your repertoire can advance your professional or academic career and lead you down better paths in life. Picking up new skills isn’t easy though, especially if you are doing it on the side or by yourself. Self-learning is quite a difficult task knowing that you are the only person involved in this process, and your success depends on how disciplined you are. Continue reading

How to Balance Your Programming Course and Life

How to balance Your Programming Course and Life

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A common saying amongst the working class and especially students, still holds true today. The amount of time and practice needed to perfect or master something is a lot, some say is 10,000 hours, some say even more. But as a student, who really has 10,000 hours to spare if they’re out just trying to live their best life? Continue reading

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Is Programming Really Boring?

Programming boring

One rule of life that is almost universal is this: everything in moderation. Too much of one thing is a bad thing, so it’s best to varietize or take a break from some things. Computer programming is one of those things which requires a lot of time and effort spent on it, and sometimes if you do it too much without breaks, it results in a burnout. It starts to lose its appeal and becomes dull and mundane and even a chore. Continue reading

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Movies that Inspire Programming Students

programming films

Motivating students to do something requires creativity, as not one student thinks like another. One thing that students usually looked forward to in class were movies. This was a chance for the teacher to pick something unique and useful and (usually) on topic. Of course half the students would just doze off, but the other half of students walked away with a better understanding of the material. Media is shaping the world we live in even at the most elementary level like learning, and it is increasingly becoming a normal part of our lives.  Continue reading

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How to improve programming problem-solving skills

programming problem solving skills

From a young age, our brains develop to the world around us, the environment we live in, and the people who we interact with. The brain thinks about road-blocks and problems we have and how we can possibly overcome these situations. It tries many things until the problem is solved or your run out of energy trying to solve it. Being a good problem solver isn’t something that people have an innate ability to do, rather it is something that is studied, learned, and analyzed, which makes it much more desirable to have problem solving skills in programming. Continue reading

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The Hardest Programming Languages

Hardest programming language

In order to run, you must first learn to walk. In order to create programs, you must learn to code. A rule of thumb with learning is to build upon what you understand and know and develop new abilities and skills. The nature of programming is cumulative, what you know now can be used to learn something else later. With so many computing languages emerging, it’s difficult to understand all of them, so most start with the easier ones because they are the foundation of all the other newer ones. Continue reading

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Is Computer Science Hard? Make Sure you are Ready for it

Is Сomputer Science Hard

Life comes at you quickly, especially when you’re unprepared. Students looking to go to University often come across the problem of choosing which field they want to study and what’s right for them. There is no easy answer, but there are plenty of ways to figure it out and lots of information to help you make a decision. So you’ve looked into doing computer science, but have no idea where to start? Well, let us help! Continue reading

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