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Archive for the ‘Homework Help’ Category

How to Memorize English Words

Friday, September 16th, 2016

How to Memorize English Words

Is that possible to learn the language completely? Just any language, native or foreign in, say, 10, 25, 70 years? No. And to master English, it is of major importance to always refresh language structures, update your idiomatic base, modernize grammar, immerse into English speaking environment and add new lexical units to your word stock. Here we’re going to speak about the latter and, believe, it doesn’t come as a problem when you know some useful tips. (more…)

Seven Years with Assignment Expert

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Assignment Expert 7 Years

What do you remember about your being 7-year old? A time of enthusiasm and curiosity, new skills and adventures, huh? Well, we dare say that for us, this year has been full of all those above since we’re now seven years old! And we’re excited to share our latest achievements in the field of homework help with you because it’s exactly you who have helped us to become who we are today. So, let’s see how 7-years old Assignment Expert looks like. (more…)

How to Prepare Yourself For Giving a Presentation

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

How to Prepare Yourself For Giving a Presentation?

Presentation skills are essential anytime, at the mid of semester as well as before the finals, when you have to be ready with every kind of stuff you can ever imagine. Therefore, the team of our experts decided to finally make up an article explaining which aspects of presenting material are of bigger importance and how to prepare yourself to give a speech. Enjoy! (more…)

Is Assignment Expert Legit?

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Is Assignment Expert Legit?

At least once per life, each of us desperately wishes to put his or her duties on somebody else’s shoulders due to the lack of time or desire to complete any matter. And no wonder – laziness is an engine for progress, which enabled humanity to invent robots, mobile phones and washing machines so as to make their lives easier. But what if it touches not only daily routine but an academic life? Can students also simplify their college life by asking for help, is it even legal? Let’s try to find an answer to this and some other questions. (more…)

How Grammar Checkers Work

How Grammar Checkers Work

Many of us, no matter native or non-native speakers of English, often have problems with grammar, spelling, sentence structure and references when it comes to academic purposes. And no wonder since we don’t apply all those complicated rules in daily use. With this in mind, some students proofread the papers multiple times by themselves, others trust MS Word grammar checker and other services or do both. But which option is really reliable and what threats do automatic grammar checkers carry? (more…)

One More Year With Assignment Expert

One More Year With Assignment Expert

One more year with Assignment expert came to its end. We sincerely hope that you’ve had a great time with us and we can’t wait to improve our services and please you even more! Here, we are going to prove you our success gained during 2015 with numbers. And if you haven’t known yet, our website has important news and several useful updates which we’ll also show you in our New Year Assignment Expert post. Enjoy! (more…)

How to Concentrate on Homework

How To Focus On Homework

You’re almost in the middle of your studying year, but you still can’t concentrate on your homework. And you know perfectly well that if you don’t, chances are you may fail. But wait, what’s going on? Even a white wall distracts you from studying and seems more interesting than a course book. Is there a way to become self-disciplined for a while? Yes, there is and we’re going to help you with that. (more…)