Should Students Have Homework and Why

Should students have homework

There’s a shortlist of things students absolutely loathe, no matter what major you’re in or which Universities or High Schools you study at. There’s student loans, 7 AM morning classes, registration for classes, and dreaded homework. All of these things inconvenience students to no end, getting in the way of their finances or social time or even spending with family time. Everybody needs a little R&R every now and then, don’t they? Continue reading

Is it a Good Idea to Pay Someone to Do My Homework?

Pay for homework

College and University is a time in your life when you find your passions and your interests and you study them inside and out. The good and the bad sides of it, the right and wrongs, the black and white and grey parts of it, whatever “it” is. The idea of higher education is based on knowledge and learning, where the students have almost complete control of all aspects of learning. They get to decide the area of study, the kind of courses, the environment, and even their time spent on studying! But yet some students often find things to be unsatisfied with: the professors, the exam schedule, work-life balance, and of course the workload of the courses. Continue reading

How to Do Summer Homework Ahead of Time

How to do summer homework ahead of time

When one thinks of summer, they think of no school, sleeping in, doing absolutely nothing all day except eat and sleep. But one could not be more wrong in modern times, especially if you are a student. Lots of schools assign summer assignment for students to finish before September comes and the new school year begins as a way to keep your brain working and your mind sharp. Some say it’s cruel, some say it’s necessary but in any case, we’ll give you all the information you need to handle this summer school problem.  Continue reading

How to Write an Analytical Essay

Analytical essay writing

Academia requires plenty of critical thinking and original ideas in order for learners to share their knowledge. Essay writing is a way for educators to know if their students have critically thought of topics and ideas during a course. Instead of taking a test, they have a writing assessment. Writing is a sharpened version of thoughts; they are well-defined and focused expressions that develop your own original idea. This is why essays are a great judgement of knowledge. Continue reading

Assignment Expert X 

It’s a great pleasure for us to share this special time of our 10th anniversary with both our loyal customers and those who haven’t heard about us yet but are reading this article. This is because over this decade we’ve earned a great experience and have many things to boast. Over 10 years of work, we’ve delivered 75027 homework assignments, 72203 of which were successful, and in 47726, the customers requested the detailed explanations, using the special service of our company. Only 2824 (3.9% of the whole number) tasks had problems through our fault, which is why the clients received a justified compensation or a discount. We try to constantly improve the service to reduce problematic tasks and today they make less than 2%. Continue reading

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How Students Can Cheat on Homework Legally

Homework cheating

Many students have tried cheating in school in one way or another. During exams, it’s common for students to pass notes, write down the answers in a small piece of paper, or use codes to give answers to their neighbors. One can argue that cheating is more prevalent when doing assignments. Since there will be no prying answers from the teachers, students feel free to help one another, with some blatantly copying homework from a groupmates to avoid exerting any effort on research. This practice should be frowned upon, but there are ways in which students can legally cheat on their homework. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Solution to Incomplete Homework and Skipped Classes

Students skip classes

High school and college can turn out to be a nightmare if you are not paying attention in class. You miss a couple of classes and you have no idea what is being taught and how it is linked with the syllabus. There are students who try to manage their college and a part-time job at the same time that they tend to miss many of the classes and that starts to create a gap in their student life. You will miss a lot of homework and that can be a big problem because if you are not able to submit your assignments on time, you will be marked down and that can hamper your grades to a great extent. Continue reading

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