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Archive for the ‘Education’ Category

How C Students Outperform A Students in the Real World

C student vs A student

In a world that has seen countless changes over the years, it’s crazy how one thing seems to have remained unaffected—the education system. The typical classroom setting first came about in the late 1800’s, a time that called for obedient workers to fill the workstations of factories owned by big corporations. (more…)

How to Improve Your English If You Are Super Busy

How to Improve Your English If You Are Super Busy

Scientists all over the world usually argue about when it is better to learn a language. And we argue with them that there is no better time than NOW. No matter what county you live in, what age you are and what specialization you have, “I have no time” and “I was badly taught at school” are no longer the excuses. Actually, everybody has no time, but for many it’s not a problem. Surprized? Let’s then find out how to cope with this. (more…)

What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

When you get too complicated homework, who do you blame? When you fail a test who is the first person you get mad at? When you don’t have free time on your weekend, what is the main object of your hatred? Yeap, poor teacher, nobody else. But are all the teachers really responsible for your bad mood and spoilt rest? (more…)

Virtual Reality As a Future of Education

Virtual Reality As a Future of EducationWhen we think of virtual reality, the first thing that comes into our heads is a dose of incredible emotions and a piece of mind-boggling entertainment in a form of Oculus Rift or whatever. And hardly any of us under any circumstances will associate it with education. However, the latter keeps up with the times and brings not only games but also a virtual reality into studying process and let’s see how. (more…)

Have Fun Training Your Brain

How to train your brain?

The modern mathematicians constantly force the brain to come up with the new solutions and ideas, being in a constantly brainstormed condition. Same as body, the brain needs training. Development and strengthening of such skills as attention, memory, logic and quick thinking is vital to stay in good intellectual form. In recent years, there has been formed a separate niche of Internet projects, which are designed to develop or disclose people’s ability. There are hundreds of thousands of applications and here we’re going to talk about them. (more…)

What Will Homework of Future Look Like?

What will homework of future look like?

Every day you can be surprised by homework facts: there’s always something new about devices which help us to do homework as well as about new cheating gadgets. Previously we’ve also told you everything about HW roots and history . And now, fancy, what a future of homework will be? What do you place your stake on? Will it be changed? Or will no longer exist? (more…)

Let Me Copy Your Homework?

Can I copy your homework?

– Can I borrow your homework?

– Let me copy your homework.

– Hey man, can I see your HW?

Are there any other options of how those cheaters try to steal your assignment, your grade, and a piece of your knowledge? Dozens. And what is your response each time? Well, go the hell away, you’re welcome! What happens to your dignity and courage each time? And you for sure want to know how to handle those frequent requests. (more…)