How to Cram for an Exam in a Week

How to cram for an exam in a week

You see it in front of you. Holiday Ham. Eggnog. Presents underneath the tree. Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” playing non-stop over the radio. Winter break is coming. The only thing separating you and winter break is the wall… the wall of homework and exams. One last push to get to the other side and freedom! Students all working together in tandem to study for their exams and to prepare projects and presentations. But is it enough? Continue reading

How to Motivate Yourself to Study?

Having the freedom to do whatever you want to and whenever you want to is liberating. But just as anyone else, we have responsibilities to take care of in our daily lives. Students especially have tons of things that need constant attention and it’s not so easy to juggle everything at once like school work, exams, work, social life, finances, and family.

But we understand priorities and it leads us to put homework and exams at the top of the list, as much as we don’t feel like doing it. So how do we decide whether to binge-watch Game of Thrones or open your textbook and study for your mid-term? Continue reading

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Get Mentally Prepared for a New Academic Year

Back to school

Over the whole school, college and university life of an average student, there has never been and will hardly be a day without at least a little mental stress. The end-of-summer-vacation discomfort is a tough challenge for many these days. A lot of stressors, however, can be prevented or minimized in different ways before the beginning of a new academic year to start it with ease. And most of them are surprisingly simple even when there’s only a week before school. Continue reading

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12 Tips to Pass Your Exam with Little Time to Study

Prepare for exam

Is there an important exam right around the corner? You might be starting to panic, thinking that there’s no way for you to get a good grade considering the little time left to study. This is something virtually all students deal with at one point or another. There’s also a good chance that this isn’t the first time you need to cram for an exam. But you should accept the fact that you have to take the exam no matter how much you’d want to skip it. Continue reading

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How C Students Outperform A Students in the Real World

C student vs A student

In a world that has seen countless changes over the years, it’s crazy how one thing seems to have remained unaffected—the education system. The typical classroom setting first came about in the late 1800’s, a time that called for obedient workers to fill the workstations of factories owned by big corporations. Continue reading

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How to Improve Your English If You Are Super Busy

How to Improve Your English If You Are Super Busy

Scientists all over the world usually argue about when it is better to learn a language. And we argue with them that there is no better time than NOW. No matter what county you live in, what age you are and what specialization you have, “I have no time” and “I was badly taught at school” are no longer the excuses. Actually, everybody has no time, but for many it’s not a problem. Surprized? Let’s then find out how to cope with this. Continue reading

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What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

When you get too complicated homework, who do you blame? When you fail a test who is the first person you get mad at? When you don’t have free time on your weekend, what is the main object of your hatred? Yeap, poor teacher, nobody else. But are all the teachers really responsible for your bad mood and spoilt rest? Continue reading

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